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02/03/11 11:24 - ID#53538

Love Never Fails

I responded to someones assertion to love that read as follows:

"Love never fails. If it's not gonna matter tomorrow, make it right today ♥"

Like this:

"Love fails all the time. Sometimes we keep trying to make it right with the wrong alcoholic convict harlot theif sociopath cause we loooooove them, but no hard feelings, nothing's perfect."

Some one named Sarah responded with:

"Thats not love boo boo thats lust cause pure unadulterated love never returns to you void.."

And I was a jerk who dismissed her comment by calling her "young". Lame I know. I tried to fix things with this next bit whcih I think is apropos what with candy and cards day just around the bend.

"You're right Sarah. Dismissing someone's knowledge of anything on a the basis of youth or any quality of that individual outside of their understanding of the argument at hand is fallow. So I apologize for my gruff assessment of your view. I really don't know you, and that was rude of me. I just like to think I'm funny sometimes...and I am, just not this time.

Otherwise, I feel like l understand this emotion as well as any human can (I might be wrong). I just get perturbed when peoples romantic assessment of anything, let alone a chemical system of our physical minds denies the fact that all things can and do fail. I'm not a pessimist, I still do have hope for healthy functional love, but I can't ignore the fact that things break sometimes.

I think that when people ignore this fact it leads to greater failure. Such as loving the 'wrong' person or thing, which include all the former, but don't exclude those from the following: people who just don't love you back enough or the way you want and need. Hobbies and habits that destroy you in tiny undetectable bits or huge wave, and the list goes on. I've seen love without reason destroy lives and create wonderful things at the same time, as much as I've seen reason without love exclude a person until they've become emotionally caustic to everyone around them and them selves.

I think we're on the same team after all though. Love works sometimes, and when it does it's one of the greatest things that can be experienced by a life form on this planet ask any fat house cat. I think that was Aprils point. Still, the idea that anything is perfect is just an imperfect's kinda why I think love exists; to allow for the imperfect to stick around long enough to matter....

Ok I'm done, but stop talking bad about lust. It's just as necessary and dangerous as love, but really, lust is not what I was talking about. No one who sticks around to get abused by someone who's been drunk and out of shape for years is in a wild fit of lust. That's reaaally something else."

What do you think estrip?

PS. I missed you. You're so cute when you read lengthy stuff.
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