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05/28/10 03:41 - ID#51742

Prince of Persia

Let's not forget that this is a kids movie put out by Disney and a video game movie to boot...or maybe we can turn a blind eye to that and enjoy it as a unique historical fantasy action movie. Which ultimately i feel like it was.

This movie was a spectacle to behold. There was so much action that those who lack enough attention span for cohesive plot to develop won't be caught twiddling their thumbs. It suffers from that fractured feeling that non animated kids movies sometimes have, still it was alarming well glued. Something that's a bit of a feat of storytelling if you ask me. They managed to pack as much action and as little story in as possible and there was a pretty well rounded message and plot still. Unbeknownst to some this film was based on a video game and gamers are notorious for wanting more action less story so it might suit them well.

I think Jyllenhall does a great job delivering some really tacky one liners that couldn't be spun as funny or witty to most, which I think is a necessary evil when making a film that's supposed to entertain Sponge Bob fans who honestly laugh at knock knock jokes.

I saw it with a friend, and after 20 minutes I wished I had Mya next to me so that I could vicariously enjoy it as well as I should through her. Maybe I will take her if it's like playing at a double feature drive in or something.

All in all I give it a 4 1/2 stars out of 5. Losing 1/2 a star only because the jumpiness that losses adults could have been more cleverly placed, but still being a fun enough action film with killing that I wouldn't wanna cover my kids eyes during. Yes see this not Iron Man if you have littles.

Go see this film if you've got littles that like adventure. Or if you love adventure tales, or historical fiction and magic your self.

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