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03/17/06 12:11 - ID#35904

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I knew it!

My kitties were stalking my fridge yesterday. They were staring at it intently. An occasional paw would be dipped underneath only to come up empty pawed.

For those with animals, you know that when they are staring at something you cannot see, it does not mean that something is not there.. usually there is.

But what?

My cat Joe is the most inquisitive. He is also tenacious. When he finds something of interest, he is very thorough with his new found amusement, whatver it may be.

In this case, it was a mouse.

Let me state for the record: My furballs are not mighty hunters. They are Mosquito Slayers, at best.

Or perhaps they are much more diabolical then their cute little whiskers let on.

I came home from class with the two of them poking their noses around the floor, following something I could not immediately see. I too, had to join in on the hunt. Ofcourse, I was slightly scared about what I would find. (yeh, I am so chicken at times)

So the three of us are crawling on the floor, dipping behind various pieces of furniture. I am checking behind curtains and moving chairs and cat toys along the way. Joe heads the hunt and helps lead me to the tiny four legged prey.

I jump up and grab the small bathroom garbage can.

Once I knew for sure that it was a mouse, I began demanding that the cats kill it. I could tell that they havebeen playing with and tormenting the little mouse for quite some time. It looked like it has been in a state of panic for hours. Days even...

"kill it" "come on, get it.. kill it already!"

So I see them bat furiously at the mouse I couldn't reach. I am not sure why I wanted it dead.. I kinda like little mice. However, tonight.. I sense the hunt.

But if I couldn't get to it.. I needed them to do it for me.

"Team work" made it possible to scoop the mouse into the garbage can, in which I then promptly headed out into the cold night, to release it into my neighbors yard.

The mouse will stay away if it knows what is good for it.

I hope there aren't any others..

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