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05/21/07 11:53 - ID#39371

Tylenol PM Caplets with Vanilla ?

I have been doing a lot of digging in hard dirt. Today was more intense than other days and in doing so, I am feeling sore already. I also tend to get super energized afterwards, so I want to make sure I am good and knocked out for the night. I had recently purchased a travel size bottle (6 caplets) of tylenol pm to have on hand during my most recent NYC excursion. I didn't need it then but I sure need it now.

After opening the bottle, I noticed that the caplets smell. Well, they smell good. I then actually looked at the bottle and noticed that it is labeled as, Tylenol PM Vanilla Caplets.

Why the vanilla? I didn't really care, so I popped two in my mouth and swallowed with a good chug of cool water. There was a slight vanilla taste before the swallow. I still wondered why a caplet has a vanilla flavor- it isn't in the mouth long enough to need to be flavored. Never thought the caplets needed flavoring before.

I am about set to get to sleep, when the vanilla in questions gnaws at my brain enough to need to look it up.

My questioned isn't answered (I originally wrote, "my answer isn't questioned" caps are kicking in, vanilla flavor or not), but I did dig up some dirt.


Tylenol makes a liquid version; Tylenol PM Liquid Crack. Ok, so the company doesn't call it crack, but the reviews of the product say otherwise. I found this blog entry to describe it best:

It must taste super yummy and work really well. People can't seem to put the bottle down. lol, I should have written this before the pill popping, there is so much to be said. I am tempted to suck on a caplet to get a good taste of the coveted sleep enhancer.

Just wait till all the pre teens get wind of this. They can toss the ill flavored Nyquil for a must tastier loopy buzz.

I still don't get why vanilla caplets. Vanilla isn't even listed as an ingredient, just the random term of "flavor".

but whatever, now Im intrigued enough to want to go buy a bottle of the Tylenol PM Liquid.

maybe thats exactly Tylenol's point in making the caps with vanilla flavor- make yo want to know, make you want to try the liquid and become an addict. I can see it.

I'll be buying mine tomorrow.

get your 2$ coupon here, haha

nighty night

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