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Category: um, yeah

10/10/06 06:03 - 64ºF - ID#29607

Strange Days

The Civil Service is trying my patience. I'm applying to take the test for the Deputy Director of Telecommunications. Twice now, I've received vaguely worded requests for more information for on monitoring cable systems. They don't really specify what further information they are looking for, so I'm left to my own devices as towhat they are looking for. You ever ask a question? The civil service office is a lot like social security, they really don't want to see you. I have a good vibe about it as I pulled my car behind the credit union behind City Hall and found a space with 25 minutes left on the meter, so hopefully that is an omen of something good.

Course, the slow change of lights nearly had our light rail car slam into my slow roller if it wasn't for my quick brake foot. That could be an omen as well.

Pretty sure, somebody got fired today and I think I had something to do with it. I blew her in for blowing off a customer while the boss was away. I think my blowing her in was the cherry on the top of a bitter cake. She wasn't an especially nice woman and could be harsh when talking to people, so I shouldn't miss her. I don't really, but I have a little guilt pang that I pushed her off.

Went to a staff meeting where the supervisors basically outlined these sheets that we have to fill out, accounting for all your time and then launched into a look at all the other opportunities currently available -- There are good omens and these are not among them. Something is going on.

Couple of strange conversations of late. My ex asked her partner to leave the house. Both were stressing over work and school and something had to give. They are together yet separate. My eight year old told me about it. He took it kind of hard as the partner is a good soul. I found myself in the unusual position of letting him know that she isn't gone, she's just next door, will still be around, and it will be okay. My daughters went the other way. They're strong will folks and were often shocked that I was often in agreement with the partner is terms of house rules. They were of the opinion that something was going to change. I was compelled to tell them that things keep on keepin' on. I think my son was worried that I moved up the street and the partner moved next door, nobody was staying put. We talked for a little while and he seemed to be okay with me always being as close as I am and the partner just an open window shout away.

As a divorced guy, I guess I'm lucky in one sense. The friendship I had with my wife before we were a couple has reemerged. It's good, not only for the kids, but for each other as well. Some many people I know just flat out implode when the "relationship" goes south. I'm feeling fortunate that we didn't meet that fate. While we're never going to be couple, we salvaged being friends, which is pretty good. So, I told her I'm in her corner for whatever she needs, "you know, strong back, weak mind, empty wallet..."

Strange days......

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Category: random part deux

10/08/06 08:33 - 59ºF - ID#29606

uh huh

Ever wonder how/why you turn up on some people's radars and not at all on others?

Just wondering...
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Category: potpourri

10/08/06 12:43 - 51ºF - ID#29605

Mental McNuggets, Part III Wrath of Khan


took the youngins to Voelkers Friday night and had an absolute blast. They all had a great time. The joke I'm telling is that I bowled a 300....if you add all three games together. Our "beer" frame turned into a pitcher a pepsi but what the hey, the spirit was there. Right next to our digital scorecard was a tv with the Sabres game on, so it was win win all the way around.

Dad's birthday was cool as I received his hand-me-down digital camera as well as copious chicken finger leftovers. It's an interesting coincidence that a place called Pizza Supreme makes such craptastic pizza, but produces such awesome chicken parts.

Went to church this morning and saw the woman I went out with a few times in August. She introduced me to her new beau. She told me all about how busy she was when school started. I, being gullible, tried to respect that and didn't pester her. Didn't realize I was just getting blown off.....again. What's one more punch in the gut when you've had others.

The youth group there has me on the short list for teachers and it's intriguing. I don't know if they see me as a pushover or what, but it's nice to rate well with one demographic even if the reasons are less than sincere.

Nice day outside, got invited by the ex, her partner, our kids to ride up to Becker Farms in search of pumpkins and pie.

pie, yum
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Category: feh!

10/06/06 08:57 - 42ºF - ID#29604

Bad Juju...


It was one of those days. I put in extra time working saturday night, thinking the comp time would let me go early every day this week. My boss approved this plan as it would have sprung me at 7 yesterday and 6 today. Yesterday morning, she tells me no go. You have to use it all within the same pay week or it becomes OT. This mystifies me a little as we get paid in two week intervals so 40 is less important than 80. Pissed me off as I was hoping to get sprung early as the kids want to bowl at Voelkers. I was hoping to get an earlier start, but whatever.

It set the tone for the day. Yesterday was a big todo internally. I sit right behind the front counter space at Chicago st. If you're ever paying your cable bill, say hi. Anyhoo, the Dispatchers share that space and they got a buttload of food from LaNova for lunch. Smelled awesome. Right at the same time, my lovely, yet balloonheaded supervisor dispatches me to our Amherst office to help out the rest of the day. As I'm leaving, I pass the la nova guy bringing my departments munchies

Sigh, I eat too much pizza anyway.

After a nice trip down the 190 and the 290 out to Maple Road, I got there to help with customers and it was like I was running the complaint department. First guy spent 15 minutes haranging me about his price increase since I (it was me) took away his NFL network. I'm such a bastard.

The afternoon went that way. The pc I was on was tied into the company VPN which kept crapping out. Nothing like working for a world class communications firm. Connection kept dropping out. I lost my early time because the young buck who was there had school.

I had an appointment that I very much wanted to keep too and it had to be pushed back. Appreciate being understanding about that friend.

I got home only to find that my DVR betrayed me and forgot to tape Greys. Thank god for the moneygrubbing bastards on ABC because they show it again tonight. My DVR has a chance to make it up to me.

My point being I guess is that for a Thursday, it felt like a Monday. On the bright side, my paycheck was finally accurate and should be that way going forward.

Can't wait for the mellow work free weekend. The kids were asking me about bowling, so we might do that tonight. Tomorrow, my dad turns 70 so we need to go pay homage and watch the unveiling of the new camera I helped purchase. Go to love a septugenarian (sp) who wants an ice cream cake and has the good sense to go to Antoinette's in West Seneca to get it. Sweet Tooth could learn a few things from those folks.

Think I've ranted enough. Have a great Friday and beyond ya'all.
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Category: stuff

10/03/06 05:00 - 64ºF - ID#29603

Guess I got a lot on my mind

Made a dental hygentist nearly cry today. Took my kids in for cleanings. My youngest needed a records appt. They had to do impressions and what not. There are two staff members. One is great, she talks to the kids and doesn't try to surprise, remembers they are people. And then there is the other one who for our purposes here I'll refer to as Nurse Diesel.

She is a very condesending person who really shouldn't be practicing pediatric dentistry. Kids are scared enough when they have to go to her end of the room and almost come back to teary eyed. She is an eye roller who has no patience for the patients.

If you've never had impressions done, they are not fun under the best of circumstances. Frau Brucher (xcuse all the Mel Brooks references) was all set to just shove the hockey puck full of plaster in my son's mouth without saying a thing.

No today. Sometimes it's good to be underslept. I think I inspired a little fear with a well phrased "You first"

Nothing like neutralizing an enemy to start the day.


The housewarming party was cool. I wish I wasn't so spent. I'm pretty sure I saw Hodown from a distance, but didn't get a chance to say hello, so I'm sorry about that. (e:Thesimeon) noted that I hadn't moved much from bar stool. It was working for me so I stuck with it. Part of me wants to reassure (e:jenks) and (e:imk2) that my vocabulary does go beyond "Hey."

I did a presidential handshake at the stadium on sunday, so that was cool.

Today's other big treat was a trip to the civil service office. I'm signing up for an exam in telecommunications. I got a letter from the city asking for more infomation. That is exactly what it said. No form, no indication as to what was missing.

And so it goes......
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10/02/06 07:15 - 65ºF - ID#29602

good grief!

Just got back from Latina's and heard a nervous white woman greet a friend of hers by saying "Shopping in the hood?"

christ on a bike!!
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10/01/06 09:13 - 57ºF - ID#29601

Greetings from Day 6!

of an 11 day work week.....

I got a call Friday from my old department to help on the Ultimate Tailgate Party on Saturday afternoon. I, at least pretending to be a class guy, reported and stood around and talked cable, ran a raffle for a Bills Helmet and basically stood around for 6 hours prior to the Housewarming. My earlier duty left me pooped and the party looked great. It was as always great to see everybody in the flesh for however briefly.I was glad to meet (e:chicoschica) and (e:chico) as well as seeing what (e:twisted) actually looks like behind the frames. Hope nobody took my quick departure as anti-social. I had to be back at the stadium today to do my duty with the Bills. I was at Spot for breakfast by 8 and in the lot helping my day job folks set their tent by 9. After watching (e:leetee) and (e:thecarey) torture poor unsuspecting citrus by drowning it in a sea of vodka, I had to laugh this morning, because one of the "business" party I stand guard over had two paid bartenders doing the exact same thing. Our peeps may have missed their calling.

Today's duty had me patrolling a section of concrete that has my knees calling me names. My ankles are egging my knees on in that regard. It was a long day. No Clinton sightings, but I did get a tip from one attendee which felt strange because I've never done much to warrant those. One of my other guests wanted to know if I needed a drink. I mentioned that ice water would be great and she placed a glass of what I thought was ice water out for me. The water was anchored in the glass by a few fingers of vodka. Memo to self: peppermint lifesavers are a good thing to have at your disposal.

I must be getting old, good thing I don't look it........SHADDUP!!
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Category: rants and ....

09/25/06 12:39 - 57ºF - ID#29600

Get a fuckin' clue!!

I love dogs. It's the owners that sometimes have a knack for pissing me off, as the pets are sometimes more intelligent than their two legged owners. Not a day goes by that I don't see some moron holding a leash that isn't attached to the dog. What is the fuckin point? an alibi for when you do get the ticket? Don't even get me started on the idiots who insist on dragging the poor animals to things like the Elmwood Arts Fest. None of these chuckleheads ever stop to fucking look to see how miserable their four legged family members are.

I write this because my 12 year old was leaving church yesterday on Elmwood. She was catching up to some friends at the former Manhattan Bagel. Coming from the other direction was a sizeable dog and its brainless owner. The dog got caught up in the excitement on the street and knocked my daughter to the ground while said owner was oblivious to the dog's behavior. First words out of the jackass's mouth was "He never does that at home." Like my kid secretly replaced the dog's coffee with Folgers. My lovely child is pretty tough and rather stoical. The moron asked if she was okay and immediately left. No effort to be sincere in conern. No effort to help her get to her into the sandwich shop. My lovely daughter now has a softball size bruise on her thigh and bloodied knee because a idiot was too caught up in the strip versus village debate to pay attention to the behavior of her animal. There is a reason why they tell kids that dogs and other pets are big responsibilities. I wish the adults would have to digest that speech too.

Having found out about this, 8 hours after the fact made me even more frustrated. It pisses me off that somebody is so self-absorbed in being seen on the Village/Strip/Ave that they genuine sink into buffoonery. Walk you dog, but have a fuckin clue.

But having worked the Bills game yesterday, I saw my share of buffoons. More drunken yahoos then you care to shake a stick at. When you work the game, there is a shuttle that takes employees from the far lot around the stadium to where we enter. The path takes the long way around. As the bus pulled around the practice field, there were already two guys so out of it, I doubted they were going to make it in. Once at my post, every third person had a stagger to them, or so it seemed. What a difference a month makes. I busted somebody trying to break into my suites. You'd think a kid would try that, but the moron was almost my age. Gave me great pleasure to run him out. The suite owners sent out a steady supply of drinks in gratitude. It's an interesting people watching fest when the gates open and up to half time, then I'm prone to getting full for it. I couldn't believe the amount of folks who were there to literally make a day out of it. I have to be there by 10 for a 1:00 game and I got to Abbot Road by 9, it still took 45 minutes to climb to the employee lot. Got a high five from the mascot from Takeo Spikes and the Bills mascot for tips.

There is a shuttle to go back, but I never bother with it. After walking a few miles in a small space, the walk back feels good. Walking from the employee gate, through the camper lot, I was stopped to take pictures for two different groups ("Everybody say: Jets Blow!"), a woman I'd never seen before starting running toward me to exchange high fives. While she was charging, I was quickly running through my mental rolodex ("Did I know her? Should I be frightned? Is she empty handed?) Since the answers were no, no and yes. I exchanged greetings and moved on. The Bills Employee tag is fairly well known as I made the turn one tailgator gave the long day look and offered a burger with the trimmings. Dude could cook too. I exchanged pleasantries with he and his party, newly fortified, completed the journey to my car.

Today, my ankles are telling my knees lies about the effects of standing around for six hours, but taking the day off from the world big cable is soothing to my morale. Went for a job interview that I won't take, but it was good practice. I did discover, you walk in Spot with a suit on everybody takes you seriously. They opened a register just for me. I must wear a suit well.

Happy Monday, ya'all
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09/23/06 11:58 - 66ºF - ID#29599

I just fixed my IPOD!!!!

Okay, so Saturday night wasn't exciting, but I have a new found sense of accomplishment! Good night and good luck
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09/23/06 11:00 - 66ºF - ID#29598

A work rant!

I know, I know, another one. Well, dear reader, deal. Lord knows I've had to. I did a little mental cataloging. The latest agrese error was forgetting my holiday pay. I've joined the chat at times from the glamor of the drive through window a few times. As of Friday, I have to record activities in four different ledger because apparently the four requesters can't seem to share.

I think I did address the trouble with getting benefits put through. The answer from HR (the true palace of sin) came two weeks into TW employ. "he should be able to go online and take care of it." When the fuck was anybody going to say anything?"

The timeclock system is java script which almost every computer has trouble running. Neither I or my boss knew it had to be programmed to record time off. I put in for a day off and made sure it knows I ain't working Monday - as a measure of poetic justice I got an interview with company called Five Point Marketing. I don't know much about them, but I think it would be worth going just to keep my interview b.s. skills sharp.

It was a rough week. Got the my schedule is too full from the woman I was attempting to see. Sigh. Alone again, naturally.........

Ah, well, a day in the semi fresh air tomorrow at the Bills game. Of my 3 employers at the moment, they've been the most interesting to work for late, having the decency of supplying food and drink each time I report.

Seeya at the housewarmin.....
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