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10/03/06 05:00 - ID#29603

Guess I got a lot on my mind

Made a dental hygentist nearly cry today. Took my kids in for cleanings. My youngest needed a records appt. They had to do impressions and what not. There are two staff members. One is great, she talks to the kids and doesn't try to surprise, remembers they are people. And then there is the other one who for our purposes here I'll refer to as Nurse Diesel.

She is a very condesending person who really shouldn't be practicing pediatric dentistry. Kids are scared enough when they have to go to her end of the room and almost come back to teary eyed. She is an eye roller who has no patience for the patients.

If you've never had impressions done, they are not fun under the best of circumstances. Frau Brucher (xcuse all the Mel Brooks references) was all set to just shove the hockey puck full of plaster in my son's mouth without saying a thing.

No today. Sometimes it's good to be underslept. I think I inspired a little fear with a well phrased "You first"

Nothing like neutralizing an enemy to start the day.


The housewarming party was cool. I wish I wasn't so spent. I'm pretty sure I saw Hodown from a distance, but didn't get a chance to say hello, so I'm sorry about that. (e:Thesimeon) noted that I hadn't moved much from bar stool. It was working for me so I stuck with it. Part of me wants to reassure (e:jenks) and (e:imk2) that my vocabulary does go beyond "Hey."

I did a presidential handshake at the stadium on sunday, so that was cool.

Today's other big treat was a trip to the civil service office. I'm signing up for an exam in telecommunications. I got a letter from the city asking for more infomation. That is exactly what it said. No form, no indication as to what was missing.

And so it goes......
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mike said to grandma
I'm so glad you made it safely!...

mike said to grandma
I'm so glad you made it safely!...

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OMG welcome!...

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New years resolution to top (e:strip)?...