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Category: feh!

01/14/07 01:49 - ID#37681

My mental remote control

Third straight Sunday, I made it back to church. Couldn't tell you if anything happened. Work is so preoccupying little vignettes started playing out in my head about what is to come in the next week or so in cable land. There is the distinct possibility that I'll get a chance to interview for my former post (If life was fair, it should just be given to me, but we all know about life). I'd like to do those things again, but it would be with a juandiced eye toward some of the collaborators. I thought there were tight friendships there, but that was only partially the case. Two women I worked with are fine. The rest of the staff there subscribe to the "If you are in the room, you get to play, if not, we don't know you" school.

The whole experience has left me professionally frustrated and socially retarded. There's no shortage of people willing to lecture you at work, but a dearth of people intrested in just helping out. This all came to me this morning. I'm standing the church hall, not mixing with anybody because I'm full for the work folly and it remains a hot topic.

Frustrating thing being is that I thought I was home. Good job and good reviews for doing the job. Now, I look to how I'm getting used and abused and thinking thank fuck for the decent health insurance. Guess I'm resenting how what should be what you do for eight hours a day is seeping beyond that eight hours when it doesn't deserve too.

There, got that off my chest.

Fun going bargain hunting at Borders yesterday. Took the youngins and we sought out new literature. Martin Amis for me, Traveling Pants for darling moody middle child, and Batman for Number one Son. The promise of expanding intellectuallism seemed worthy of a reward at Krispy Kreme. I stopped at coffee, can't abide their bake goods these days. Kids took up my slack. Good kids.
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Category: feh!

10/06/06 08:57 - ID#29604

Bad Juju...


It was one of those days. I put in extra time working saturday night, thinking the comp time would let me go early every day this week. My boss approved this plan as it would have sprung me at 7 yesterday and 6 today. Yesterday morning, she tells me no go. You have to use it all within the same pay week or it becomes OT. This mystifies me a little as we get paid in two week intervals so 40 is less important than 80. Pissed me off as I was hoping to get sprung early as the kids want to bowl at Voelkers. I was hoping to get an earlier start, but whatever.

It set the tone for the day. Yesterday was a big todo internally. I sit right behind the front counter space at Chicago st. If you're ever paying your cable bill, say hi. Anyhoo, the Dispatchers share that space and they got a buttload of food from LaNova for lunch. Smelled awesome. Right at the same time, my lovely, yet balloonheaded supervisor dispatches me to our Amherst office to help out the rest of the day. As I'm leaving, I pass the la nova guy bringing my departments munchies

Sigh, I eat too much pizza anyway.

After a nice trip down the 190 and the 290 out to Maple Road, I got there to help with customers and it was like I was running the complaint department. First guy spent 15 minutes haranging me about his price increase since I (it was me) took away his NFL network. I'm such a bastard.

The afternoon went that way. The pc I was on was tied into the company VPN which kept crapping out. Nothing like working for a world class communications firm. Connection kept dropping out. I lost my early time because the young buck who was there had school.

I had an appointment that I very much wanted to keep too and it had to be pushed back. Appreciate being understanding about that friend.

I got home only to find that my DVR betrayed me and forgot to tape Greys. Thank god for the moneygrubbing bastards on ABC because they show it again tonight. My DVR has a chance to make it up to me.

My point being I guess is that for a Thursday, it felt like a Monday. On the bright side, my paycheck was finally accurate and should be that way going forward.

Can't wait for the mellow work free weekend. The kids were asking me about bowling, so we might do that tonight. Tomorrow, my dad turns 70 so we need to go pay homage and watch the unveiling of the new camera I helped purchase. Go to love a septugenarian (sp) who wants an ice cream cake and has the good sense to go to Antoinette's in West Seneca to get it. Sweet Tooth could learn a few things from those folks.

Think I've ranted enough. Have a great Friday and beyond ya'all.
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Category: feh!

09/21/06 11:34 - ID#29597

Cheer up, it's almost Friday


The sons of bitches didn't pay me for Labor Day. I'm registering for a civil service exam and interviewing for another gig.


Beautiful sweet beer...mmmm, beer.

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