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Category: transportation

12/17/07 09:11 - ID#42551

here she is

My new car. The first car I've ever owned in the same decade it was made. In fact, it's still in the same year it was made! If you've known me in the last 15 years, you know I've kind of always driven a pile of shit held together with duct tape, bungee cords and bolts in wrong places. It feels grotesquely grown up to own such a new vehicle, but it was rather necessary in this place.

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Category: transportation

08/02/06 01:53 - ID#25438

spoke too soon?

My excitement over a wonderful shower has been dashed. I split my time between 2 offices which means I have to close up shop in one place, go get my bike and carry all my gear down a block and across the street to the other office.

When I got to my bike today I was greeted with a busted tire! Not just flat, the tube exploded. Meep!

What is with my transportation traumas? My car blew up, after it blew a tire, my other bike blew both tires, and now my brand new bike blows a tire.

I thought about this as I sweated my way over to the office with my bike in tow. I'm bummed of course. I'd figure out how to take the bus, but I have 10 cents in my bag and the tokens (e:Paul) gave me are at home.

Anyhow, I was thinking about my thinking. Does 'stuff happen to me' as I always say, or does s'tuff happen' and how I react to it is what happens to me? Does that make sense?

I believe it's the latter. It's not the end of the world, it's just a bike tire. It just stinks because I got this bike to replace my more favorite bike that was broken and I don't have money to fix another problem. I was really enjoying my bike rides.
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mike said to grandma
I'm so glad you made it safely!...

mike said to grandma
I'm so glad you made it safely!...

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OMG welcome!...

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