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Category: party

08/03/07 07:37 - 77ºF - ID#40365

doha nights

Chris, Lindsay and I went to our first house party last night. It was so nice to meet some new people, have some laughs, and whole lot of Carlsberg! We have now dubbed our outings as "Doha Nights". Sounds like a cheezy soap opera.

I admit it. I actually sang karaoke.

At least I picked a choice song

Everyone was having a good time






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Category: potpourri

08/01/07 03:56 - 90ºF - ID#40343

zip zap

We had a successfull first day of training. I was happy to have the chance to bust out my old facilitator hat and do a lot of ice breakers/team building exercises with everyone. I really enjoy doing that sort of thing. It made me wish that we were moving on to a challenge course so I could hook some people up in ropes and start climing trees!

Honestly though, they were so receptive to everything it was a refreshing feeling. We had a lot of laughs and I learned that 'The Wave' that we use at sporting events, they call 'The Mexican Wave'. I asked why, and they had no reason, they thought it's what we called it. I thought it was very strange. Racial slurs are usually derived from some stereotype, but what does being Mexcian have to do with 'The Wave'?
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Category: potpourri

07/30/07 11:38 - 78ºF - ID#40309

i got my license

My rental car showed up yesterday as well as my temporary license, so we all hopped in a car together and went on our first lesson. Yay!


I'm also feeling better so that makes me happy. Feeling well enough that I went and worked out in the gym last night and today after work I went swimming. Man I'm out of shape. I only managed to do 10 lengths of the pool. Granted it's an Olympic size pool so a length is a good distance, but I think that only works out to 1/3 of a mile. No matter what, it's a very good thing that I'm getting back into that which makes me happy and fit :) Ciao.

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Category: potpourri

07/29/07 05:44 - 67ºF - ID#40293

admin rights!

Here you go tiny. Better perspective?


And.... HELLS YEAH....we got administrator rights today! Woot!

I'm working on all the ice-breakers, warm-ups and other games for CDA training which starts this week. It makes me really miss my internship at Project Adventure.

Trying to catch up on past questions and comments:

Q- What's the difference between British and US version of Harry Potter books?

A- The cover for one. Also the language.

Q- What's the gay scene like here in Doha?

A- Believe it or not, it exists. Not among Qataris of course but there seems to be a community of Philippino men.

C- There are plenty of restaurants where I can eat veggie. Though I have learned through trial and error that even if you order a dish that is just veggies, they like to toss meat on it, haha. So I have to order with specific 'no meat' instructions. My search was for grocery items so that I can cook at home. I am missing my Quorn 'chicken nuggets' and Boca 'beef crumbles'.

Lastly, I was stoked to find litchi juice - and it's dirt cheap. I only paid 55 cents for liter carton!

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Category: potpourri

07/28/07 03:52 - 66ºF - ID#40275

captain's log 72807

I got sick this weekend and did not go out :( Nothing to report on the secret society of non-Muslim clubbing in Doha. I'm surprised I lasted 2 weeks without an IBS incident, what with the tremendous stress I was experiencing in the whole moving process. Feeling better this morning after a very rough night. Hope it's ending.

I did sneak out to the mall momentarily yesterday afternoon. I broke down and bought myself a PS2. Can anyone guess which game I bought to start off with? But of course, the new Tomb Raider Anniversary :)

I know I really should have waited until I get my next paycheck at the end of September (gulp) but I was going crazy. I feel semi imprisoned by my environment. If you've ever seen Chronicles of Riddick you'll get my joke. It's so flippin' hot and I'm so far away from anything, you can't go outside. I seriously think I might burst into flames if I stand out there too long.

Eh. I'm sorry for the uneventful update. I will try my best to get that photo up tiny. I don't know what the deal is, the tool doesn't even show up now. Maybe there is something different going on when I'm at my desk in the office. I'll test that theory tomorrow.

Lastly, I was searching online for regional brands of vegetarian replacement foods. I've been having a little trouble finding anything that I recognize. I managed to find some Tofu, but that's not my preferred meal. So I found a great site in Egypt that gave me some leads.

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Category: potpourri

07/26/07 07:20 - 67ºF - ID#40255


I'm going out tonight (thank God it's thursday!) and lucky me, look what my horoscope says: "Any kind of group activity will delight you today. You feel energised and more enthusiastic about life. People lift your spirits." Let me hear a great big, awwwwww.

We went to their version of the DMV this morning. You know, all we had to do was take an eye exam? I sat in a chair, read 3 lines, he stamped my paper and that's that. What's funny is the tickets they gave us, like a 'take a number and wait to be called' thing, said either FEMALE or VIP. I think it stands for Vehicular Incident Propagators :)

I hope I have something nifty to report on Doha nightlife. Oh, (e:Tinypliny)...1. Yes, I have granite countertops 2. I will take a picture of the coke with another object that will give you a different visual perspective. I assure you though, they are wee cans!

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Category: photos

07/25/07 11:33 - 71ºF - ID#40250

who's that guy?

Ok, only a few of you may get this first glance, does the guy on the right remind you of anyone?


clearly i did not take this photo, but it's a cool shot of doha


the super tiny baby cokes i was talking about!


somehow i got the photos thing to work today. i dunno. ciao!
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Category: potpourri

07/24/07 11:58 - 64ºF - ID#40234

tiny coke cans

I found the smallest cans of coke on the planet. I think it takes 3 sips but all you really need. I'm not going through Dr. Pepper withdrawal mostly because it's not around to tempt me.

I've been invited to yet another party this thursday. What shall a girl do? Alone in a foreign land for 1 week and already a crowded social calendar? Well, I'm not complaining. I'd rather have too many invites and not enough time than other way round!

Trying to wash every piece of my clothing yesterday turned into a fiasco of flooding washers and wet clothes hanging all over my apartment. Ciao!

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Category: about doha

07/21/07 03:47 - 74ºF - ID#40194

240 voltz!


I do not have a death wish although this photo contradicts this statement. The current runs at 240 over here. It will toast you. For reasons unknown to me, not all plugs are designed for the outlets. In these instances you have to stick a small spoon or key in the 3rd receptor in order to plug in your appliance! I was scared. I honestly thought I might get zapped and die.

To answer the question, "liquor license, for a private person!?"......

Yes. Islam does not allow drinking alcohol. In order to preserve this tradition amidst the 80% foreign population here the government established liquor licenses. You have to pay something like $400 to get one, with permission from your employer, proof of your pay, and statement of your religion. Only the licensee can purchase the alcohol with it. However you can buy individual beverages at a hotel bar without one.

Additionally I got my luggage today. I was very busy buying groceries and running around all afternoon so I was able to peek in just now. Everything is WET and smells like SEWER! What the hell did these people do with my bag!? It's so gross. I'm going to have to wash every last bit of clothing tomorrow. Luckily our bosses have only just arrived back in the country so they don't want to meet with us until early afternoon. I have all morning to wash. Cheers!
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Category: potpourri

07/21/07 01:48 - 63ºF - ID#40188


local time: 8:50am

I got the happy news this morning; they found my luggage! Now I have clothes to wear to work tomorrow!

I found a place to get my SCUBA certification. I'm so excited I'm getting ahead of myself with all the additional courses I want to take. I've already done an experiential dive in the Red Sea so I'm ready to just start with Open Water certification. The others I'm interested in are Ocean Buoyancy (because I had some issues with hitting the floor everytime I breathed out), Fish Identification (they have some kind of conservation project going on), Underwater Navigation (seems like a natural thing to want to know), Underwater Photography (bet you can't wait for these photos!), and Wreck Diving (which first requires Advanced Open Water certification).

That's all for now. My day has only just begun and I'm sure some new adventure awaits. OH - and I got invited to my first house party last night, yay! He has a liquor license too, so I'll finally get a beer! Ciao.

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