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Category: nerd

09/25/08 10:27 - 65ºF - ID#45792



Yahoo! vs. Google

Yahoo! vs. MSN!

Yahoo! vs. Google

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Category: unnerd

08/27/08 11:14 - 65ºF - ID#45469

1st Annual Hey, We're Not Dead Day!

We're having some tame adults over for drinks and cake later to celebrate Meggatrons birthday.

You should come.

There will be free cake and booze. Nothing too fancy, we don't wanna wake the babies, but they might have a fretful nights sleep anyway since I don't plan on letting meg get away without getting spanked by everyone that shows up.

(that's was joke, but I'd take me up on it if I were you, Meg's got a sweet fanny).

It's my potty and I'll cry if waaaan to. Cry if I wannnnn to....
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08/26/08 03:25 - 73ºF - ID#45462

Izzy is Pissed!

So Izzy found this article about the Women's Golf Association.

The scoop is they're doing this because of the glut of Korean players are that are killing everyone else in the league.

A lil civil rights scam anyone?

Still, who watches this sport? Really?

There was a very comical air about Izzy bringing this up in the office, and I admit I joined in on the japes with "Well, that's it. I am NOT watching that sport now!", but it's still pretty crumby.

Yeah, things like this still need to come to light if there are discriminatory elements involved. Sigh... Well Ms. Sorenstam I hope you appreciate this.

Now, lemme get this straight Izzy
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08/25/08 02:33 - 67ºF - ID#45452

Great, More Death

More than one friend of mine contacted me concerned that me and my ragtag band of ruffians might be the victims in this terrible story that unfolded last night which, thankfully, we are not.

Here's a very brief synopsis. A young couple, married, who had a young child between them was shot yesterday on Sanders Road in Buffalo. We likely never even saw those people in day to day passing. We live on the other side of Colvin from where it happened, even still it was awful close.

There's a lot of paranoid folks on the web site marking this as the beginning of the end for a great many things, and/or battling it out over gun laws. I called the Meggasaurus and told her about it and she was a bit shocked. I don't normally go for this, but I was even able to frighten her into being a bit more secure about things round the house, since I grew up on the east side where making sure things were locked down was a way of life. That was a little deviceive I know, but making those ladies safer is my task. Though I'd rather Meg did the things I asked her to do to be safe because she wanted to and she trusted my judgment, I'll take fear if keeps them alive another day.

So, I guess I'm just as guilty as some of the "whoa-is-the-world'ers" on the Buffalo News site. I think that murders like this aren't random, and are indicative of the life the victims lead, though unfortually in some situations that's not the case and they are innocents. This comment set me at ease a bit, as disturbing as that may seem:

msmma wrote:
When I saw the news reporting this story last night, they interviewed a neighbor who didn't want to be id'd who said that there were drug deals going on in that house all the time.

Who knows if it's true or false, but if it's true, then I don't think anyone should be surprised by this tragic outcome.

Otherwise. I'm really sorry for (e:Jim) and his late boss. I'd still be trying to get over that if I were Jim... You were brave to find him Jim.
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07/11/08 04:26 - 75ºF - ID#44932 pmobl

Here on the crapper...

So my phone starts yelling at me he second I sit down to issue my contribution to the local land fll in the form of long tues of nitrates an low and behold I've been recording audio for like 20 minutes. I don't know what's in the recrding, but I have to delete it since its a wav file and is using up my whole device drive. But, before I do I thought I might just upload this static and pocket noise to pauls server so that the world would never have to forget what being in my pocket was like in 2008
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07/10/08 11:42 - 71ºF - ID#44918

My New Picture

Ok, I can be really pushy.... er, am.

I've been trying to get meg to use Photoshop to touch up her digital images, but I think my zeal has turned her off to using it, but the ohter day she sent me the image that is my pic that she made with Image Ready.

I love burritos... yeah.
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06/11/08 09:35 - 66ºF - ID#44612

RISK! Band

I'd like to have a game of RISK! tonight at my house (GOOGLE - 244 Sanders Road, Buffalo, New York 14216) The game will start at 8:00 to allow the babies a chance to fall asleep, there will be beers, chips and well.. RISK! There will/should/can be some Rockband between turns for the ADD kid in you too!

I know this is a little impromptu but really how much preparation does beer and your RISK! 'A' game take to get ready?

There's only 4 extra slots, and I'll only go forward with it if at least 2 of you peeps sign up by 6:00pm. If RISK! is a bust I guess I'll be resigned to XBOX Live Wednesday.

I'm calling the blue pieces. Uh, sign up by replying to this post (Meggy you have to sign up too since other will be calling their armies colors by posting replies and it's only fair).

WARNING: I uh, get a lil silly when I play the RISK! Tonight I'll be donning the personage of the Baron, should the RISK! commence.


I'll leave you with a quote from his lordship:

"The armies of Anthonia will march on this eve, and the blood of her foes will flow in rivulets down the plastic faces of those who dare appose her. Avast! yon heritic! May Anthoinain steel hurry you to a meeting with your heathen maker!"

--Baron Clubfoot Von Bictchburg Master Sargent Domo Lord and Vassel of Our Lords Lands of the Raging Blue Solider, Her Majesty's Anthonia
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04/28/08 09:48 - 43ºF - ID#44166

Controversy is sure to follow...


I know that my writing often strays off topic during it's course to finish line, but ultimately I hope at least that it gets there.

Might I point out the category of this posting. I know the postings I have under that banner are typically a bit numbing, I hope that this posting will enliven you all to the point of frantic scandal.

As quickly as I can.. the anecdote:

I was coming home from a busted bachelor party and had on NPR in a rare state of podlessness when I caught the headlines to what will describe this next image. Please allow your mind to wonder what this image could be of weather it exists, and what it means to you even if it does

What is that thang?

I'll tell you shortly, but first, answer this question in your head before proceeding. No, really answer it. Write it down in a notepad window or on paper (if you're feeling like a Flintstone, PS. The quickest way to boot notepad without touching the mouse is to hit window key + r, then type notepad and hit enter).

Think of the top 5 problems the world faces today. I'll give you some space so that my answers to this question don't spoil what you're coming up with...

Ok here are my answers to that.

1. Overpopulation : I know, I know. Until recently you all have been only ever greeted by the mug of my drooler since she popped out seven months ago since last week, so I'm guilty of the worst crime, but the absolute worse thing you can do for the planet is make a new human for the world to have to support. It's hard fact to face as a human, but it's true. I won't get into why I decided to reproduce, maybe we can talk about that in a different post or in a response, but do some research. Nothing costs the world more resources than it's smartest creature reproducing. All this creature really has to offer is it's thoughts and those have just as much of a habit of screwing things up as the do for fixing things. In a nut shell, more humans means the world needs to produce more food, shelter (not much of a problem there's tons of space.. for now) water for it's life forms. Not just any water, but clean water that we can drink (try drinking salt water when you're thirsty young Skywalker... you will die). Which brings me to the next problem.

2. Clean Water: We've heard about this for along assed time too, and though most of our planet is covered in it, there's not enough of it to satisfy the needs of humanities needs. We don't just use it to drink, we use it for every thing. None the least is growing crops to eat (and I know I'm speeding along here, but) that brings us to the next one.

3. Food: How do we currently feed 6 billion peoples every friggin day? The answer is that we don't. This is why chubby assed Sally Struthers can cry in between shots of a kid that would be much better off it the camera man would just share a bite of the sandwich you know he had that day, but food is really hard to come by for most of the worlds population. This and most of these problems really don't effect us as humans since we're Americans, and we don't have to deal with the very poor class of person who cannot even afford homes and live in the streets to be squished by the reckless rich in their sleep (thanks (e:tinypliny) for that story, which btw ends with that rich dude never even being prosecuted, but I digress), though this next issue is one that no on on the planet is free from or can disagree with (I hope, at this point) and that is ...

4. The energy crisis : Ok, fossil fuel is expensive, finite, and corrosive to the limited amount of space that we have to live in (limited in comparison to the amount of reality there is, space, infinity etc, and how much of it we can occupy without dying or bringing something that can sustain us, a space ship for instance... don't let that last bit scare you off yet though, it's going to get really good soon). However, it's uses out strip the possibility of omitting it from our lives out right. We desperately need a new way of collecting/controlling energy that's not finite or destructive and one should exist since we understand that energy and matter cannot be created or destroyed it can only change forms. We just need a form that's not worsening the next issue.

5. The Carbon debt : I know you've heard it all before, but I'll explain it quickly and shortly. A byproduct of energy is carbon which traps the suns rays and is raising the temperature of world overall by a few degrees, which to the common man means nothing until you watch this youtube video that will probably be the subject of summer blockbusters after we run out of superheros and Saturday morning cartoons. Just check out the video I've babbled enough here:

[b]Part One of Five[b/

Ok, we're finally here. Every phase of humanities existence is marked by some technological age that pushes the capiblites of humanity to change in ways that makes all other way until that point pale in comparison, we mark them in ages(Stone Age, Bronze Age, ...Industrial Age, Information Age ). Currently we are in the information age and it's coming swiftly to a close, but not without leaving behind a world in many ways better, and quite a few more worse...

Ok go read this and come back amazed. I won't pretend I can do as good a job reporting as an NPR writer:

Spain Runs Europe's First Commercial Solar Plant

Yeah, It is a solar power plant, and it's real and capable of not only producing enough energy from solar power, but a byproduct of the energy's production is clean water, which can bring water to areas of the world that were until now to expensive to aerate, which could stem world hunger or at least this corn/rice/wheat crisis that's coming from the ethanol semi solution.

II think that as this technology spreads we'll be entering the Solar Age, and possibly a second Renaissance, but I'm getting all romantic. I really want to know what you peeps think...

Well, at any rate... happy grand theft auto 4 day, and may this uncontrollable source of free energy make fighting for finite resources I mean crime, I mean a war on terror a thing of the past...

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02/19/08 02:20 - 18ºF - ID#43393

What the cow!

Ok that could have been, Holy Cow, but I think I'm going to coin a new exploitive. I'm at work looking for some you tube videos to finish up a project and I came across this.

(e:terry) and I were talking about this stuff just the other day. We made wolves in to puppies and look at what we're doing to the friggin' cows

buff assed cow

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02/14/08 05:02 - 28ºF - ID#43329

My service and duty as a freind

A friend of mine [Chris Howard] sent me this and she never sends crappy emails so I checked it out and I was amazed at what it had to offer. Basically it's a politician guide. It's not like any other page I've ever seen before, but if I had to liken it so some thing it'd probably be a page like "rate my teacher" for politicians, but once again it's low on snark and high on info.

Click the image to visit the site --

I think this page is purely information and completely unbiased, though since I've only been on it for a few minutes, could be talking from my neither regions. Tell me what you think. Please.

I was talking to (e:terry) yeterday about my taxes and we both remarked that taxes and I think the reality of politics should be taught in what ever grade you can earliest learn it in. Ok here's a little bit of snark for all you lovas' of the snark out there: I figured they don't cause the Feds love it when anybody who should get a return don't because they're too ignorant to understand tax law... I'm just sayin.

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