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Category: health

07/07/08 09:07 - 72ºF - ID#44891

The Complete Suckitude of Bell's Paulsy

This hasn't been fun. You know you're getting older when your ailments get more complex. After 7 to 8 days of Prednizone and an Antiviral prescription with barely pronouncable name, I muddle along waiting for improvement. Bell's is a neurological thingy that has basically paralyzed the right hand side of my mouth and the area around my right eye. For awhile, it was making my eye ultra sensitive to light. So, it sort of looked like I was just finished crying. Not a good look on a man of my years.

This should all clear up within the next week or so, and it won't be a moment too soon. Funny thing is that after the prescriptions ran out, that is when you could start feeling things tingling and coming to life a little bit, like your internal continental shelf was starting ever so slowly to shift.

Only time I've ever need to go for a specialized followup for anything, with a trip to Dent Neurological Institute on Friday. I have to be the "media guy" next weekend at the Zoo so it would be nice to not be huffing and puffing when trying to speak.

In the interim, when I hear I joke, I've been hiding a little to cover up for the fact I can only muster 2/3s of a smile. You have to do some goofy stuff that takes considerable getting used to. I had to learn to sleep with beautian's tape keeping my right eye closed. I don't think I've been sleeping so much as passing out.

It's cut down on my new car enjoyment. I took the kids out to my folks house on Friday and it was probably the first time since the medical big fun began that all was normal. If I looked stuck up at Ted's last night eating with my sunglasses on, so be it.

The things you do. I had to do a presentation at a retailer and was paranoid enough that I nearly sent my boss in my stead. Instead, I sucked it up and gave it a go, coming back with promises of money and support for the next two years. So, maybe next time I take a cane.

Now, if I could just get the Zoo to pick up the tab.
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Category: animals

07/03/08 11:26 - 68ºF - ID#44847

Panda Daycare

This came over one of the Zoo email lists I have to subscribe to, beware overly cute pictures to follow.

This is for those that haven't seen the 16 baby pandas. SICHUAN , China -- One zoo in southwest China has its hands full with 16 baby pandas.

The Sichuan Wolong Panda Protection and Breed Center is dealing with the results of a breeding boom where 16 pandas have been born.

The brood includes five sets of twins.

The cubs are weighed and measured every five days (see pics)

The heaviest tips the scale at just over 24 pounds, while the lightest weighs about 11 pounds.

The pandas are due to stop suckling soon - just about the time they'll start learning to walk.

Once weaned, the panda cubs will attend panda kindergarten.

In the meantime, more little ones are expected at the centre since 38 giant pandas were artificially impregnated.


That should everybody's cute animal quotient for the day.
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Category: random

06/27/08 01:06 - ID#44802

Surrealness and the eye of the beholder

I took the plunge and bought a car yesterday. Gone is my little red old Mitsibishi that was chronicled ina few journals. I'm now the owner of a Silver 02 Grand Am that came complete with a Hyundai style warranty package (thank, (e:Imk2)). I mentioned the Hyundai package for protection and the rep said we could do that for you (Did I mention I knew the company president?). So before too long, I went from being scared about the investment and eager to get driving down the nearest thruway, Fun, wow.

It made up for the earlier portion of the day. In the latest in estrip illnesses, I woke up wednesda morning with my eyelid drooping a little and my chin a little paralyzed. Scared the shit out of me. I worked though it Wednesday and nothing changed, so I spent the first part of yesterday at Gates Circle, being checked over. The Bug I was fighting set the table for Bell's Paulsy. The monitoring process took about four hours in the Gates ER. Half expected to see (e:Jenks) flying by. I spent the morning strapped into a bunch of monitors, removing the stickies was fun (reminded me of the waxing scene in The 40 year old virgin). I passed all the right test, could push the doctor around and all that good crap. So, I'm rocking a nice combo of steroids and antivirals all the while vaguely looking like Popeye.

I love my job, but I think the building I work in was at fault. We spent a good chunk of May and June without airlfow as the engineer type realign things for the new Rainforest building. As a result the temp in the offices here was between 75 and 80 regularly. Our offices are over some animal exhibits so I'm sure that had to incubate something over time. As the only guy with no windows in my direct office, I guess I was the lucky one. So, proper complaints have already been filed as I am convinced it is what did me in. I relayed that to the nurse I was with and she responded that it's surprising more people weren't in the same boat.

So, a few batches of Prednizone and anti-virals in and slowly, but surely I'm feeling more me, but gads what a pain in the ass. Never slept with an eye taped shut before. It is a weird experience, but I'd like to actually get past all this stuff already. June hasn't been fun in that respect.

On the bright side, I got lovely number one daughter a gig at the Zoo, and oh, yeah, I got a bitchin new ride. Paul, any (e:strip) stickers left?
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Category: random

06/20/08 02:56 - 68ºF - ID#44731

Such a week, I gotta tell ya...

Finally feeling like me after a week in a half of big fun. What a difference the right drugs make. I was still a little out of it during the Pearl Street dinner, which I am sure retarded my social graces. I do apologize for basically ploppling in a chair, but at least I was at the cool kids table.

And now a word about AfterHours care. My univera premium went up in June and now I pay more money to see my doctor less. By the time I realized that I needed a little more help last thursday, I couldn't an appt till Tuesday. I took it, but went to their after hours thing in Amherst to see if there is something else I could have been doing. I explained to the PA that my over the counter stuff wasn't working. So, he replaced it with his over the counter stuff. The hell? I gave it sometime in the likely case that he knew something I didn't, but nothing changed. Went back monday to report that before the estrip/(e:ladycroft) gathering and was promptly assaulted with throat swabs and blood work, but still no change. Staggered through the rest of Monday and a career builder of presentation on Tuesday morning, to finally see the Doc and get the proper drugs. It's great to get "righted," but that can take a lot out of you. Today is the first day since Tuesday that I basically wasn't a rag doll. That is a good thing as I'm not usually one to go to sleep when it is still a little light out. What good is after hours care when they seem to be a little scared to treat anything.

Been watching a lot of the Russert-related coverage. It's interesting to see all the local people act like their office was just down the hall from Tim's. I've also gotten a kick out of Tom Brokaw saying "The Boss" on three different shows now like he just discovered Springsteen. Russert's kid has had admirable poise given the circumstances. Don't know if I'd be that together now, much less than at 22. While the local media was engaging in a round of "how I know Tim," it was interesting to see who among the national folks was genuine. For a very disingenuous business.

What the hell is the matter with the Mets anyway?

I test drove a car at Transitowne Hyundai and they never called back. That can't be good, but it is unusual for them to give up like that. I wasn't going to take the car on the terms they were talking, but to just suddenly go all quiet was a little weird.

My office finally has air conditioning, just when it doesn't need it. I had to dress for a formal fundraiser last week when it was 85 outside and 82 inside. So, not cool, but I did look pretty good despite the pending stroke. Could have sworn my suit sizzled a little when I peeled it off at the end of the night.

I'm tired of McCain and Obama already. Don't care what Michelle wore on the View, don't care that Barack is forgoing public money, don't care that that pisses McCain off. None of it matters.

Is there anything sadder than looking in the office refrigerator and seeing Wednesday's turkey sandwich staring back, after it was shunned for a company potluck and a thursday disasterous lunch at Lunetta's? Sad, really. I actually thought Lunetta's was supposed to be good, but also thought Roast Beef sandwiches to have hot gravy as opposed to the other kind. I like a two hour lunch as much as the next guy, but those folks made it painful.

On the upswing....

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06/17/08 03:17 - 58ºF - ID#44692

Courtroom drama

A guy was being tried in Town of Islip Town Court for a motor vehicle accident that deteriorated into a fist fight at the scene that police had to break up. Apparently, his testimony was as follows:

"Sir, I made two mistakes. The first one was I rear-ended the other driver. I admit it was my mistake. There was a little damage, but not much.

“When the other driver got out of his car, I noticed that he was a dwarf.

“He came up to my car, looked up at me and said, ‘I am not happy!’”

That’s when I made my second mistake.

That’s when I said, “Then which one are you?”

“That’s when the fight started.”

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Category: work

06/11/08 09:07 - 75ºF - ID#44622

Not a stellar stretch

I am always suspicious of any gathering that puts the words "Fun" and "Run" together. Combined with an early morning start time on Saturday, that is how my weekend got rolling. The Zoo was just a backdrop as Independent Health did all the real work. There wasn't much for me to other than stand around and make sure nobody went into the Zoo before 10. The hours on concrete didn't do my back any favors, but the thing went well. Independent Health did a nice job. The only downside was that they went through the trouble of setting up tubs of water and boxes of fruit for post race consumption. Plenty of freeloaders went shopping. I know it's awful, but I know some folks signed up for the events for the food and the free Zoo admission. The timing was awkward as I had to be there at 6 in the morning, so I had the kids that night instead of friday causing me to miss the party at the 24.

It all went down hill from there. Put a bid in on a Elantra only to have it sold out from under me.

The aforementioned Starbucks dumping which I'm handling with a fair amount of dignity and good taste (Bitch).

Sunday, number one son and I set out with some friends in front of the old Jimmy Mac's to watch the parade. Good as always to (e:Paul) and (e:Terry). We got caught up in a candy blitzkreig. My man made out like a bandit. His mom and sister were marchers in the parade so we set off for Bidwell like well the rest of you. All hail Comfort Zone, by the way. After a bit of revelry, his mom and I walked him back to grandma's house. By this point, my spinal column is screaming so I retreated to my humble little abode.

Only to wake on Monday (my day off?!?!) with this congested head/fever combo that is only now disappearing. At the Doctor this morning, he praised me for losing 15 pounds since he saw me in March. Wonder how not eating for the past three days figured into that equation.

Not a stellar stretch, indeed....
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06/07/08 08:16 - 76ºF - ID#44581


This really sucks.

A dozen dates in, I thought I was on to something. We clicked on a number of levels. Things were great, looking for more windows to see each other. Caught a breather in a full saturday just now and met for coffee, where I just got dumped.

"I'm going back to my old boyfriend"

This after long stories about how great the connection is, on all the right levels.

And I get dumped in the Williamsville Starbucks. Was almost happy there for a second. Should have known.

This really sucks. Dumped at a suburban Starbucks. My karma must reek.
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06/05/08 08:32 - 64ºF - ID#44551

The Corporate Challenge

I've lived in this area half past forever and the Corporate Challenge race is a deep mystery to me. I don't get the appeal. Companies run like fools on an uncomfortable day then drink heavily afterwards. I have no problem with the drinking afterwards, but the army of athletes and all the sundries is like a major invasion. I guess it is a good event and all. That many people pounding the payment on a day sort of makes me wish I was a spinal doctor because the one thing that will definitely get fucked up today are a few spinal columns.

The prep work for the thing started yesterday morning, when a village of tents got erected. As the regular morning walkers watched. a tent city worthy of the most accomplished migrant workers was erected. On the bright side, I got to park in the Zoo lot this morning. If you are thinking of the park at all today, forget it. The police basically shut down access to cars. By 2, bikes will be a moot point.

Walking down the path to an open Zoo door, I watched minions placing the corporate placards out and about. Given that amount of folks loitering surrounding my work area, I think I'll head to the square.

On the bright side, the Hellenic Festival starts tomorrow, two doors down. I can go and buy Souvlaki and the little Greek beignets, bring them back to my apartment deck and have them still be warm. Temptation thy name is coated in feta...
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Category: miscellany

06/02/08 07:43 - 54ºF - ID#44517

Bumper cars off Elmwood

I was limping down West Ferry yesterday morning to go to church. As I got through whatever Lacrosse themed event that dominates the Ferry Delaware corner, I was just strolling as best I could when the quiet was shattered by what looked like this White Nissan SUV coming to an abrupt stop. I didn't see any car hitting it. With good reason I guess. As I got closer, nobody was in the Nissan, but lying in front of it was a tire still attached to a wheel still attached to about half of an axle. The other half was still attached to a Blazer which had come to spark induced stop at the corner near my church. The driver was definitely having a bad day, curious unitarians aside, and I give him all the credit in the world. He got his car into a space without hurting himself or anybody else. Amazing times.

The limping? first bike accident of the year. Swerved to avoid a car near Anderson Saturday night and wound up bruising my calve. Didn't bother me Saturday night, but Sunday was tylenol time. Won't be wearing shorts for a few days. Suffice to say, I would not have been much fun at Artists and Models

Tis the season, was taking the kids home after dinner last night and a driver and cyclist met rudely at Ashland and Anderson last night. That cyclist wound up going to the hospital.

It's Monday, let's be careful out there.
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Category: miscellany

05/31/08 02:05 - 65ºF - ID#44498

Random Notes

Not sure what precipatated it, but I've been getting spammed of late with Cialis and Viagara emails. No content just a blank email about "your order." This internet has a strange sense of humor.

Just looked out my window and saw one driveway with a truck removing belonging and the other with a truck unloading. Wonder if anybody is trying to upgrade.

I mentioned in chatter that I came out of work one day and it looked like somebody was trying to get the flap door of my gas tank. Had the would be thief tried to open from the left side instead of the right, they probably would have been set, but not being terribly swift all they did was bend the hinge.

Rode my bike to work one day this week and was relived that I didn't die, despite the dog walkers, door openers that populate Elmwood in the early morning. Had the added thrill of dealing with some little twerp thinking he was cool by pretending to kick at my bike while he rode past. God bless my long reach. "just kiddin, mmmister" Uh-huh.

Reeled in 40,000 dollars for the Zoo in two days last week, but I'm getting little nervous anyway. Want to get somebody nailed down for a sponsorship soon. If your companies are feeling charitable, let me know.

Going to test drive an Elantra on Tuesday, to see how the whole thing feels. If ever there was a driver who could use an extended warranty, it's my sorry self.

Skipped the first Thursday in the Square in favor of beer that I already paid for and Lost. Lost may have confused me thoroughly. I can't decide if it was kind of awesome or downright maddening. But the beer was good.

Thought long and hard, at least a minute or so, about the letter Sam Hoyt sent out about committee positions. While the possibility of seeing the mechanics of local politics could be interesting, I never straight party voted for anything. I registered democrat for the sake of a primary vote, but am rare in that I know plenty of smart republicans and easily bumfuzzled democrats and the best stuff comes when all get together to form a policy. That hardly ever seems to happen anymore.

Despite that, I got to admit I like seeing Governor Paterson come out in favor of the gay marriage legislation. I completely respect that he is interested in leading than running for relection from the get go. I'm sure his in-boxes are filling up with loveletters from Pentacostals, Evangelicals and other fundamentalist party animals, but I respect the fact that he took a position, and a sensible one at that.

On the other side of the coin, Jimmy Griffin reaffrims the rock star notion of death being a great career move. The lionization of Griffin over the past few days amazed me. I was here during his "reign" and not a day went by that he wasn't fighting with somebody. Sure the ballpark is great, but none of the "tributes" mentioned his oft-indicted parks commissioner, how he fixated on a few projects at the expense of everything else in the city or the generally confrontational nature of things. I respected him because he never spun, he just did. (In that respect, he was infinitely better than Masiello). But hell, he wasn't St. Jimmy either.

Used to love the spectacle of Artists and Models, but I'm wondering if I'm getting too old to enjoy. Got a free night and everything.

Wednesday is economic stimulus night at the Bisons (got to love an always thinking promo department) Anybody want to go and buy one, get one.

oh well, off to refill the growler for the weekend. I heart the VBM.

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