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Category: storm

10/17/06 06:06 - ID#25449


Still without power at home so I've been crashing on the air matress at the parental unit dwelling since Saturday. Thursday night I froze in my apartment. Friday morning Ryan and I trudged a mile through the snow and debris with our packs full to spend the night with friends who had power. I was grateful but man that hardwood floor did a number on my body.

My nephew is doing sooooo much better. Once his tongue got snipped he has been all about the cooing and not so much the crying. I'm so glad. We went shopping to get him a few warmer outfits. I got him a cozy long-sleeve onsie that reads "Hi, I'm new here" above a picture of the world. :)

Yesterday was my Gramma's birthday. She never got to see Ryan so Tonia and I took him out with some flowers. He was quiet until the moment we walked in the mausoleum doors, then he chattered away. I think he was introducing himself to his great-grandparents. As soon as we walked out the door, he stopped. I miss my Gramma.

I hope everyone else is dealing best they can with, as we have nicknamed the storm, the "catastrophe". The little guy is in my arms right now and took a big stinky poop so I must go change him. Take care.
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