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Category: food

08/21/10 06:57 - ID#52492

peep brunch

Rory and I will be at Elmwood Lounge tomorrow (Sunday) for brunch ($6) at NOON. Please join us if you can!
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Category: food

08/18/10 10:53 - ID#52468

peep dinner at pearl street

Rory and I would enjoy your company at Pearl Street for a peep dinner. Thursday at 6:30pm. Kind of like a mini anniversary party! Please RSVP by this evening so I can call ahead and reserve some tables :)
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Category: food

01/20/09 07:41 - ID#47454


It's all I can think about. All night, all day...I have an unstoppable hunger for popcorn! I think I need to duck out of work early to go buy some. I need it!

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Category: food

04/30/06 03:24 - ID#25395

elmwood lounge

I was supposed to meet a friend for brunch at the Elmwood Lounge today. Well, let's just say this was another test for Lady Croft. My esteem is not exactly high caliber right now, so I felt like a pretty big ass the longer I sat there waiting for a friend that never showed.

So I had the choice of leaving in my embarrassed state, or eat, because I was really hungry. I've been wanting to check out this brunch for ages. So...I chatted things up with the waiter and decided to eat.

This is a testament to all those who have wondered if you would spontaneously combust when dining out alone. I'm not saying I enjoyed it immensely, but I lived to tell the tale.

I had a mimosa (is it bad to drink alone on a Sunday morning???) and spinach omelet, which came with toast, potatoes and tapioca pudding. All of this for $6 on the nose, no additional tax! I think it is a spiffy deal. I recommend you try it. Brunch is served every Saturday and Sunday from 9-3pm. Ciao.
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Category: food

03/09/06 04:47 - ID#25358

lunch of champions

Starting St. Patty's day a little early, or, a lot early. Went to the Steelhead Pub in Lewiston. Had a 'boxty' which is a potato pancake stuffed with corned beef and cabbage. Washed it all down with a pint of Guinness and enjoyed to the sounds of old Irish tunes. Yeah.

And did you know, it takes 96 teaspoons of Guinness to fill that pint?

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