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07/14/11 12:01 - ID#54701

How to Completely Lose a Life Partner

In case you don't know what's going on I have a friend who I've tried to get to start a blog on this site for a while cause he has a ton to say all the time that I think is really relevant; he kinda needs a blog. He hasn't started any blog that I know of and hence isn't an (e:peep), but you've seen him at a lot of parties for a year or two now so he is one in a round about way. I'd been really close friends with him for 15+ years by now. That's the larger half of my conscience life, but now we're almost enemies. Its perdy lame, kinda sad, and super dumb, but shit like this happens sometimes.

I was explaining why we're in a rough patch to a friend of ours and realized that other friends of ours might wanna really know what the hell is going on between us that things are so awful lately. To be honest I don't think this post will help much, and I wish I knew for certain. Still, I'm just glad to get this off my chest, cause I don't wanna think about it anymore.

I used to think the term 'life partner' was a little creepy and kinda gross especially when it was a caption in a photo that my buddy Andrew took of me and my friend Casey back when we were still tight. I've since come around to the idea because of a girl i've been seeing lately. She has a reaaaaaally close friend who she dubbed her 'life partner'. I've seen them together tons even though it never encroaches on alone time with her or being close to her in any way, and mostly both girls are just a fun addition to knowing either girl. They're even going as far as having a friendship ceremony that I think is a little beyond anything I'd ever do, but if I had to call anyone my 'life partner' I'd have to pick that Casey character.

...the message...

The Casey thing is sad and I wish it would go away, but he's outrageously stubborn and even though I've tried to just let this dumb shit pass he's pretty bent so I'm not involving my self with him anymore. He's a really fun dude in small sips, but too much is toxic, and not the fun Brittany kind.

He was really bent out of shape one night when I flirted with a girl he was standing next to that I later found out he was dating. As if I'd fuck his girlfriend?! When I found out who she was I was surprised and pleased he'd meet someone, he'd been down lately and doing weird things with his love life. I apologized and went home with a different girl that night, and though nothing of it until he came at me steaming from the ears. I don't think that this is the only reason we're at odds, but it was the beginning of the end. We weren't able to agree to disagree on what should have been done that night, but I thought it was stupid we were even fighting. In contrast one of the big reasons he moved to Cali was to be with my ex-girl Jenny (whom I've carried a simmering flame for ever since I met, which he must have known), but she turned him down. I didn't care really even though it hurt me cause if they really loved each other they should be together. Still getting a call or something from him would have been more than just nice. She brought it up and told me the details in the casually to be up front with me about things since we ended up keeping in touch, but he (almost understandably) denies it to this day... What do I do with that kind of crazy? Avoid it.. that's what.

Thereafter or maybe even since before then, Casey started hating me for as many reasons as anyone could hate me...yeah I don't know either. When I confronted him about why, he couldn't say outright. We'd get into a lame argument about every detail of us knowing each other that rubbed us the wrong way and couldn't put it down. Further into things he brought up some weird shit about "us not spending enough time with one another" and "me being dishonest about who I was spending time with cause he saw me in photos on Facebook in places he hadn't been invited to...." YEAH REALLY FUCKING GAY, and not the fun (e:pmt) kind! I'd had it and decided to try and move on.

To put salt in this wound I found all this out when I tracked him down beause I knew he'd been depressed. I hadn't heard from him for days and I seriously thought he might have offed him self. I was a bit freaked; then this happens...

l a m e.

So I decided to not hang out with him at all any more and told him not to come to my house unless he wanted to get it off his chest and get over it. To be fair to him I just told him to no come over. I didn't trust him anymore. His hatred and envy had drivin him to a place I was wary of allowing to be around me. Anyone who knows you that well and hates you can hurt you in ways you don't understand until it's too late, and I knew he was capable of it. He's a really smart dude and I'd seen him do it to people (we used to care about) before.

All in all. I've tried to be his friend through all this. Sending him details about stuff I knew he'd think is cool. Telling people it's just a phase and we'd get over it soon. I even went camping with him, even though I knew he'd be there but wasn't supposed to be in the original plans, this past weekend. I acted like nothing was wrong in hopes we'd clear all this up, but he wouldn't say a word to me now or even shake my hand, in what I considered a very intimate setting with only the closest of friends. It sucked. He took shitty little pot shots at me and tried to make me look like an ass in front of actual friends of mine the whole time, but I just kept my cool and tried to make the best of it...(pretty poorly since I was kinda crackin up about having to stay stuck in such an awkward place or ruining the trip for everyone else)

I'd come to the point where I don't really speak to the dude anymore so I decided to be in other places. When we did cross paths he'd just leave or not interact. When I see him in public I didn't bring anything up and treated him like a human being, since anything else would make me a douche bag.

Lately, he's decided that he should be around me and not speak to me and moved into to forcing him self into my presence just so he can hate at me and ruin good times and its really pissing me off, but whatever. At least that what its been feeling like. I'm sure I'll get over it as he fades into becoming a more of a stranger than anything else, but that's a terrible solution to a dumb problem... Oh well.

Hopefully he's found something that makes him happy in life and he's moving on... I'm trying to too, but it really sucks to loose a friend you've had for so long who was so close. Especially when they're going to such lengths to make your life worse. I'm torn up about it, but I won't cry any place but here. So, boo to the hoo, wahhh to the haaa. The dude taught me how to drive, some years I was the only one who gave him a christmas present, he's bailed me outta trouble too many times to mention, and we've told each other the closest details of our lives in confidence.

Thanks for listening if you've gotten this far. It's been cathartic writing it even if you didn't.

Look at this... shame it's all over now.
  • I've made some edits to make things clear since the comments started on this. I don't think it's cause anyones comments to look lame, but if it did I apologize. This is just touchy and public and I want to be clear.
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06/24/11 06:13 - ID#54566

Cartoons and Crapstorms: The post trend continues

Ok, so the author Scott Adams who pens Dillbert and dose some other things I'm sure wrote a blog post called "Pegs and Holes". In it he make some intrestingly badly made points so much so that he garnered the attention of Salon Magazine which prompted an interview article titled "Adams Takes on Salon"

Let's not forget that Scott Adams is the silly man who brought us Catbert, who is funny

A lot of things are said and are being argued about this blog post. Many of those things are things that may be in the post, but may also not be what the artist was intending, which brings me to my point for posting this blog here on (e:strip).

1. I know there are those of you who will be come polarized to one of the sides of one of these arguments. They are many ar becoming legion. I wonder what side of any or all of these arguments you're on.

2. I know one if not all of you have tried to make complex arguements that have grey points in them that become understood by the general public (and/or (e:strip) community) in a way that you didn't intend directly. It gets really fishy when normal people try to communicate like professionals. None of us have a cartoon strip that's been made into a TV series and/or the riches and attention that accompany it, but that hasn't stopped us from making mistaks.

3. I like enumerating things. I don't think people understand how much.

4. The part of this discussion that I care the most about and that may tie in to the last few posts that I have made are about human nature and the place for healthy mature masculine behavior in society.

Point for is my biggest concern, only because point three has less numerical value, but I digress.

As a horny single man I have to deal with these issues daily. Their discussions dictate my day to day dealings with those of the female kind and my shape the way those who know me understand my merit (or weather I can consider a person with any of that).

It's a rough topic... set of topics. It's the stuff I like to mull over when I have spare cycles in my brains, and pick other peoples brains for. Like I'm pickin' yours. Do tell..

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06/23/11 03:34 - ID#54552

crazy twist after the last post

So apparently, some states have been sterilizing people against their will/and or understanding.

Yeah... I'm uh, full of fun news lately, but really you have to see this. Found this out after my friend who works for a Russian news site posted this link


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06/21/11 09:03 - ID#54544

Herb and Fern garden

Here's a few shots of the herb garden this year. There's a strawberry plant hanging under the tiny roof behind me.

I found out you can eat these chive flowers. They're really yummy. so zippy they're spicy

I don't know what this plant is

Same mystery plant. I think it's mint. If so a mojito party will be breaking out soon.

Organo, Thyme, Basil (of Course), Chives, Sage, Rosemary Cilantro, Catnip, and the mystery plant
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06/20/11 10:29 - ID#54541

Would you really want my bay-bee

Ok So I saw this article on a friends facebook page. Read the whole thing and now I have questions.


I presume you read the article if you've continued thus far, but if not here's a quick recap. In this situation the woman held the mans seed in her mouth and impregnated her self later without the man's knowledge. They never had coitus. In any case, and the part that I'm most concerned with is this that the court feels that the child's care is most important, since they are now in the world one way or another, and that both contributing parties should take on the responsibilities as parents regardless of how the conception occurred.

I tend to agree with the court at that since really it's not the kids fault they're here, and they have a whole life to worry about while their parents bicker over what's fair. Still what can be done about this type of happen stance.

I've noted many times where a woman who wanted to hurt a man or keep him encouraged gestation or out and out caused it. Bad women sometimes think that it's a way to keep a man around when really it's just away to become a parent with complications.

If you were a woman what would make you come to these ends? As the mother of a man in a similar situation what would that make you feel? As a human being what rules/laws/practices/products would you dream up to ensure this kind of abuse dosen't happen to people (besides not sleeping around like a disgusting american)?

Speaking of that. Living with an Indian and understanding their mating and coupling practices even as much as I do has really opened my eyes to things. I don't think everything foreign is better all the time but it's obvious when some one else has gotten it right or at least a little better than you. Stuff like this is culturally waaaaay more difficult over there and I reeeeeeeaaaally like that, both as a single dad and the father of a lil girl...and as a scumbag american slut man.

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06/16/11 03:52 - ID#54508

HTC Clock for You and Me!

Ok, fast story. I just got a new phone and I can deal with juuuuust about everything new except the clock is missing and it's driving me craaaaaaazzzzzzyy, but I found this

Get the HTC clock widget on any android device

The ability to make it look how ever you want is almost enough to buy it even if you have a HTC phone already.

I put this her for you and me. I don't wanna play with my phone while I'm working so I'ma do this later and get to work curing cancer for yallz n' junk n' stuff.

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06/16/11 01:44 - ID#54507 pmobl

Paul's fat

Ha ha

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05/13/11 12:54 - ID#54276

You Tube Monkies

I got a fun error message while I was trying to find the you tubes today. Check it out.

tubey monkies
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04/19/11 08:54 - ID#54093

My first kiss...

...was horrible. It was with a (pardon the term) fat gurl in the library downtown. Her lip was hairy and her arms were strong. I want to cry about it every time I think of it, but I can't cry cause that'd make more of a girl than I was for kissing a mustachioed person.

Ok, you may be wondering why a young (e:enknot) was making out in the library downtown, well the short answer is I love my brother. He was hookin' up with my girl's friend and I was running interferance. Ahh, yeessss. I was trained young as a wing man, and in fires hotter than your crotch after an Artfest weekend during a condom shortage. Ok that last bit didn't make much sense.

All the same, the girl was kinda nice. She went for the bait and her friend got diddled by my brosuf in the same library somewhere else. Sadly I feel like everything that I've done with a girl the first time was horrible or disastrous this was just the first of many bad moves.

I'm uh, I'm going to work now.

It's only funny in jokes
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04/18/11 05:10 - ID#54086

bodypump again today.

I hate my belly. It's ugly and unbeachable. I understand that my body image issues are lame but who cares. Me... too much. That's who.

I'm going to run at the gym and then do bodypump. I'm going to try and make every session of bodypump this week, which is kinda crazy, but I don't care. There's gotta be some way to get a flat stomach after all my effort.

Ooh. So fleet feet on Delaware near Hertel has a new runners club that meets on Wednesday. I'ma go to that too. If anyone is intrested check out some details here. They look like nice people. Nice people without bellies.

The belly fatness needs to end... ingore the interesting people and look at mai bellay!
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