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Category: birthdays

09/11/05 06:45 - 78ºF - ID#35790

ten hour birthday party

My first post including pictures. (e:paul), I might need your help :)

The process of the illustrious pinata bashing began with a purusal of found objects up and down elmwood. Bicycle pieces, eating utensils, random toys and other questionable material were fair game for said pinata decoration. Can't have a naked pinata, can we?


The body. Never knew how much pinatas pooped, thankfully a used shower curtain served as pinata pooping paper.


Another unknown fact not listed in the Official Guide to Caring for Your Pinata, is that they are pissy little creatures that plot nefarious schemes when neglected. This picture taken moments before the traumatizing blood bath/poop slinging began. Documentation of such events were left out of this post; the images alone would entice deep psychosis. I read somewhere about Axis 1 Pervasive Post Pinata Production Disorder. (I still wake up screaming, laughing hysterically, drooling.. whether any correlation here, well thats still being analyzed).


This Kamakazi Pinata was dressed and ready for a beating. Bets were that it would crumble with one wack, but the super poop that (e:ladycroft) used to hold this creature together proved us all wrong. More than a dozen e-peeps, at various stages of debauchery, took turns wacking at it with a stick.



(e:terry) creatively securing the rope










Ahhh, busted at last. The inside of the stubborn pinata full of tasty delights, including the now infamous, Intense Sensation condoms. Those barely hit the ground before everyone pounced on them! Don't let them expire, kiddies. (that would be 2010 and sad),
Or something may happen much like what is depicted in the giant poster in the really cool room at (e:pmt). Such horrors should be kept in the basement that which it was found! (babies, spider monkeys and clowns scare me)

Plenty of evidence, I mean, pics depicting the adventures of (e:ladycroft), the total on (e:theecarey) camera hitting close to 150. I know (e:paul) had quite a few as well. A few more to wrap it up:

cheers! (e:ladycroft) and (e:paul)

chillin: (e:ladycroft) and (e:alison)

(e:ladycroft) with my favorite casanova (e:terry) (memories of dancing to the key of goat)

SWAK! Birthday girl and (e:drchlorine)

not in jail (yet): (e:ladycroft) and (e:theecarey)

Good times for all..Even the odd delay inwhich we, (e:ladycroft) and (e:theecarey) stationed ourselves at various points along elmwood (one of which included my doning a grass skirt in front of Kunis) and Timika down the street hanging on the street corner. The looks we suffered through.. so funny.
Eventuallywrapped it up after 6am. Hope we didn't make too much of a mess. Thanks for coming, little things mean so much, ya know :) A special shout out to (e:pmt) for making it happen!

Hope all is well!
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09/11/05 12:48 - 73ºF - ID#35789


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Category: question for you

09/08/05 08:47 - 69ºF - ID#35788

me too, me too

the e-strip student loan count needs a boost.. where and how do I add mine????
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Category: quickies satisfy

09/07/05 10:37 - 76ºF - ID#35787

just a quicky

Caught up on my email today. Had a gigantic inbox due to class related issues. I have the added responsibility of being the program class representative. A nice little unpaid side job. Not glamorous but I still have to fend off the paparazzi, sign autograghs.. (gag)
I absolutely must fiinsh up an assignment tonight; but right after this, as this is why my assignment is not quite complete:

Immediatelyt after work I engaged in a meeting of the minds with (e:ladycroft), in which we devilishy developed a fantastic adventure for her continued birthday celebration. Which takes place this Saturday..

I also engaged in an extensive game of bee dodging. This would be round two. Fortunately, just as the game was favoring the flying beast, an unknown bee slayer successfully decapitated the yellow and black monster. I fear round three.. I think the cantankerous creatures are calling in back up. Got the Crips and the Yellow Jackets, beeotch.

Back to the festivities; plan to disrobe, I mean, plan to bare your inquisitive, playful side. Laughter and fun is an order.

  • yawn* W00! I am yawning before 2 am. Just as i get my sleep schedule back in order, it will be the weekend. Oh wonderful weekend...

take care
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Category: birthdays

09/06/05 08:22 - 77ºF - ID#35786

birthday plans? well, it Depends

I managed to make it through the day. I just returned back to work after a two week vacation. I had not been getting to sleep much before 3am the entire time, and to have to get up much earlier than usual was not pleasant. I had little sleep and cracked out dreams. I so wanted to go back to sleep even as my alarm went off. It was good to get back though, and I enjoyed catching up with my friends. The spark of a new challenge energized me.
Today was a 'staff development day', which means that the students were not in attendance. They return tomorrow; which means I need to dust off my lacross outfit that doubles as protective gear. I am not quite ready to get my ass kicked. rarely do I get to break into the work week, it is more like being shoved. Good times!
I need to sick my teeth into something creative and challenging. I am bored.

The end of August starts off the birthday season for everyone in my family and friends, non stop through December. (e:ladycroft) is today. Happy 30th :)
Mine is trailing quick behind.. Sat Sept 17

(e:pyrcedgrrl) b-day is a few weeks later, and in that time I can expect to be tormented with sweet endearments such as "don't break a hip, ya old bitch".
Love you too my dear friend :)

Need to plan something.. maybe a hot night of bingo? denture tossing? Pin the 'Depends' on the geriatric? j/k i am full of it tonight ;)

Hope all is well with everyone!
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Category: semi rant

09/05/05 02:54 - 57ºF - ID#35785

Getting nowhere fast on an empty tank

I tormented myself with calculating the cost of going to and from work relative to gas price. Using the approximate amount of miles traveled for work purpose, the amount of miles per gallon and the total amount of miles I get to the tank, I came to stomach turning results:
I could get a job within walking distance around where I live, make less than minimum wage and still fare better. I compared prices at $2.50 and $3.50 per gallon (I like rounded off numbers) and the effects of such a price jump make quite a difference. No suprise there, but I wanted quanitiative data to support my jaded outlook :)

Over the course of the year I intend to move into another position. Not sure where or even doing what, but it will be something that further challenges me. I am stagnating where I am at now. I need to move on..when the learning stops, i move on.
I am also looking forward to taking on something that provides me with better means to support myself. ya know.. not living pay check to pay check. Besides rent and utilities, I have things to do, place to travel.. adventures to be sought. And school loans to pay *wants to hide*

I don't want to quit my job and take on just anything. Nothing wrong with flipping burgers, but it is not the resume builder I am looking for. Where I am at now has provided me with a plethora of good stuff: professional, multidimensional in nature and consistent experience. As I will have my degree this time next year, I have begun the process of searching companies that I might like to work for. Finding a better position is meant to be a calculated move, hence the one year time frame. However, if gas prices continue to be out of control, I may need to reconsider my plan. I just don't want it to bite me in the ass. It's one thing to blow my cash on joy rides to see friends, quite another to have to shave a commited amount off the paycheck just to get to work.

Although a bit of a rant, it is situations like this that light a fire under my ass and help clarify the need to take action, set my direction. To take lemons and make ...sushi.
ok, to take what is in front of you and turning into something that is your, something that you want.

And what do I want??
stay tuned...

  • yawn* good night everyone. be safe..

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Category: adventure

09/02/05 10:24 - 68ºF - ID#35784

A day in the life of Thee Carey

With my head buried under my pillow to drown out the sunshine and my neighbors obnoxious cherry bomb muffler lawn mower, I grasped desperately to the edge of sleep. However, my travels to dreamland was a short stay.
The phone screamed and I scrambled to find it, as the message on the answering machine came out loud and clear "Caaaarrreeeeeyyyyy, are you there???? I need your help!!!". It was such a pathetic plea, my dear friend and fellow adventure commrade (e:ladycroft) was in turmoil. Finding the phone, I unsuccessfully poked at the talk button.
Return phone call stat.
In a cool panic, "what's up?"

(e:ladycroft), "I have to go shopping."

(e:theecarey), "SHOPPING??? OH, the HORRORS, not SHOPPING!"

(e:ladycroft), in a serious summation of the issue: "I need help"

I solemnly accepted this mission "OK, lets go, uh, hem, Shopping" *shivers*

background on me.. shopping gives me that dirty feeling, and not the good kind. I had to suffer through the mall last week, and felt like I had a build up of mall residue. I was in those stores.. those, oh, I just can't talk about it! So, to be asked by anyone to purposely go shopping, is someone who does not know me that well. However, such not the case with Miss LadyCroft. She needed a fellow anti shopper to suffer through the agony and dig deep to find the enjoyment related to consumer swarms; as though they functioned in retail droves.
For her, I could do it. (you owe me big, lady). I am capable of finding the positive and humor in just about anything. This would be a challenge, but I love a good challenge.

And so, I lent her my support and we hopped in the Green Mouse to travel WNY in search of residence hall supplies.

Now, I do find some good fun in stores such as party city, computer stores, books, music, off beat merchandise.. so there was a good balance. I just felt the overwhelming urge to hit the mountains when we went into a local super discount store. Not quite like the mall, but close..
We fueled up at India Gate and energized at SPOT. We scoured the earth to find a damn Dollar Tree and wanted to terrorize the numerous associates with bad customer service. This girl cashier was openly condescending to the guy cashier next to her. He had on the "sales associate in training" tag. I wanted to give him a hug and kick her. The section on supporting the new hire must have been omitted from the employee handbook.

And so now we wrap up the evening with an eventual trek over to "Off the Wall". My friend Christopher is DJing, thought it would be nice to go.

Off to mingle with the kiddies at the residence hall..

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Category: firsts

09/02/05 02:27 - ID#35783

I always wanted to be a stripper, er, um

I have been a Live Journal user for a number of years. Like a great pair of super comfy broken in jeans, it can be difficult to try on something new. However, the word on the street, is "go check out", and so I did, sorta. I looked in occasionally, contemplated joining, went away for awhile, came back, walked away.. then came back one more time. And joined. (comma splice or comma fault for the enjoyment of all you grammar ho's).
There is a plethora of journal and blog outlets; something for everyone. In my experience and snobby analysis of the various journal sites, I must give kudos to estrip. Well organized design and layout, user friendly but not kiddy stuff and tools available to seriously get your journal on. The best part of estrip, are the people who are on here.
I'm sold.
It is official: I am an e-stripper.. so lets get on to the good stuff

You are right ((e:paul)), ((e:ladycroft)) should be promoted to offical greeter, she did a fabulous job of making sure I was introduced to everyone last night. Nice job!

I ventured out to La Luna last night, once again, [size=l]Happy Birthday, ((e:Mike))[/size]. I chatted with some more than others but it was really cool to put faces to epeeps: ((e:paul)), ((e:terry)), ((e:jill)), ((e:flacidness)), ((e:maureen)) and ((e:anotherjulie)). I am always amused with a good scandel--you know who you are!

And for the record, pineapple livesavers beat out any other flavor. It's axiomatic. To my 'satellite' friends, Jim and Mike, thanks for including me in such deeply probing topics. Who needs Chaucer when you can discuss jellybellys? ;) Hope to encounter each other again..

Prior to heading out to Chippewa, the talented artist, ((e:lilho)) worked a palette of gold and red through the top layer of my dark brown mop. I like it so much that I am tempted to have more, much more. I might just have to do that. However, I will come earlier this time..? :)
((e:ladycroft)) had her streaks of jeweled violet energized. Looks good!

((e:pyrcedgrrl)), having finally made her first post, made a lovely mention of SUSHI .I am envious of those that have sushi restaurants right at the seat of their house porch! :) To mention sushi is to go get sushi. Lets plan a sushi fieldtrip/party/outing/feeding fest.
Actually, I am hungry now.. hmm, falafel bar, gabrielles gate, sahara grill..
ah, another day.

Anyone know of any overnight/late night haunted excursions? I am trying to plan something fun and I know there must be something around...

Well, I will surely continue to post. I might end my other blog/journal relationships if I feel that I can successfully include them here. I have them scattered everywhere, primarily dealing with politics, media, the human condition, school/business, and then separate from the rest: random mental meanderings, rants and other amusement. We'll see.

Hope all is well!

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Category: potpourri

08/30/05 11:56 - 71ºF - ID#35782

Pitter patter of little monsoon

Dark mist, rain droplets,
stomping puddles form in my driveway.
Creatures sing back up for Franz Ferdinand
through open windows.
I sweat my ass off in this red brick sauna
and despretely want to kill the Weather Bug;
You told me once, you'll tell me 7 more..
I prepare my Ark.
Floaties on, Thee Careys' pimpin' super hero vessil is ready for launch,
  • sigh* now leave. me. alone.

Hey ((e:ladycroft)), if not a party bus, try a party ark..
two of everything.. maybe three for you ;)
After all, it will be our big Three OooOOoOOooOooOOoh
awe, yeah..

A public service announcment:

((e:ladycroft)) and ((e:theecarey)) go way back. Much trouble has been found and there much more to discover. A friend bails your ass out of jail, a good friend is sitting right there next to you :D


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Category: adventure

08/30/05 02:47 - 67ºF - ID#35781

chlorine cocktail-fountain of youth? NO!

Earlier this evening, I returned from a short trip to Cleveland. My niece, Ashley and I ventured just four hours West of Buffalo via car rental, to the Cleveland Institute of Art. Ahh, the joys of college visits and interviews. Brings back glutinous memories of Raman Noodles and Little Debbie Snacks; where a couple of quarters and a cup of water provided adequate sustenance for a learning brain. Remember those days, my friends?
Soft squishy beds, a cooler full of pop and munchies, bathing suits and a taste for trouble led us to yet another stay at the Hilton. And never to disappoint, this stay proved quite the adventure.
The funny thing about being on the cusp of 11,000 days old, is that it is still quite easy to pass for anything between 17 and current age of, um, 10, 931 days old. So I internally find humor in such questions as "Are you going to be a freshman this year?" and "Are you old enough to drink?" -- Why deary, I sure am, *pinches cheek*
After playing on the elevator (it has mirrors on the ceiling!), jumping on the bed (because, I can do that), checking the TV for cool channels (I was instantly homesick for digital) and contemplating room service (idea dismissed, easy cheese and crackers beckoned), we get into our swim gear and excitedly headed down ten flights to the Jacuzzi and swimming pool.

Swimming is fun, swimming is nice
swimming amidist the fragrance of super Chlorine concentrate, is not.

or try this:

Indoor swimming pool
Lovely, warm as bath water
Chlorine headache sucks

As an indoor pool, we stuck around for a bit, thinking maybe the chlorine aroma was just in the air.
However our excursion into the deeply disinfecting, left both of us with the unsexy scent of bleach lingering aggressively on our temporarily scaly and pruned skin.

A scrub down with hotel issued shampoo, conditioner and soap proved to be a fruitless effort.
We sat in our dehydrated smelly state through the remainder of the night and well into the next day. However we stopped at a discount store and purchased the heaviest moisturizing lotion we could find, which happened to be Almond and Shea Butter cream. The chlorine odor permeated through the first six applications before settling into a more almondesque aroma.
I have yet to tackle the chlorine induced dry heap of straw that is my hair. Although in a state of emergency, it will have to wait:

I have email to check, kitties to love and brownies to eat.

Ahh, it is always good to be home!

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