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Category: mental mcnuggets

04/26/10 02:56 - ID#51454

Sometimes it is good to be the client

It's a day of random notes:

Good to be the client? when the account rep moonlights at a ticket office -- Roger Waters seats will be mine, oh yes, they will be mine.

Was at the Anchor Bar on Saturday night with a good friend. We grabbed a table in the bar area to avoid what seemed like a wait. Came away with three lessons learned: Latin Jazz ain't doing it for me since Tito Puente's passing, The AB is kind of a mediocre wing joint these days, and none of their bartenders know how to pour Guinness. It ain't Coors, asshats.

Earlier in the day, I took my son to the Bar Mitzvah of one of his school chums. A few other friends of his turned up, but I didn't want to be the dad to kick his kid into Temple Beth AM by himself. I was a little curious. I asked him for his impressions afterwards. He says he liked the ceremony (It was pretty beautiful) and that the rabbi looked a lot like my very irish father. Grandpa got a chuckle out of that.

Is there anything nicer than an empty shared laundry facility on a Sunday afternoon to an apartment dweller? It is nice to start off the week with a clean slate.

Speaking of the old man, I have somehow been rogered in to helping him with an auction next week toward being the guy behind the microphone. I did it once for work which somehow qualifies me to give it a go again. Socially inept lil me? Wonders will never cease.

Playoff beards don't work.

Must be spring for real as I left work Friday only to notice that somehow a bird left his mark on one of my doors. Give you pause to think how sick he or she must been to pooping at that angle.

New week, new car wash

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Category: mental mcnuggets

01/13/08 08:10 - ID#42873

Lasertron and strange goings-on

I had to take number one son to a birthday party yesterday out at Lasertron. After getting him checked in, the mom of the main party celebrant asked me if I'd go in the Lasertron game so our group of kids. I'm not sure what the deciding factor was in that regard: that I'd played before or that I was the only Dad to show up.

They take two groups at a time. 3 adults and 17 (I'm guessing) kids all around age 9 or 10, divided in two groups. You go through a little briefing, get taken out to your side of the arena and have at it. In no time, all these little kids are turning into Tom Sizemore in Saving Private Ryan. I have expected a few of em to sport the cigar stub that the crusty sarge in all the war movies sports. You play four games and I laughed my fool self through all of em. It's glorified capture the flag. At one instance, a little kid no bigger than my hip comes up to me and says "excuse me, sir, I think if we go up and to the left we can blown up their home."

Little twerp was right, we blew it up good. I told the moms I'd take one for the parenting team provided there was a beer waiting (Lasertron serves beer) and there was. Good mothers.

Maybe we should have an (e:strip) shoot'em up some night.
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Category: mental mcnuggets

06/11/07 08:07 - ID#39613

What I know (weekend edition)

The Allentown Art Festival was the same old crap, just without a soundtrack. With Music is Art bullied to Hamburg, you could almost hear crickets on Franklin on Sunday morning. The quote that continues to stick with me is the tool from the Allentown Society saying "there is no place for music at a Fine Arts fair." That being a misnomer the size of Rhode Island conveniently obscures the fact that the fine art was few and far between, too. You had to go to Nietzche's block to see the more original stuff. It's the people watching that caught my amusement.
You'd think people would be over my marital nonsense by now. My ex and I had a thing for our eldest daughter at the house yesterday. One of the recent arrivals in the family made a decided turn to avoid greeting me at all. WTF? I didn't stray, she did. It's been over 3 years and the divorce is almost a year old. Get over yerself, or at least fuckin be civil or don't show up.
Took my darling daughter driving in my go mobile yesterday. She is a little overwhelmed at the thought of standard transmission, but happily we're still talking so I considered that a good lesson. She did perform however unintentionally, one of the more impressive tire burn outs in the history of Forest Lawn. "Why all the smoke?" she cried. Calmly, I pointed out that she still had the break on.
Took the whole lot to Becker Farms on Sat. Not sure who had a better time, me or them. Lots of animals to see, running around to be had, and fresh strawberries and one kick ass blueberry pie came home as souvenirs.
Among the many places I'd never thought I'd be, I've spent about 45 minutes listening to the ex lament the break up of her current relationship -- strange thing trying to be helpful about the dissolution that caused your own dissolution.
Was working in the Time Warner store on Maple Rd today when the computers and the internet went down. Couldn't help but joke to a long line at that. "Savor the irony, folks, our internet went down and we can't get tech support."

Seemed to diffuse a potentially angry mob.
The Philharmonic rejected me via email, bastards. I guess I'm overqualified. A colleague said "Do you really want to be an Associate? Bet that pays well." Wise soul, that one.
Cool the Sopranos enchewed a big finale. People came into work and thought it was our fault.
A change in email resulted in a free medium popcorn to the Market Arcade. May be just enough of an excuse to go see Ocean's 13. Anybody game?
Saturday ride home included a diversion to Isleview Park. Sitting along the water with a well made dreamcicle milkshake renewed my faith in civility.
My digital phone gets installed Friday, the joys of beta testing. Now, I can listen to it not ring on saturday nights.
Not a big reality tv guy, but something about Hell's Kitchen gets to me. I get a kick out of seeing Gordon Ramsay browbeat people into making a better gravy. It's like watching "Stripes" take place in culinary school.
Get to actually go to my own office tomorrow, been awhile.
Hot enough for ya?
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Category: mental mcnuggets

01/20/07 10:08 - ID#37790

Fox TV and other ass gripers

The deal with Sinclair broadcasting is done. Time Warner and Sinclair got their respective shit together so Homer, Jack Bauer, et al. are all staying put. This was a nationwide thing. Los Angeles was sweating losing their ABC affiliate. The whole thing was that Sinclair didn't like the existing arrangement. That being we put Fox and My TV commercials on the cable channels like we do for 2,4, and 7. Their argument being that since more people watch 24 than watch Trading Spaces, the cable company should pay a fee since a fee gets paid to TLC for Trading Spaces. This whole scenario was playing out in all the former Adelphia areas, but it's done now. And the clerk at Spot who saw my Time Warner dog tags yesterday can now shut his pie-hole.

Elsewhere, I was running some errands before work yesterday and saw the moving trucks in front of the Albright Knox yesterday. Couldn't tell if they were moving out or in, but the whole thing is troublesome. What the gallery is giving up ain't coming back. Is what is coming that valuable that a priceless collection needs forever compromised? I don't think so. You could make the argument that if the operating budget couldn't permit the purchases, maybe they shouldn't be buying. Guess that makes too much sense.

Hope all the snowbirds are happy. Side effect of the late starting snow is that all the plow guys are too. I took my car for an oil change yesterday at the Valvoline place on Delaware and nearly didn't make it. The entrance has a pretty steep incline and I had to slalom my way up to make the garage door without falling back to Delaware.

Domestic responsibilities made it impossible to get to the party, but Happy Birthday anyhoo (e:Paul) . Hope a grand time was had.

I've yet to meet (e:joshua) in person but I trust his beer judgement implicitly. Got some Tetley's from TOPS and it rocks.
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Category: mental mcnuggets

11/28/06 04:11 - ID#29629

Itunes is pissing me off

Never thought it would happen. I love my Ipod and the Itunes store is a lovely thing, but the store is ticking me off lately. They're getting a little more underhanded. I was scouring for a bunch of favorites and the amount of album only tracks is on the rise. To get the song you want, you got to spring for the whole album. I know they've done that a little as part of the stock in trade, but with the recent flood of new music and repackages, it seems to be policy for a large percentage of the recent stuff. I decided that I didn't need another version of "Where the Streets Have No Name" at those rates. The five I have will have to do.

In other nurseable grudge news, after 15 months of pestering, my landlord is finally taking some steps to repair a water damaged area of my wall. Each slightly more comical than the next. His regular handyman cleaned all the craptastic plaster away (sounds like a band, Craptastic Plaster!!) and said the construction guy will call. I was at work last night when he called wanting to come in. Told him about having to work for the cable man for another hour. He replies he'd call tonight. I took my kids to school this morning and was headed to Spot when the phone announced it was him. I traipsed back home to meet him, sans coffee (grrrr) and he comes up. He takes a look at the size of the hole (picture to follow) and says we need to fill that in.

I'm so glad we called in a consultant.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to hell. I've got 15 people to sign up for the digital cable package being advertised. Getting a commission makes me feel a little dirty. At this rate, if the cable farm doesn't jive, I can always get a polyester checked coat and head out and schill for Fucillo's.

What else is griping me? Stranger Than Fiction didn't have the good sense to play downtown. May have to treat myself to the Casino Royale tonight and a big bag of popcorn tonight for the 9:00 show. Any takers? (get your own corn).

Just had a customer who had a baby in the backpack. The baby had the best evil laugh I've heard all day. Funnier coming from a baby sack.

Get outside, while the getting is good.

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Category: mental mcnuggets

09/03/06 10:00 - ID#29587

"Help me, Jesus!! Help me Tom Cruise!"

Alright, who flipped the November switch?? Friggin Ernesto remnants all over the place. I swear the rain had a sense of humor. I was at my parents during the afternoon and early evening yesterday and as I packed my car to come back this way, the rain would lighten from the back door only to intensify as I got to my trunk. Three separate times the tree I planted as a kid made sure a rain drop the size of Rhode Island would precisely where my hair is the thinnest.

I took the young'ns to see Talledega Nights last night. It wasn't one of my better parenting moves. Something about the Regal theaters can be a little artificial. The seats are comfy but the show started late as the theater had to get all their advertising in. I didn't mind too much, but the coming attraction for the Grudge 2 was almost 10 minutes long. I have no need to see the film now since they already showed all the "good parts." I was in the mood for some dumb fun and Will Ferrel certainly delievered. It wasn't the best of choices given that the youngest in my party was 8, but live and learn I guess.

The unitarian church on Elmwood was members do services during the summer time. One of the celebrants today was my ex. So being a good guy, I got the kids up and we went down and participated. It was a grand time. We all repaired to the Towne for breakfast and it was good way to kick off a cold sunday. After a long day in Cable wonderland on Friday, an really early day yesterday coordinating child pick up and drop off and this morning, I look forward to sleeping in tomorrow. Hold my calls.

I had to skip the debaunchery of Timika's birthday hoopla to be Dad. I seem to be on an every other estrip party mojo so next time watchout. This weekend was highlighted by the emptying of my paycheck at Office Depot to make sure everybody had what the needed for Wednesday.

To ensure, I get what I need I've been creating cover letters tonight to start looking outside the cable empire for other rewards.

Say a prayer for that resume over there.......

So, I hear Ice Cream calling, but let me close with Happy Birthday wishes to (e:terry), (e:mike), (e:ladycroft) and (e:nejifer). Congrats to (e:paul) and (e:theecarey) on wrapping up school. New job good wishes for Carey and her mad cow self as well as (e:imk2).

After all that hard work, let's celebrate Labor Day by taking it easy. If you need me leave a message, I'll get back you. In the interrm, head over to and watch Keith Olbermann tear Donald Rumsfeld a new one. I loved it.
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i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...

mike said to paul
i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...