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Category: health

08/16/13 11:55 - ID#58001


Canal, that is.

A recent round of dental treatment culminated in Monday’s first root canal for me. That is just how I pronounced it the rest of the day.

I am, without hesistation, coming out as a big baby when it comes to dental procedures beyond cleanings. We, the small mouthed, have a bit of a reaction when it comes to multiple power tools hanging from our mouths. Only so much room in there, and when too many things pop in without explanation, your system panics a bit. It was hard enough to not hear Bill Cosby talk about how “they place all this stuff in your mouth…and then they want to talk to you.”


After receiving a dental dam, bite guard and assorted other appliances, I nearly gagged and the dentist wanted to why I think that happened? I believe I said something profound like “DFASDph!” which might be latin for only so much room in there. In a room filled with a myriad of equipment, it was if they knew I was trouble and was best tended to out of sight of the regular clientele.

So, the longest 85 minutes of my l life went, with me trying to balance a piece of pool liner (the damn) in my mouth, while holding the right pose to ensure a successful completion of this fresh hell as well as guard against any sudden lobotomies. You can tell the dentist had a tough day, when all this was placed without so much an explanation, as more of a reprimand. The folks working on me were great, but I can tell I was the cherry on the cake of a long day for the lady doing all the real work. But showing me what was going in my mouth was a little easier on my delicate psyche than just ramming stuff in there.

I don’t know if it was the noise that the drills make, combined with the battle of making sure you stay in your breath through your nose, but it was exhausting. In my travels, I’ve been in front of a few fights, been thrown from a couple of bikes, and even forced into a wall, but walking out of the office and getting into the car, I spilled into the driver’s seat and thought fondly of the aspirin I had at home.

But the bourbon was good (i was out of tylenol)
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08/15/13 11:55 - ID#57995 pmobl

Happy Thursday

As I've been a little journal/blog blocked of late, enjoy a groovy animal pic.

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07/31/13 09:24 - ID#57956 pmobl

More luna fun

a Luna picture from Tuesday

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07/22/13 02:05 - ID#57928

Busy times

Something about this work year made things get tougher. The office goes on a bit of death march beginning in June and it finally ends Wednesday with Wines in the Wild. It's a nice gathering for attendees, but flipping exhausting to pull off, but it's all worth it in the end I suppose.

But in the words of Lily Von Stupe, I'm tired. Missed Ladycroft's visit even though you were literally in my work place which sucks more for me. The Estrip wedding fell on an event day here, so you wonder if Karma is messing with you a little.

But slowly fun is starting to make a reappearance. I reconnected with a friend who I thought I lost and together we got adopted by the staff over at Boomerangs, maybe it might have something to so with sitting on the patio from 5 until 11 on Saturday. We're part of a merry band that is putting together the first Buffalo Dead Fest in Alden in August, which should be a hoot.

Came across this during the morning:

A glass of wine

To my friends who enjoy a glass of wine and those who don't and are always seen with a bottle of water in their hand:

As Ben Franklin said:

In wine there is wisdom,
In beer there is freedom,
In water there is bacteria.

In a number of carefully controlled trials, scientists have demonstrated that if we drink 1 liter of water each day,
at the end of the year we would have absorbed more than 1 kilo of Escherichia coli , (E. Coli) - bacteria found in feces. In other words , we are consuming 1 kilo of poop annually.

However, we do NOT run that risk when drinking wine & beer
(or rum , whiskey or other liquor) because alcohol has to go through a purification process of boiling , filtering and fermenting.

Water = Poop
Wine = Health
Therefore, it's better to drink wine and talk stupid, than to drink water and be full of Shit.

Happy Monday, ya'all
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06/27/13 10:53 - ID#57843 pmobl

Work friends

This was pretty cool. She came over to watch preparations for an evening event and hung for a bit.

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06/25/13 09:17 - ID#57837 pmobl

You talkin' to me?

One of my colleagues in repose on Monday evening prior to an nighttime event at the office.

Ever get the feeling you were being watched.

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06/18/13 06:25 - ID#57821 pmobl

Can You spot the peacock in this picture?

look carefully

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06/18/13 06:23 - ID#57820 pmobl

Had to work on Father's Day

So I wound working on the holiday. My animal colleagues cooperated

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06/16/13 05:23 - ID#57813 pmobl

Gala duty

Long day's journey into night on Friday with the Zoo's annual gala. This is where company movers and shakers come together to help the place out. I was on meet and greet duty at the about to be opened new front door.

A dabba do time was had by all, all except those of us who had to work the darn thing.

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06/03/13 07:37 - ID#57756 pmobl

Kali and Luna

It was a little odd to wake up, stagger into the living room, turn on the tv and hear my own voice. It was in a good cause as the kids are playing...and playing nice

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