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Category: wedding plans

10/12/09 12:29 - ID#49991

wedding FYI

If you're attending the wedding, just wanted to make sure ya'll know that costumes are welcomed at the reception!!! There will be a few young people present so no hookers please :)

Get excited!

Oh and a shout out to (e:Metalpeter) - you really are one of the most sincere and genuine guys I've had the pleasure of knowing.
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Category: wedding plans

09/03/09 06:53 - ID#49684

wedding planning update

The biggest lesson Rory and I are learning about planning a wedding...if you make a great team, you won't have any stress - it's the family that adds unnecessary stress to just about everything.

It would help if people stopped saying things like, "that's so far", "i don't like that colour", and "that's not my style" and started saying things like, "i'm so happy for you", "can i do anything to help", and "i can't wait to celebrate with you".

Otherwise, I can't wait for October 31st to be here!
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