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Category: america fuck yeah

06/24/07 12:15 - ID#39792


It seems Buffalo's fingerprinting department is a one man show. He was on vaca forever. Then he yelled at me saying, "You're just trying to make things difficult for me aren't you" when I told him I do not have my own card.

Silly me to assume a fingerprinting office has the actual cards you get fingerprinted on. No, I have to call Albany to have them mail me a card because my employer from the middle east did not supply me with a NYS identification recorder. True story.

I'm so far behind in the process now I probably won't make my leave date of July 16.
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Category: america fuck yeah

05/23/07 06:16 - ID#39392

i'm still at work


My 'contract' ended 2 weeks ago. I graduated 1 week ago. Yet here I sit, UNPAID, doing work. My fault, I know. I should just tell them to go fuck themselves. I almost did when my boss walked in today and said to me, "Well, you can come in tomorrow can't you? You have to help Nina learn this stuff since you came in late today and she didn't get a full 2 hours with you."

I shit you not, that's a direct quote. Let's start with A: I don't work here anymore! B: Since I do not work I do not have a schedule. C: I told you I would be here between 11am and 11:30pm, I showed up at 11:15am.

That's it. Tomorrow, I'll show up, for 1 hour. I'll show Nina everything that is laid out for her. Everything that is so up to date and even planned ahead that she doesn't have to do anything. I even left her my 'Pearls of Wisdom' folder that has all my secret cheat sheets I created after learning thing the HARD way. Grrrrr.

I found a lost picture from Orlando. Carey and I were waiting in line for the Shrek 4-D show when this dude wheels his kid up to the buggie parking zone and just walks away. The kid is tucked in the middle there.

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Category: america fuck yeah

04/09/06 04:14 - ID#25365

fukin chippewa

Fucking haite chippeaw! I didn't want to go out otnight but my friend said it woudl be good for me, so I did. Started at Marcellas witch is great. Love it there. Great music, cool people...I was having an ok time there. Not my usual self these days, so that's why it wasn't a GREAT time. Anyooo, i was doing ok. Then they wante to go to Level. Not my thing, but whatever. I'll go because my friensd wanted to. I dance dot one OK song, but then it turned to shit. The music was so bad I couldn't bring myself to dance to it. So I let htme go at it while I stood to the side. THEN....some total ass fuck monkey decides to put his beer bottle on the ledge where i was standing, only he pushes it right off. He knocks a cup of drinkinto me and then it hits the floor, so it splashes all down my body and up into my face. But what's MORE...his beer bottle goes off too, and lands on my fucking foot, then busts on the floor so fucking glass an dbeer goes all over my foot and legs. I was like "Hey mother fucker!!!!" but he was so drunk and stumbling he didn't even here me. I seriously wanted to kick his prick ass abercrombie frat boy bad hair cheap cologne mother fucking ASS! I hate schippeaswa!
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Category: america fuck yeah

10/08/05 01:00 - ID#25241


This made me laugh. I could really use a bottle of it right now too. Ciao.


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