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Category: halloween

05/12/09 01:45 - 57ºF - ID#48656

costume rival for e:mmtornow



From (only about 1 in 10 images are actually funny)
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Category: walking

05/11/09 06:36 - 56ºF - ID#48649

lady in white gave me a gift!

I was walking along Allen today listening to property law review audio files (really exciting stuff) and passed the lady in white. I looked back and it seemed like she was talking to me, and she waved me closer. She said that her friend (who I was... um... having a little trouble seeing) wanted to give me something. I held out my hand and she said, no, not me, him, so I shifted my hand toward where she was indicating and she said, I'm not sure how this works, but he has something for you. I waited a few more seconds and told her I think I got something, thank you very much. She seemed very pleased.
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Category: gifts

05/06/09 05:49 - 68ºF - ID#48605

Free! Gift certificates

I have a $25 gift certificate to Shango Bistro & Wine Bar that expires 5/20/09 that I'm not going to have time to use (unless someone wants to go with me tonight). :-( Would anyone like it?

I also have two free admission tickets to the Albright-Knox permanent collection that expire 5/30/09 that I also don't have time to use. Anyone?

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Category: computers

05/03/09 12:39 - 61ºF - ID#48581

gotta get a new laptop

I took my work laptop with me when I last went to PA because, ya know, i was working... When I got back to Buffalo, the screen stayed dark instead of lighting up on boot. However, I could still see the images; they were just very faint. I googled up some answers - most likely cause: inverter board failure. Since my laptop is about three years old, I didn't want to invest a lot in a repair, so I found a used board on ebay and also got a new battery because mine's no longer holding a charge for more than 10 minutes of use. $80 for parts and I'll have a functioning laptop for at least a few more months.... or so I thought.

The package came Tuesday and I tried the battery - wrong battery. The list of compatible Toshibas on the ebay listing was huge and mine wasn't specifically excluded... :-(

I installed the inverter board Thursday night because Drew needs something that's stored on that computer and I was going to the church on Friday... 6 screws and two small pin connectors later, I had it installed... Boot up... yea! lights! for 10 seconds. WHAT??? 10 seconds?? try again. same result. #$*!*#$ not just an inverter board problem, it's also a backlight problem. So screw it, I need a functioning laptop for finals, I need a functioning laptop for work... I gotta buy a new laptop.

I'm posting all this just to make sure it is reasonable...

How's this Toshiba look to you geeks?

I like this Sony Vaio but an extra $250 for a better processor (and admittedly excellent sony hardware) doesn't seem worth it.

I'm very hard on my machines so I don't want to spend a lot on them for them just to break because I'm clumsy and dangerous.

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Category: politics

04/28/09 04:00 - 48ºF - ID#48529

Glenn Greenwald on Specter's switch

(1) The idea that Specter is a "liberal" Republican or even a "moderate" reflects how far to the Right both the GOP and our overall political spectrum has shifted.

Consider Specter's most significant votes over the last eight years, ones cast in favor of such definitive right-wing measures as: the war on Iraq, the Military Commissions Act, Patriot Act renewal, confirmation of virtually every controversial Bush appointee, retroactive telecom immunity, warrantless eavesdropping expansions, and Bush tax cuts (several times). Time and again during the Bush era, Specter stood with Republicans on the most controversial and consequential issues.


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04/27/09 03:12 - 79ºF - ID#48517

I love dandelions!

The dandelions at UB North today looked like they were cultivated.


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Category: pets

04/24/09 04:47 - 75ºF - ID#48491

Office chicks

Every office needs hot young chicks, right? ;-)

I visited my office last weekend to work on the skatepark project with Jill & Kelly. Nisha wasn't allowed at the office this weekend because of its new residents - and she had liked the bunnies too much when they were visiting. They had a rooster in a crate outside, but he slipped out when Shane was trying to feed him and has taken up residence across the road near a pile of corn intended to feed deer and turkey. (Why did the chicken cross the road?) The possum's gone ((e:heidi,47567)). The eastern box turtle is still in its tank.




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Category: music

04/22/09 05:51 - 40ºF - ID#48475

Ya get a nickel back...

when you put a $1.25 on the bar for a beer at the Bear Ass in Blossburg.


A and I went to the Dead show at HSBC last night - stayed out dancing until nearly 4am at Nietzsche's :-) (Of course the property maintenance people decided 9:06 this morning was a good time to check out the water damage from Monday's rain.)

We went to Pearl Street for dinner. We shared the sampler - I liked the Sabre's Edge double IPA and he liked the Lighthouse and Raspberry Stout:

Cute bear cookies available in Shakedown

I'm so pleased to have finally gotten a picture of the Peacemaker first aid bus.


And the show was great!

I tweeted the set list (but this is just a copy from the email I get with the set list the morning after every show)

The Dead (Phil Lesh, Bob Weir, Mickey Hart,
Bill Kreutzmann, Warren Haynes and Jeff Chimenti)
HSBC Arena, Buffalo NY
Tuesday April 21, 2009

Promised Land
They Love Each Other
Mama Tried
Smokestack Lightning ->
Stella Blue
It's All Over Now
Big River

Playing In The Band ->
Me And Bobby McGee
Loose Lucy
Ramble On Rose ->
Drums ->
Space ->
Maggie's Farm ->
Eyes Of The World ->
Playing In The Band (reprise)

Donor Rap

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Category: politics

04/20/09 09:47 - 47ºF - ID#48459

Partnership for the Public Good event

I can't make it to this, but thought some folks here might be interested...

I've been working so hard at writing this month's report & putting
together the panel, that I didn't really consider advertising. Anyway,
if you have some free time tomorrow afternoon (4-5.30) by 237 Main St
- 12th floor tomorrow, it's the April forum for the Partnership for
the Public Good. It's going to be on the downtown Erie Canal Harbor
development project, & reps from the development authority will be
there to face the firing squad.

Steve Marshall.
Erie Canal Harbor Development
How Will the Community Benefit?
with panelists:
Julie Barrett O'Neill, Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper
Amy Kedron, Buffalo First
Lou Jean Fleron, Cornell ILR

moderated by:
Aaron Bartley; People United for Sustainable Housing - Buffalo

and featuring a presentation by:
Matt Davison, Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation spokesman
Can a developed Erie Canal Harbor help to improve our local economic
conditions, bridge social divides, and better our own impression and
the national reputation of our city; while embracing aesthetic design,
providing a home for local entrepreneurs, providing quality
employment, and without damaging the riverfront environment?
To what other goals should such this project aspire? What can be
learned from the waterfront projects of other cities that have come

Join our panel in discussing the Erie Canal Harbor Development
PPG Tuesday Forums are free & open to the public.

A companion report will be available at the event, and at

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Category: tourism

04/19/09 11:37 - 48ºF - ID#48442

What is...

that red-roofed, round building that sits out in the river south of the Peace Bridge? (see map)

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paul said to ladycroft
Nice to "see" you. I let the CPR ads stay because at least it was something lol...

ladycroft said to joe finger went spastic. ...

ladycroft said to joe
Happy Birthday! I had my 30th with two of those peeps as well :) Remember the failed (but awesome)...

ladycroft said to joe
Happy Birthday! I had my 30th with two of those peeps as well :) Remember the failed (but awesome)...