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Category: family

11/22/12 04:37 - ID#56925

Segregation, 2012

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Category: family

08/22/11 01:59 - ID#54996


Here's my grandmother's senior picture. She graduated from Morris Run High School in 1939. I have her class ring.

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Category: family

08/16/11 01:56 - ID#54955

2004 Library Garden Party

me, Uncle Dudley, my mom. (bad scan of a badly printed photo)
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Category: family

06/07/11 03:54 - ID#54441

The little things

This is hard work... Adrian is doing okay, at least until everyone leaves and he has to deal with all the missing pieces. He made this necklace this afternoon for Andrea's casket. I have on a bracelet she made for my birthday a few years ago. Staci noticed it and said it was beautiful, I told her her mom made it for me and we all started crying.


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