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Category: music

11/18/12 05:17 - ID#56907

Dark star, again

Ken from charlottesville, bob from rochester enjoying dso with me. :-)

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Category: music

11/16/12 10:25 - ID#56898

Dark star orchestra


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Category: music

10/04/12 12:02 - ID#56807

Sunshine, Lollipops & Rainbows

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Category: music

05/08/11 12:18 - ID#54240

"We Bid You Goodnight"

How funny that (e:mrmike) would post that title... The Grateful Dead version of this American traditional has been on an inaccessible edge of my consciousness since posting all those bluegrass tunes.

The video on this is terrible but the sound quality seems to be better than average. Alpine Valley, 1989.

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Category: music

05/05/11 01:50 - ID#54221

A completely different music...

My bff, her hubby & I are considering the DC show of this festival

If I've turned you on to bluegrass, you might want to consider the Hickory Festival (HickFest for short) Aug. 19-21 in Tioga County.
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Category: music

05/04/11 02:13 - ID#54213

Country tune

I spent my last $10 (on birth control & beer), Two Nice Girls

((e:lauren), you've heard this, right?)
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Category: music

02/21/11 12:11 - ID#53665

Map of Tasmania

A week later, this is still making me giggle.

Lyrics & alternate versions:
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Category: music

11/29/09 03:17 - ID#50405

Mail order

I haven't done the mail order process in forever. It's so satisfying and hopeful.

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Category: music

11/28/09 01:15 - ID#50395

Further @ Shea's

Furthur featuring Phil Lesh * Bob Weir *
Jeff Chimenti * John Kadlecik * Jay Lane * Joe Russo

Winter Tour 2010 ticket information:


Wednesday, February 17, 2010 at Shea's Performing Arts Center in Buffalo, NY. Tickets are available via mail order for $60.50 Reserved. Tickets are available via credit card for $64.50 Reserved.


Doors and Showtimes are TBA

The first mail in/send in date for these performances is Monday, November 30, 2009. Please do not send in before Monday as your order may be canceled. All orders mailed/emailed/faxed on November 30th will be equally considered.

Please check our website for mail order instructions and credit card form.

GDTS TOO will hold yet another fabulous envelope contest for this tour.
The winner will receive 2 free tickets to the show of their choice.

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Category: music

04/22/09 05:51 - ID#48475

Ya get a nickel back...

when you put a $1.25 on the bar for a beer at the Bear Ass in Blossburg.


A and I went to the Dead show at HSBC last night - stayed out dancing until nearly 4am at Nietzsche's :-) (Of course the property maintenance people decided 9:06 this morning was a good time to check out the water damage from Monday's rain.)

We went to Pearl Street for dinner. We shared the sampler - I liked the Sabre's Edge double IPA and he liked the Lighthouse and Raspberry Stout:

Cute bear cookies available in Shakedown

I'm so pleased to have finally gotten a picture of the Peacemaker first aid bus.


And the show was great!

I tweeted the set list (but this is just a copy from the email I get with the set list the morning after every show)

The Dead (Phil Lesh, Bob Weir, Mickey Hart,
Bill Kreutzmann, Warren Haynes and Jeff Chimenti)
HSBC Arena, Buffalo NY
Tuesday April 21, 2009

Promised Land
They Love Each Other
Mama Tried
Smokestack Lightning ->
Stella Blue
It's All Over Now
Big River

Playing In The Band ->
Me And Bobby McGee
Loose Lucy
Ramble On Rose ->
Drums ->
Space ->
Maggie's Farm ->
Eyes Of The World ->
Playing In The Band (reprise)

Donor Rap

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