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Category: friends

02/27/11 11:14 - ID#53746


I posted videos on YouTube! My phone really isn't too bad for this kind of thing!

A's new band, Houston Pipe Crew, played at the East End Pub in Corning, N.Y. (e:heidi,53591)

Pride & Joy (Stevie Ray Vaughn cover)

Eleanor Rigby (Dave the drummer likes doing this one because he also plays cello)

Dave playing cello:

Route 66 (R&B standard by Bobby Troup)

Here are photos from the gig.

Houston, the lead singer, is a hoot to photograph.

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Category: work

02/26/11 08:59 - ID#53738 pmobl

Cupcake tree!

I won a cupcake tree at the wedi winterfest! (hmmmm... St. patrick's day?)

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Category: friends

02/25/11 08:09 - ID#53725

Bowling at classic lanes

(E:puddlediving), shameless, (e:terry), (e:enknot) and i enjoyed bowling at classic lanes. I sucked at both places, but I found the rock-n-bowl kinda loud and distracting. Photo is of shameless.

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Category: work

02/24/11 06:46 - ID#53710

West Side Bazaar

Follow-up to (e:heidi,50973)


The West Side Bazaar will finally open March 3, 2011, 11 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. at 242 Grant Street. Yea!! The bazaar will be open Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays 11-6.

On Facebook

Buffalo Rising article.

The West Side Bazaar is a project of the Westminster Economic Development Initiative, which will hold its third annual WinterFest Sat. Feb. 26, 7:00 p.m. at Temple Beth Zion. $30 at the door.

[I've gotten more private messages about that initial post than anything else I've written.]
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Category: friends

02/23/11 10:45 - ID#53692

440 Linwood

(e:Matthew)! video!!!

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Category: school

02/22/11 11:46 - ID#53690


I'm giving a presentation about fracking at school on Tuesday, March 1, 5:00 p.m. in room 106 O'Brian Hall. You can hear me yak about this in an organized way and eat pizza at the same time! Pictures, too!

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Category: work

02/22/11 11:42 - ID#53689

OpenOffice Base job

bump of (e:heidi,52864)... I just posted it on the OpenOffice Base forum but of course would prefer to work with someone I know. I finished writing up all the specs (very detailed - four pages) if anyone wants them.

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Category: school

02/21/11 12:03 - ID#53668


I was rude to a classmate this morning... During a break in tax policy class, we're riding the elevator to the floor with the snack shop, he said, "I think this class is just going in circles."

"Oh? How so?"
"It all just comes down to personal values and so we just go in circles about who believes what."
"Hmmm... so how much have you looked at the data behind tax policy?" (that's a focus of the class)
"uh.... yeah... enough..."
I laughed somewhat scornfully and walked away.

In a seven-person class, this is rather uncomfortable. Ooops.

Seriously, dude. You don't want to hear about tax policy because as you said, "I want to be rich someday, so I don't think the rich should pay more taxes." I just love "i got mine, screw you" arguments, even aspirational ones.

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Category: music

02/21/11 12:11 - ID#53665

Map of Tasmania

A week later, this is still making me giggle.

Lyrics & alternate versions:
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Category: school

02/20/11 07:34 - ID#53661


I graduate May 21. I signed up for senior pictures, paid for the cap & gown rental, and don't expect to have any trouble with classes this semester that would prevent me from graduating. However, I'm scared about that weekend. Jill & Kelly really want to be here and have started putting plans in place to make it possible, but I'm estimating that the likelihood of their actual attendance is about 45 percent. (Six kids, right?) I've asked Uncle Dudley to be here, and gave her a list of nearby hotels, but I'm not feeling too confident that she and her boyfriend will make it. A would come, of course, but I'm trying to not fall back in our old relationship and haven't asked him. So... I'm going to be really sad if I do all this to mark a major accomplishment and no one comes, reinforcing the constant theme of my relationships: don't trust, don't expect.
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