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Category: possums

01/29/09 10:35 - 25ºF - ID#47567

you need a title to publish

(e:tinypliny), it was so nice to see you this morning! Such a warm bright treat on a cold windy day. I wish I was going to keep taking that bus this semester!

I visited this foyer recently and wanted to share with (e:matthew)! I wish I had taken a couple more shots to show the detailing.


Now this is some Buffalove (seen outside Cafe 59 1/12):

The Inauguration Ale at Village Beer Merchant was $25.99/growler. Yikes! The guy said it was really good and that he really couldn't charge his usual markup for it - it would have been about $36.


This possum has been terrorizing my buddies Jill & Kelly at the office. They're afraid of it. Meanwhile, Jill's husband has been feeding it cat food. (more about oppossums: )

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01/17/09 03:28 - 11ºF - ID#47430


Anyone wanna hang out tonight? I'm here in Buffalo but I don't have enough schoolwork to keep me occupied.
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Category: youtube

01/15/09 09:10 - 7ºF - ID#47421

Durex ad

Found on via (e:jim)'s evil time-suction device,

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Category: music

01/13/09 12:24 - 32ºF - ID#47392

The Dead in Buffalo

The Dead (remaining members of the Grateful Dead) will be playing at the HSBC arena 4/21... anyone else going?

Sunshine, daydreams!
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Category: pets

01/12/09 10:48 - 23ºF - ID#47387

Puddle of poodles, music

Before I left Tioga County yesterday, A and I visited our friends Kell & Lori who happen to have two of Nisha's siblings (not littermates), Cooper and Buster Brown. Everyone needs more poodles.


Nisha and Buster Brown very similar in coloring (he's a couple shades lighter), size and shape.


Buster Brown and Nisha


Buster Brown, Cooper and Nisha


(Nisha needs a haircut bad!)

(Just so it's clear that I do things other than take pix of my pets... )

A's new band had a gig New Years Eve. It was the first time I had heard them play out and I was tickled by what they've accomplished since I left in August.


A and his sister


Mike the drummer, Kell (poodle owner referenced above), and Adrian.



I'm back in Buffalo for a while... *phew* having two places that are "home" can be rough!
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Category: roller derby

01/04/09 07:39 - 31ºF - ID#47284

Queen City Roller Girls

I went to the roller derby last night, too! I had to ask my phone what the heck was going on

I'm sure (e:dragonlady7) had no idea who I was when I got this shot:

Love the Suicidal Saucies' socks!



Part of the Nickel City Knockout team


If I want to take good pix of the derby, I'll have to spring for the front row seats.


The will-call line is pretty long, ya might wanna get tix at one of the retail locations.

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