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Category: moving

06/27/08 12:32 - 73ºF - ID#44797


I found an apartment today! I totally didn't expect to find one so easily, but all the research I was able to do with the kind, gracious and thoughtful assistance of (e:peeps) really paid off. 8/15 I'll take possession of a very sunny third-floor one-bedroom apartment on Allen Street! I think it's the kind of apartment I can live (perch?) in for three years.

I also got to meet (e:drew)! *waves* Thanks so much for the warm welcome!

Now that I know where I"m moving, I feel like I can finally start packing and processing all my STUFF. I have a lot of stuff and most of it will be living in storage.

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Location: Buffalo, NY

06/24/08 06:40 - 70ºF - ID#44772

transitions & change

I have a few minutes while waiting for computer scans to complete...

So much is going on. I'm selling my precious house. I'm ending a 2.5 year relationship. I'm easing out of people's lives, helping them figure out what to do when I'm not here to help fix their computers or untangle their QuickBooks messes, not to mention the roles of confidant, adviser, friend, emotional and logistical supporter.

I'm trying to commit to memory the details of -here-. (In the next few weeks, you'll all get some photographic treats, but I'm awaiting house closing to get a camera.)The mountain at my back, the river that speaks so softly of cleansing and renewal despite its pollution, the infinite collection of sunsets, full moons and rainbows. Not that I'm leaving for good - ha ha I tried that. This is my heart's home and this is where I'll always be based, but knowing that I'm leaving for three years makes each day, each starry night more of a gem to be treasured. And the connections to people. Yeah, there's email, there's the telephone, but its those casual, constant connections that make the relationships so real.

And it's not just easing out of here, it's also looking toward Buffalo and the new life I'll be building there. Where to live? How to find folks to connect with? ((e:strip) is an awesome starting point!!!) How to deal with 8am classes when I've never been successful at getting to work at 9? Food... diversity... sheer numbers of people... figuring out what my path is going to look like...


Nisha and her friend Bill at the office.
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Category: moving

06/24/08 04:19 - 68ºF - ID#44769


So I just talked to a property management person and when I said I wanted to take public transportation to UB North, he said, "My guess is that you'll take it once or twice but you'll be so grossed out that you'll never take it again." Thoughts?

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Category: moving

06/09/08 05:15 - 85ºF - ID#44594

Apartments in Buffalo

Wow. Y'all rock.

It looks like I should focus on the Utica Ave. metro stop (do you call it metro or subway or light rail or train?). I'm looking for a studio, 1 br or 2 br (if i can find a roommate) that will accept 1 small dog and 1 cat. I'm downsizing from a house, so I have lots of stuff but I also plan on getting a storage unit so stuff storage isn't very important. I will need one parking spot. I can start renting as early as 8/1 and as late as 8/15. I think my rent range is about 500-550, up to 650 with all utilities but that's stretching things. I've got tentative plans to visit Buffalo either 6/26 or 6/27 to check stuff out. Linwood looks like a great option.

I must admit, I'm used to my brand new kitchen, dishwasher and garbage disposal, washer & dryer on second floor next to my huge bedroom... but of course I'll be living on a student budget and expect to downscale considerably. Um... how do I provide references when I haven't rented in 10.5 years?

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Category: moving

06/04/08 09:47 - 64ºF - ID#44547

Churches, bars, daycares and more...

(e:drew) asked if I work with nonprofits or churches... you betcha! I've started a nonprofit (was prez, currently treasurer), am secretary for another, and consult for several others. I've worked with all kinds of clients, from retail (QuickBooks Point of Sale, QuickBooks, web/ecommerce integration), bars, social clubs, churches, local Pennsylvania municipalities and quasi-governmental agencies, daycare/preschools, professionals, you get the picture... I'm a certified QuickBooks professional advisor, versions 2005-2008, although I've used every version since 2000 at one time or another. I've been doing web design (to various degrees of difficulty) since 1995, and computer and small network repair/troubleshooting and planning since 1998. I will need a crash course in NYS employment laws and sales tax to be as effective as I am here, but I'm sure that won't be hard to pick up.


I currently share office space with a roofing contractor and a daycare/preschool owner. We also work on our nonprofit org from there. I wish I had an type platform for my town! I'm just not sure how many people would write fairly consistently.

One of the joys of where I live is that I can walk to my neighborhood bar and the grocery store. My nonprofit is partly focused on revitalizing our downtown (like the Elmwood Village campaign but on a much smaller scale - our population is about 1500) and I really do value walkability. I lived in the DC suburbs from Silver Spring to Laurel and I don't want to have to drive everywhere again. I've got a bike (with basket for the puppy) but I've never ridden in a city.

(e:imk2) asked why I'm moving to Buffalo... graduate school. I plan to show up 8/15. Uh... I guess I need to find housing before then... would you consider craigslist a good option for looking? the weekly housing section of the newspaper? or is it best to spend some time in Buffalo and look in person?

(e:joshua) - I'm in Tioga County *waves*

all - thanks so much for the warm welcome and advice!

My next question: Is there a practical public transportation option from Elmwood to UB North? Or should I look for carpools? Or just expect to drive?

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Category: moving

06/04/08 12:12 - 66ºF - ID#44542


Hi! I'm Heidi, a new poster here at estrip... I've been reading the blogs here for about a month and love the glimpses into folks' lives in Buffalo.

I'll be moving in August, hopefully to the Elmwood area. Got any apartment suggestions for me? I've got two pets - Nisha, a quiet 1.5 year old toy poodle and China Cat Sunflower, a sweet fat lazy black cat. I'll be very sad to leave my elderly grey tiger cat Kitten (17-19 years old) but she needs the stability of our current housing situation and easy access to the outdoors. The closer to Lexington Market the better.

Currently I'm a geek for hire, specializing in QuickBooks and small business financial and IT consulting. I'd love to find an office to hang out in - I'm handy to have around and we can trade my services for space.

I'm so excited about moving! I lived in the DC/Baltimore area for nearly nine years, then moved "home" to northcentral Pennsylvania in 2003. I've missed good food and diversity the most. I'll miss the intergenerational long-term relationships from here...

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