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Category: concerts

11/28/08 09:33 - 34ºF - ID#46877

ani concert tomorrow?

somehow i've managed not to find anyone to go with me to the ani difranco concert at babeville tomorrow night... anyone interested?

doors open at 7pm and i think it's general admission so we might need to be there earlier than that (anyone know?)

use that little envelope icon below my avatar to send me an email.


(this is my 50th post!!)
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Category: museum

11/24/08 08:58 - 36ºF - ID#46823

Your New Burchfield Penney!

In honor of avoiding my paper that's due tomorrow, and to get closer to my 50-post milestone, I'm posting pix from the Burchfield Penney opening. (Caution: noisy opening on website.)

A recreation of Charles Burchfield's studio:

"Unhinged" by Ani Hoover

"Executive Hopscotch"

"#13 Coming Wave" by Jozef Bajus (made out of tarpaper!!!)

"Underground Railroad"

neat yellow sculpture detail

Closed exhibit, Flower Blobs

Pretty flowers


Large gallery space. There are lots of neat spaces.





The sculpture to the right of the guitarist from A Hotel Nourishing is called "Planetary Array" by Marvin Bjurlin.


Another view of "Planetary Array"

There were performances in three spaces - the auditorium, the project space and the reception area. This is the project space.


Look up!

Admission prices & times (5 and under free, 6-18 & seniors $4, adults $7. Buff State faculty, staff, students free.)

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11/23/08 01:47 - 24ºF - ID#46803 pmobl

burchfield-penny opening

I'm at the birchfield-penney opening watching A    Hotel Nourishing (look 'em up on myspace). not bad at all... the drummer mentioned this gig to me when he was working the wegmans checkout line. I have video but can't figure out proper mobile posting so you'll have to wait till I get home and post pix and vid.
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Category: work

11/19/08 04:43 - 29ºF - ID#46759


I just found out that a grant I've been working on for over TWO YEARS finally came through! Pa. Department of Conservation & Natural Resources has awarded $40,000 to Blossburg Borough for a skateboard park at Island Park. Yippeee!!!! (My grant total is now well over $135,000.)
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11/18/08 03:58 - 29ºF - ID#46746

Wed. night movie: The Forgotten City

Just a quick reminder...

  • Movie: The Forgotten City ***
Wednesday, Nov. 19, 6 p.m. - 8 p.m. Room 108 O'Brian Hall, UB North

The Forgotten City is a soul-stirring documentary taking place in Buffalo, New York, exploring race relations, segregation, crime, and politics. A discussion about race and poverty in the City of Buffalo to follow, lead by Carl Nightingale, Associate Professor of American Studies, and Jim Anderson, Chair of Citizen Action of WNY.

Pizza and pop will be served.

From Millersport Highway northbound, take the Flint entrance to UB North. Take the first left onto Flint Rd., then park in the parking lot right before the loop. Don't park in spots marked "clinic."

For more info:

(map point C: )

All welcome. Hope to see you there!

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11/15/08 12:49 - 49ºF - ID#46695

what a neat day

After Drew and I tugged & lugged a 4'x2'x3' cabinet up to my 3rd floor apartment (thank you, Drew!!!), I went to his church, did a tiny bit of work (there's no one assigned to envelope 515!) and abused my printing privileges, then went to school and listened to Ralph Nader. His lecture was specifically for law students so I didn't invite y'all.(The room was way over its posted 89-person limit, so crowded I had to sit on the floor!)


His assistant, Matt Z., invited us all to an "after party" at the Ukrainian Cultural Center DNIPRO


and only three students took him up on it, so here's a picture of the "after party"


There was kielbasa, pirogi, the yummy cabbage & noodle stuff, pigs in a blanket (the proper cabbage kind), sauerkraut. (Sorry, no specific food pix.) In the middle of it, he got out a pen and a piece of paper and started scribbling. Then he handed to me and said I needed to read this book:


A view of the ballroom of the Ukrainian Cultural Center with my friend Alisha checking it out.


Like I hadn't already been wishing I had my camera, I went to the Mass Appeal fashion show (see (e:drew,46663)) and wanted it very badly... to take pictures of a very hot (e:janelle), then to take pix of some jaw-droppingly goregous dresses and cute butts and one guy with some fantastic abs. Oh my. It was fun. The two pix I took with the Centro-cam are just blurry.

And then (e:tinypliny) equated Rahm Emanuel with Chanakya too funny! As if my little mind needed more expanding today :-)

Tomorrow I'm going to the Women's Gifts art/craft show at Babeville. (School? I'm in school? huh.)

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11/12/08 07:54 - 45ºF - ID#46667

The Forgotten City - moving showing

The UB Lawyers Guild is proud to present a screening of


Wednesday, November 19th
6 p.m
O'Brian 108, UB North Campus (by Flint Loop)

A discussion about race and poverty in the City of Buffalo to follow, lead by Carl Nightingale, Associated Professor of American Studies, and Jim Anderson, Chair of Citizen Action of WNY.

Pizza and pop will be served.

The Forgotten City is a soul stirring documentary taking place in Buffalo, New York, exploring race relations, segregation, crime, and politics.

This film is a personal journey of two young filmmakers who forged an unlikely partnership following a 2001 murder; one a friend of the victim and the other a friend of the murderer. Instead of waging war, they embarked on a documentary film project that would take them into the heart of Buffalo's most dispossessed communities and crime ridden streets. The result of their exploration is a documentary film with a raw, hard-hitting, and unblinking first-hand look at the way some live in America. This film brings to light the racial turmoil and economic hardships that have become the lifestyle of so many living in Buffalo's inner city.

The Forgotten City, however, is not simply a film about the problems that plague Buffalo's inner city; it can easily be the story of any American city and is a film that everyone should see.

  • All are welcome! ***
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Category: school

11/11/08 06:19 - 41ºF - ID#46650


In my criminal law class, we read a case from England in 1884 where four guys get shipwrecked and are floating about in the sea. One of them is pretty sick and there's no land or other ships in sight, it's been 10 days or so, so two of the guys decide to kill the sick one and eat him. Four days later they're picked up by a passing ship and stand trial for murder. (The fourth seems to protest the killing but eats the body anyway - he's not charged with murder.)

In the notes that follow the case in my book, this hypothetical is posed:

If three cancer researchers were adrift on a lifeboat with a skid-row drunk, would the researchers be justified in killing the drunk to advance social utility?

I had mentioned the hypothetical in the chatter partly because so many of you are or work with cancer researchers. I talked with (e:janelle) about it later that day and she wanted to know what the class discussion was like. I went to class the next day and the discussion was bizarre... one person said that the utilitarian would say to kill the drunk, a retributivist would say that's infringing on drunk's rights. Someone else said that it depends on who is assigning the values of the various people's lives ... what if it's nazis? what if it's the common US jury? many have suggested that in a survival situation that laws no longer apply.

Somehow an alternate hypothetical comes up - what if you're in the boat with Albert Einstein? Someone responds, "I'm vegetarian, but on this boat, I might be the first one to eat Albert Einstein because I'm so hungry!"

  • blink*

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11/06/08 01:51 - 68ºF - ID#46573

Scientific holidays?

The religion & science thread made me want to ask you other science-y folk... do you have a set of holidays?

As a longtime atheist, I get uncomfortable celebrating the traditional set of holidays because of their religious significance. (I still participate in some of them, but it always feels weird, ya know?) So I have my own:

Solstices & equinoxes
Memorial Day weekend
my birthday
Labor Day weekend

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Category: politics

11/05/08 09:07 - ID#46565

** Loving **

In a comment to (e:paul,46546) , (e:libertad) wrote

Why don't we put it to vote whether whites and blacks should marry? *hypothetical* This is really not acceptable and neither is anti-gay marriage referendums.

Obama was born in 1961 in Hawaii to an interracial couple but his parents' marriage was not legally recognized in 16 states. In those states it was illegal for a white person and a person of color* to marry or live together as husband and wife. It was a felony punishable by jail time of one to five years. In Loving v. Virginia in 1967, the Supreme Court held that anti-miscegenation laws could no longer be enforced.

In some senses, this has happened before and will happen again.
Remember Romer v. Evans? Colorado voters had passed a state constitutional amendment that prohibited its jurisdictions from passing any ordinances or laws that gave equal protection rights to gays (nondiscrimination in housing, work, etc.). The Supreme Court tossed it. That was 1996.

In Bowers v. Hardwick (1986), the court upheld the constitutionality of sodomy laws but overturned that decision in 2003 with Lawrence v. Texas. That's pretty damned recent. There are still sex-toy bans on the books in some southern states and two federal appeals courts have had different rulings on challenges to those bans, so look for that to be an issue eventually.

Things are changing and will keep changing. Yes, I'm very disappointed in the California Prop 8 ban and sad for my high school friend Jess who got married there last week, but I wouldn't be surprised if in a few years it gets knocked down, either by another proposition or a by a Supreme Court ruling. I think and hope that NYS will be the first to have legislatively enacted marriage rights for same-sex couples, which will provide a solid basis for legal challenges to other things. Eventually the federal Defense of Marriage Act will be knocked down, hopefully on an equal protection basis. The sodomy and sex-toy rulings have been on a right to privacy basis (like Roe v. Wade).

  • In some states, it was just blacks, in others it was Blacks and certain other racial groups, in some it was all nonwhites.

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