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Category: tech

02/24/13 04:43- ID#57283


This paw is the appropriate size for the Note 2.
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Category: tech

02/02/13 05:00- ID#57189

Note 2 - multiscreen

I can't figure out how to add apps to the multi-screen list. This phone is so fun.
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Category: tech

01/21/13 12:08- ID#57157

New phone, dammit

I need a new phone now. I can't take it anymore. My Droid X (July 2010) is starting to lose its functionality - GPS conks out, I can barely hear, gchats get lost - and is so slow that by the time the mapping kicks in, I should be halfway to my destination but am going in the wrong direction.

I'm stuck on Verizon because it's what works at home ((e:Terry), (e:yesthatcasey) & (e:puddlediving) can attest to days of occasional texts but no data on their AT&T phones). I get a $30 credit on any phone I choose which is factored into the prices below.

  • Samsung Galaxy S III ($169)
  • Droid Razr Maxx HD ($269) (more than I can afford but looks like a sweet phone)
  • Droid DNA by HTC ($169)
  • Droid Razr HD ($169)

I want speed and excellent battery life. I'm glad they all come with front facing cameras now, but the mpx on the front facing ones is so low it's almost not worth it.

Opinions?? ((e:paul) in particular)
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Category: tech

01/07/12 04:47- ID#55866


Friday sunset

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Category: tech

11/25/11 11:34- ID#55600

Worst passwords of 2011

(e:terry), see #23.

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Category: tech

10/16/11 06:18- ID#55321

Speaker port

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Category: tech

08/24/11 06:11- ID#55015

Seeking Jim Snider

That's Jim Snider of Buffalo, @jesnider on Twitter.

Please contact me. Thanks!
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Category: tech

07/20/11 12:11- ID#54743

Mark Zuckerberg meets Tom of Myspace

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Category: tech

07/15/11 07:05- ID#54708

I want...

Luce solar laptop

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Category: tech

03/30/11 06:41- ID#53946

Phones are a pain!

I love my phone. However, I left BOTH outlet chargers at Uncle Dudley's two weeks ago and charging from a USB port on my laptop takes a while and requires laptop to be on. (I know, I could use my tower, but that's in the living room and I use the phone for a back up alarm clock.) I forgot to plug it in last night and today I've been going from client to client and it's run out of battery twice. Client 1 showed me his super cool charging pack - a 3-cell mophie juice pack. I'm in love. I want this sooo bad. But they don't make it for anything but iPhones. booo.

What do you think of this solar USB charger?
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