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05/29/10 02:16 - 76ºF - ID#51756


I can't wait to have some time to post the bear trap, tranq and sleepy bear pix I've got! Prolly not till Monday, and then I'll have bonfire pix, too. I'm hoping to get fireflies dancing on a moonlit pond tonight. I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend!
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Category: home

05/29/10 06:01 - 59ºF - ID#51754

Oil, coal & gas

To build on (e:Libertad)'s & (e:Vincent)'s recent posts (e:Libertad,51746) and (e:Libertad,51740) and (e:Vincent,51726) ...

There are acts of nature beyond man's control.

Oil in water is one of them. The stuff is about as easy to clean up as molten lava. Here's the only number you really need to know about this subject:


That would be 14 as in 14 percent, as in the amount of oil recovered after the Exxon spill. Exxon spent more than $2 billion. It skimmed like crazy. It washed beaches. It steam-cleaned rock. It swabbed cliffs. It hauled off driftwood and oil-soaked boom and anything else it could get its hands on that had oil stuck to it, and it got 14 percent of the oil. America doesn't seem to understand -- and journalists who are supposed to know more than the average man in the street truly do not not seem to understand -- once the oil is in the water, we are not getting much of it out. We are screwed.

Massey Energy Co.

Shell Oil bought East Resources for $4.7Bn today. East is pretty much owns the mineral rights in Tioga County. In other words, Shell now owns Tioga County. <blink>

In 1792, coal was discovered in Bloss and became a dominant economic force until the early 1980s. There are some mining activities still occurring in the western half of the county. This weekend is the 18th Annual Blossbu*g State Coal Festival . Tioga County Concerned Citizens Committee is still working to clean up the acid mine drainage that makes the Tioga River "dead" from Fall Brook to Mansfield. (See (e:heidi,49800) - the river rocks are orange from the AMD and the falls stink of sulfur.) As if that environmental damage isn't enough, that same creek, a tributary of the Tioga, which becomes the Chemung, which turns into the Susquehanna, which drains into the Chesapeake Bay, now sports foam discs (probably Airfoam HD) from nearby gas well drilling.

It's all tied together for me.

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05/28/10 04:07 - 77ºF - ID#51745

Midnight moonlight

Full moon rising last night...





Gordie the Chicken Whisperer is planning to sell eggs at the Bloss farmers' market on Saturdays. He gets 20-30 eggs a day from the chicken coops at the office. Organic, free range.


Bodhi's 7 weeks old!

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Category: food

05/18/10 01:06 - 56ºF - ID#51675

Agricultural subsidies

Why does a salad cost more than a Big Mac?

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Category: school

05/10/10 05:27 - 51ºF - ID#51537

22.5 hrs

left until i'm done with my second year of law school!

Tomorrow I have an exam from 9am - 4pm on zoning & land use.
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