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09/22/08 01:21 - 64ºF - ID#45757

My new obsession

Mad Men. The writing and character development is so amazing. And visually it's stunning. It helps that it also includes my one true love Manhattan.

Also included:

sex (often in the form of tawdry affairs)

alcohol (either straight up in highball glasses or charming cocktails that my grandparents drank)

smoking (it's gross, but I kinda love it after a drink or sex). So yeah it's awesome.

That being said it also includes my newest girl crush.
She's everything I want to be:


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09/19/08 11:58 - 61ºF - ID#45729

Maybe it's time for AA?

It's not yet noon and people in my office are making happy hour plans.

Of course I agreed to go. I figure now that I'm single and in my cougar years I should be on the prowl.

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09/18/08 12:05 - 63ºF - ID#45724


I'm posting this picture because it may be the one and only time there is ever a picture that invloves a penthouse and myself together in the same place.

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09/17/08 11:22 - 65ºF - ID#45713

Conversation on the way to the train

Me: You know [redacted] is scared her daughter will grow up to be sluts like us.

Her: Oh whatever it's 2008 people are fucking more now than back in the day. By the time she grows up people are going to be fucking WAY more.

Me: Yeah let's not let her know that.
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09/17/08 05:52 - 70ºF - ID#45710


He never fails to make me feel better. No matter what he always has a joke or funny story for me. It's kinda like a long distance hug talking to him.

Also I want him to join Facebook. If I have to be on it so does he. BFF rules dictate that whatever one person does the other person has to do too.


  • Ok terrible picture, but I'm clearly thrilled to be hugging him. Either that or I was reallly stoned. Either one..
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09/15/08 08:27 - 59ºF - ID#45692

Reasons why I continue to hate humanity

1. When I have my ipod on I can't hear you. Also I don't want to hear you. Don't talk to me. There's a reason I have my music on and it's so I don't have to speak to you.

2. Little passive aggressive notes.

    Note A from the couple upstairs: Please clean lint trap throughly and dispose of all litter in the rubbish can. I have so many problems with this note. #1 Rubbish? Are you english? No you're not so call it a garbage can like the rest of America. #2 Since there are only 2 people who use the dryer clearly this note is aimed at me. Why not just mention it when we say "Hi" on the street? If there is in the trap they clean it out and place it in my box if dryer sheets. That makes me just put it back on the dryer. Don't be douchy like that.

    Note B is from my landlord and placed on the front door: If you receive any unwanted mail please be kind and place in recycle bin. Again I believe this note is aimed at me. What happens is since we don't have mail boxes they pile the mail by apartment. For some reason all the mail addressed to randoms and every take out menu is placed in my pile. I just take my mail and leave the rest behind. Sorry but if you're the landlord then you're dealing with the left over mail, not me.

I seriously deal so much better if people just come out and tell me if they have an issue. If you feel like notes are the way to deal, then I ignore them.

3. Bitches with huge effing bags that they don't pull close to them on rush hour trains. Oh I'm sorry I didn't realize your bag needed to dig into my back the entire train ride.

4. People who get to the front of the line an don't have their money ready. Come on, it's not a surprise you're about to make a purchase.

    To expound upon this at my bodega people never put their baskets back.     They leave them on the counter so the cashier has to step out from behind     the counter, return the basket, get back behind the count and then ring up     the next purchase. The basket pile is RIGHT NEXT to the counter. How hard     is it?

Ok that concludes my angry New Yorker Rant for the day..
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09/15/08 12:41 - 62ºF - ID#45687

Yeah I'm saying it

Remember Mr. Eau du Fromage? The dude who sent me cheese from France? Well we have a very flirty rapport. And I kinda heart him and his bald head.

Anyways, last time we spoke I told him I was bitter and sad. He was like "Great working with you is going to be a lot of fun in the next few weeks cause you were already kinda a bitch." We had a good laugh and joked about how [title of show] was a relationship killer (side note: he knows another girl who went to see this with her bf and they broke up the next day).

Fast forward to today which is the first time I've seen him in a few weeks.

His first words were "Don't yell at me because I didn't say hi, you were on the phone."

I then said "Your tie looks like it came from salvation army circa 1973."

He replies "Someone has a case of the Monday's."

Oh offices. You crack me up so much.
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09/14/08 09:18 - 84ºF - ID#45683


Who would have ever thought that I'd find wisdom in a trashy TV show (ok I totally could see finding wisdom, me and Mike could. But for the general public I'm sure they don't look to 90210 for sage advice).

I quote:

"The best way to get over a break up is a hook up."

So maybe it's time to slut it up a bit? If 90210 says it, it must be right..
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09/11/08 11:02 - 60ºF - ID#45637


After work yesterday I was making my way home to JC so I could attend the cocktail party at a co-workers penthouse apartment. So I get to the PATH train station and I see the asshole who groped me 2.5 weeks ago. Last conversation I had with the detective who was handling my case was "You didn't call us back when we had the guy, we had to let him go. Call us if you see him again."

So who do I see waiting for the train at 23rd Street? I get on the train and have the conductor call a PATH cop. I'll admit it was kinda embarassing being like "um mr conductor blah blah can you call a cop?". However I was determined to get this jerk. The train goes to the next stop, they hold the train and like 10 cops show up. The guy resists arrest, so they cuff him and take him to a cop car. Then I get taken to this weird secret room in the PATH station until they can figure out what to do with the guy. I guess the problem is the crime happened in Jerz, but they had him in NYC and it would be some sort of extradition issue. Long story short he had MULTIPLE warrants in NYC and was going right to jail.

I'm so glad that I followed through with this whole situation. I really do not feel it's ok to just feel people up if you want to. It's a big problem in large cities for women, everyone I know has a story about some scum bag doing this to her. It really pisses me off.

Basically moral of the story is:
-There are weird secret rooms in train tunnels.
-Transit cops are hot and will flirt with you (one gave me his number!)
-Don't fuck with me because I will crush you (ok thats a bit dramatic, but still)
-Penthouse apartments aren't all you'd think/hope they'd be (yes, I still went to the party afterwards. I mean I needed a drink).
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09/10/08 04:44 - 65ºF - ID#45628


So I know I'm back to hating the world/humanity- but every now and then there are people who make me almost retract that.

We have a guy in our office who is french and also has a general distain for people, but for some reason he has taken a liking to a few people in our office. Apparently I'm one of them. After my week from hell he asked about me frequently and makes a point now and then to see how I'm doing. There's a get together tonight in JC that both him and I are going to and he made a point to say that he looks forward to seeing me and having a drink.

I guess I'm just suprised that he's been so kind to me. It kinda gives me warm fuzzies.
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