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08/31/12 04:40 - ID#56718

random thoughts

We're coming home for Christmas! I know it's a busy time of year but if anyone would like to see me/us/meet Tobie let me know! He can charm you with his cute little dimple chin and sheepish grin. Or maybe just slap you in the face and drool on you :)

I can't believe it has been almost 3 years since Rory and I got married. Seems like yesterday!

I can't believe I'm turning 37 next week. I don't feel 37. I don't look 37. I don't think I can blow out 37 candles. I'd like to lose 37 pounds (times 2). There are 37 minutes until the show I like comes on this morning. I change at least 37 nappies in a week.

This Christmas is going to be filled with feel good homemade gifties! Not just because I like doing heartfelt things like that, but holy monkey butts flights are insanely expensive -and - they charge you bloody 10% of your fare PLUS about 400 pounds in taxes just to have an infant sit on your lap for 7 hours! Horse pucky!

In the last week Tobie seems to have sprinted down the growing development path. Babies are funny the way they seem to do nothing, then BOOM. Just in the past week he has:
  • sprouted 2 teeth
  • started frog crawling
  • started sitting up on his own

With his new found toothy nubs he likes to bite my toes, the little weirdo!
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