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Category: baby

02/23/12 01:41 - ID#56112


So last week Tobie's belly button hole got infected. Had to cleanse and treat it with antibiotic for 1 week. It's looking so much better. Had it checked out today and he got a thumbs up. Woohoo!

I on the other hand appear to possibly have developed my own infection in my stitches. Joy. They took a swab today so we'll find out for sure on Monday. All I know is I don't feel great. Boo hiss.
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Category: baby

02/05/12 05:31 - ID#56031

stickybean's arrival

Tobie Joshua Webber
born February 4th
8 lb. 11 oz.

All natural birth (honestly not by choice) but worth every agonizing moment once he was placed on my belly! Nothing can describe the instant unconditional love that overwhelms you.

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