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06/24/07 10:34 - 76ºF - ID#39798

hey guess what

hey guess what just listen to my usersound

ESPN Classic has been playing American Gladiator lately.
HOLYSHIT this is the best show. Why did I not understand this 17 years ago?
The goddamn amazingness of it all flips my lid.
The concept of the show is that people, wearing spandex and teeth guards, are pitted against a stable of professional Gladiators.
The professional Gladiators' job is to lift weights and shoot nerf guns and water hoses and run around in giant steel cages.

If I had a Tivo it would be set to record Jeopardy and American Gladiators and thats the only TV I would watch.

In closing, this this is a partial list of American Gladiator names

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05/31/07 01:14 - 71ºF - ID#39474


I think I can never live in a suburb again.
Once I lived in Amherst for 1 year andI think that will be it.

I like where I lived in Buffalo. Right there by Childrens Hospital. There was this music school two doors up the street and you could hear kids squeak out Freire Jaque on the clarinet at night when you had the windows open and were eating dinner.
I could have easily, and happily even, worked myself into a predictable little rut there.

I love this fucking area that I'm living/working in now. Country? do you call it? What is the opposite of city.

Rural. I've seen shitty rural places, but This is it. This is the real shit. I get such a boner thinking about buying a house out here. Not yet though.

I like the city and the country but not in between.

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05/05/07 03:09 - 63ºF - ID#39165

can I get a wootness

HA! who would have thought that f uelcel l R&D would be so sweet?

Thats all I have to say. That my job is really cool and I'm happy with it and everything else. I wish I didn't have to move out of this neighborhood/ctiy, but easycome, easygo.

Also, I have some stuff that I want to give away (what with moving, etc)

1) tuba case. Its a tuba case, tuba not included. Very large. Use it to store tubas, or other brickabrack. Smells funny, sprayed lysol to rectify. Picked up one night coming home drunk.
2) large engineering drawings. Really big, 3+ ft @ 100 pages. Detailing the sprinkler system in the Elicott dorm complex at UB. Picked up one night coming home drunk.
3) oldy school stereo. An oldy school, vintage even, stereo w/ tape deck. Nice condition. Ebay purchase, possibly while drunk.

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04/15/07 12:07 - 33ºF - ID#38899


I had a dream last night instead of having a cat named Jack, my parents had a bulldog and a chimpanzee named Chester.

And oh, the fun we had.

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04/01/07 02:01 - 57ºF - ID#38709

Out like a Lamb

Flight attendants are important. They have to deal with people, which is euphanism to say they have to deal with retarded assholes. (This is ironic because retarded people pretty much can not be assholes.)

But most of what they do is distract you from the reality that you are stuck in a little aluminum tube with a lot of people who either breathe through their mouth too loud, or have sweaty hands, or don't realize how many people they are sharing their personal space with.

They distract you by handing out bags of pretzels, or animal crackers, etc. And its not about the pretzels, you can tell this because they only give you (3) pretzels. Its about waiting for the pretzels, then opening the bag, then using the little napkin to wipe of the pretzel dust. Then waiting for the garbage bag to come through.
Eating (3) pretzels only makes you a little thirsty, so you get a little can of pop. Sometimes, if you are a big enough roller, you get the entire can of HOT WET AMERICAN SODA POP.

Another tactic is the Warm Towel. You hand out a Warm Towel with a warm towel Tong.
I don't get that shit. I don't think I want a warm towel, even if it is lemon scented or something.
What I could really go for, actually right now, is a warm Q-tip.
Sometimes there is an itch only that Q-tip can scratch.
And the best would be if they made a little contest with it. They can weigh the Q-tip before and after.
"Congratulations Mr. City2000, you are all man at 35 grams! You may chose from the prize list: small liquor bottles or another Q-tip."


My last day at the juice factory was Friday. It was really nice.
I was hoping to burn bridges, maybe be a dick about it but everyone was a gent about it.

Tomorrow I start working as a Fu el Ce ll T est En Gineer and I'm a little par anoid that google will lead people to estrip among other places.
Finally a halfway decent job, with halfway decent bank.

The job is in the Rochester area, so I'll be moving out there in a month or so.

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03/13/07 10:43 - 47ºF - ID#38439


- I read this article (wish I could find it to link to) about kids' attention spans. The article was mostly about entertainment, especially TV shows. It was saying that what with all the internets nowadays, with the youtubes and google videos people are and will be getting used to shorter and shorter entertainment.
The article also speculated that TV ratings will dip because people won't even have the attention span to watch a 30 minute show.
I sat back and tried to cluck my tongue at the fickle and fly-brained Youth of Today when it occurred to me that that shit applies to me too. I mean with firefox I have like 10 tabs open and to spend 2 minutes on a page is probably above average.
To disprove this theory, I tried to think of the longest time I had recently devoted my undivided attention to something. I thought for like 10 seconds then gave up, and reloaded

-Did anyone see those wind generators down on the lake in Lackawanna? Across from that Mittal place, by the CN warehouse.
This writer encourages those motherfuckers to fly their renewable freak flags high.

-The other day I looking through a calendar and trying to remember what I was doing a year ago this week.
I kept on going back until my memory finally got fuzzy around 1999. Then I can only remember seasons, like what I was doing in Spring 97 (the art of stealing from liquor cabinets) or Spring 95 (masturbation, masturbation, masturbation).
How far back can you remember before things start to blur?

[usersound is from a basement boombox tape I found. Its a me and some dudes playing 7 Seconds' 'young til I die' circa 98 or so. ]
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03/07/07 02:14 - 19ºF - ID#38390


You know how people, people who need people, are the luckiest people?

I think people, people who fart in crowded public spaces deserve an express escalator to hell.
Wherein for every honest soul they've befouled with their swamp gas, a thousand demons shall pass wind while they are entombed in a veal cage.

And those that may cry "I can't help it" shall be smoted from upon the heavens, and they become anethma, and they banished to desert island colonies of farters, and they spend the rest of their days wallowing in stink.

This is the Gospel of Kook

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02/20/07 02:20 - 39ºF - ID#38220

le vote

today's that day that people go out and drink in the middle of the week.


I haven't been to a bar in months, this might be fun.

Also: I just checked again. There is no other Buffalo-related site that has content like There are some other monolithic blogs with a political slant, those are ok, but estrip is the best to read by far.

After I post this I'm going over to the Artvoice Reader's Choice awards (AKA the everybody wins an award awards - seriously there are a lot of categories that are so specific that the winners are pretty much automatic) and vote for estrip.
Paul has eluded public recognition for long enough and I think its time he got some more print in Artvoice.
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02/15/07 03:27 - 13ºF - ID#38165

hace frio

Check out my user sound: I can't stop listening to it, its so ballsy/brassy.

I tried making a psuedo-uv filter like the one I commented in Paul's journal (e:paul,4887)

The basic idea is to use glass from a screw-in black light bulb as a filter.
I bought (2) to use, good thing cause cutting them is easier said than done.
I used a vitamin pill bottle as a tube-hoozy adapter cause it fit perfect on my canon a70

Glass + gaffer tape + bottle = uv filter version 0.5

check it out:


I didn't play that long outside with it to try it on account of it being Believe it or Not outside.*


There is a spot in the glass where the thickness changes and it puts a blurry part in there.
Not really impressed with the results, need to play around with it more. Pretty good for a half hour investment though.

Also I found this in my truck:


I took this girl out a few times last year, and it was around this time.
I wasn't that into her but I was inspired by the third frame in a Dinosaur Comic and I thought it was funny.
I got the picture from my extensive archive and it cost like 80ยข to print and a minute to write on it.
I was apprehensive on account I didn't know if she would get it, and think that I was super into her or something. Well, lucky for me she stopped answering her phone a week before the 14th.

  • Did anyone catch that one? I'm working on my rhyming slang.

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02/05/07 01:00 - 9ºF - ID#38025

robin williams' nape

IT was fucking supra-hairy down in Fredonia/Dunkirk this weekend. Robin Williams hairy.

So much fucking snow and so much fucking wind and so little visibility. Driving to work I couldn't even see the end of the hood of my turkc

I worked an extra day (Sunday night) so I could get time off for my cousin's wedding. Also the stag or bachelor party or whatever the fuck they are calling it.

Its hard to call it a bachelor party cause its not a bachelor party like I know it. this is the religious cousin and pretty much anything more dangerous than plain potatio chips is verboten. (Hell no, no barbecue chips) So like no booze, drugs, strippers, booze, gambling or rock/roll.

When we (me & his bro/step-bro) were trying to figure out what to do for the thing we thought it was a sweet idea to go up to WhiteFace, maybe ski a little bit. That got vetoed becuase I guess some of the other Usher dudes are too dorky to ski. What the fuck guys, you are really cramping my style. My crazy skiing style. (The last time I went skiing was in middle school or something and I remember crashing and getting amnesia.)

So no skiing. Then the groom sugguests backpacking. In march. Not like 'lets put a case of beer in a backpack and sneak it into the Square' backpacking but like 'lets sleep in a tent and dig a hole to poop in' packpacking.

Dude. I grew up with this guy and he's like a brother to me so I'll do this but goddamn if it isn't going to suck unfiltered shit.
I like the outdoors and I like camping and I like tents and sleeping bags but the last time I went backpacking as a kid these people rode horses over a backpacking trail and all their shitty hoofprints were like big puddles in the mud. The horseshit and mosiquitos that were hatching from the puddles was enough for me to vow to never do that shit again.
And that was in the summertime. This is supposed to be in March, actually the 17th. Instead of lots of beer, its no beer or heat. AWESOME.

Usually people take time off work for sweet stuff. I declare it opposite day and I take time off work for truly non-sweet stuff.

Anyways its nice being back in Buffalo, not only is the weather better but I love this place.

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