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06/24/07 10:34 - 76ºF - ID#39798

hey guess what

hey guess what just listen to my usersound

ESPN Classic has been playing American Gladiator lately.
HOLYSHIT this is the best show. Why did I not understand this 17 years ago?
The goddamn amazingness of it all flips my lid.
The concept of the show is that people, wearing spandex and teeth guards, are pitted against a stable of professional Gladiators.
The professional Gladiators' job is to lift weights and shoot nerf guns and water hoses and run around in giant steel cages.

If I had a Tivo it would be set to record Jeopardy and American Gladiators and thats the only TV I would watch.

In closing, this this is a partial list of American Gladiator names

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