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01/31/08 11:56 - 24ºF - ID#43124

for real

For real: yesterday the sidestreet my house is on was real icy.
I forgot about how icy it was until I tried parking behind someone and slid right into their bumper.

What a pisser, it was a new car and everything.
Even though it was a tiny bump on the bumper (what else is that for, if not for bumping?) I knew I had to at least say something about it. Its only right eh?
However, in the two minutes it took me to go inside and write a note on an envelope the person or persons unknown drove off.

For real: I still have the envelope in my coat pocket:

I ran into your b ack bumper (the street was icy) Please call me at XXX-YYYY & I can pay for the repair

Also for real is the fact I never wrote more about New Orleans. I tried a few times but the post was too long and maybe even rambling. Ask me about it ( at a party or something)

Instead, here are a few pictures. I didn't take that many.

Fig 1: Looking down Marais St

Fig 2: Garage across the street.

Fig 3: In the backyard; you can see the Claiborne Ave Bridge in the distance.

Fig 4: The back step. My favorite spot at the house.

for real

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01/15/08 10:32 - 28ºF - ID#42904

The New Orleans Writeup

I've been putting off writing this for a few days now.
Instead of writing a super-post I'm just going to break it up into a few nuggets. That will be easier for me to write and probably easier to read.

To recap: A group of Presbyterian Churches including (e:Drew)'s took a trip last week to the New Orleans area to help in the recovery effort. I went along with them.

We stayed at a little village of "Pods" in the backyard of a church in Lulie, LA. The Pods were little corrugated plastic huts and there was a tent set up for a dining area.

FIG 1: a group of Pods. Drew & I stayed in Alligator 5.

FIG 2: a Pod from inside. Notice the heat hole. This was connected to a kerosene heater.

The group of 50+ was mostly Presbyterian but included Baptists, Catholics, Episcopalians, and then me. There were old timers on down to college kids.

The large group was split into smaller teams and each team worked separately on a house. Our house was in the Lower 9th.
It was a pretty far drive as we were staying so far west of the city.

An overhead view of the camp. They called it Fish Camp.

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01/13/08 11:32 - 31ºF - ID#42865

nawlins: post

We got back last night. I'll write a proper post tonight

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01/06/08 12:28 - 38ºF - ID#42765

nawlins: pre

Dudes I'm goin to Nawlins tomorrow.
This should be pretty cool.

I think I'll bring my camera.
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