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10/28/07 11:46 - 42ºF - ID#41851


At some point in 2007 I decided I wanted to become a hobbyist.
Ships in a bottle and model making are way out of my patience/attention span. RC stuff is cool too, I even had a business idea based on RC helicopters once, but thats too much money and time.

So I settled on model rocketry.
Its so wholesome and evokes such a naive dorky wonderment that its like being a kid again.

The rocket kits are so sandlot. I remember putting them together as a kid: the balsa wood and glue and putting the body tube in a door frame to get a straight line to put the fins on.

So I walked into a hobby shop yesterday and asked for "the rocket with the camera." Now they have a digital version, but I opted for the film one just to keep the feeling authentic. (The film included had a 'process by' date of 2006)

After the guy got if off the shelf I realized it was a ready-to-fly rocket . On one had that kinda sucks because I wanted to glue it together and put the decals on and stuff, but on the other hand that baby is ready to fly right now. The launcher stand and dorky launcher battery pack were also included.

So basically what I'm saying is that on Monday at high noon, that fucker is flying high. The package says 250 ft high.
Theres a little old abandoned air strip across the street from our facility so I figure we can go over there.

This will be the theme song:


Its possible that none of the pictures come out but it should be fun anyways. I bought extra engines and I'm going to keep launching it until ite breaks.


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10/15/07 12:15 - 50ºF - ID#41655

only in America

Went down to Zoar today with me cuz. boy what a perfect day for it.
It felt exceedingly good to run up to the Knife's Edge aka the Hog's Back aka that really big hill up there. I wish there was some more mountainous terrain around here.



found some cans near the car in the woods


The other day I purchased some cereals from Wegmans.


I thought they were just normal shredded wheat knockoffs but they were in fact Maple & Brown Sugar (NaturallyandArtificallyFlavored)

Holy shit they were so mapley they blew my mind. I haven't been able to get enough since.
I'll probably have to stop eating them when I get the diabeetus.


My theory: the extra 0.5oz is super Industrial grade Maple extract. Probably from Canada.


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