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12/29/06 02:10 - 38ºF - ID#25160


On monday me and some friends did some Urban Exploring in rochester.

We checked out the old American Laundry Machine Factory.

An old shop or parts room:
There was a newspaper in there with the headline "First non-Italian Pope in 450 Years" so thats around 1978.

The bathroom was almost like a crypt. The stalls were narrow.


safety first

We were in there at night so we could only see as far as a flashlight beam. I think we might have missed some cool parts of the complex as we only checked out a few buildings.

This site has more pictures.

This jerk peed on my sneakers.


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12/28/06 04:16 - 39ºF - ID#25159


this is the middle of the day for me. 4:02AM is the middle of the day on this stupid schedule

FUCK THE WORLD I don't want to work on this schedule any more or work at juice factories at all. What a fucked up concept: the juice factory is paying me to listen to and sit on the internet and type this crap. They used to pay me less to do a job that was actually worthwhile.
Were is the cosmic justice (juicestice?)

I'm gonna milk this cocksucker (sweet, benevolent cocksucker which offers crappy dental and medical, and all the juice you can stuff down your pants) for some vacation time and some US$

I haven't engaged myself in anything cool lately: I haven't played music or run around in circles or gotten decently drunk in too long.

However I plan on doing all these things, perhaps more, starting this weekend.

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12/18/06 06:05 - 40ºF - ID#25158



This whole night schedule has me fucked up. The first week of it I hardly slept at all and the 2nd week all I did was sleep. I have to think, all cerebral like, what time to sleep, how long, etc.

This time of year is usually an inflection point for me. As per usual I've pulled myself inside out 'taking inventory' etc. I think I might be in good shape.
My biggest criterion is: If I was in an episode of The Twilight Zone (original series), would I be a good, salt-of-the-earth type or would I be one of those rotten, deadly sin human types.
Although I don't have a particular problem with the pedestrian vices: (booze, etc ,etc ,etc), I don't dig the character vices.

Anyways that reminds me of my favorite religious observance of the year, namely the New Years Twilight Zone Marathon on SciFi. Which also reminds me that I'll be in DC for this New Years.
Last year we had a perfect record in Georgetown: 0 arrests, 0 stitches, and 0 broken bones. Lets hope we can push that streak though 2007.

2006 was a fucking awesome year and I can't wait for 2007.
I could totally go for another year, actually sign me up for 40 more.
(I used be uncomfortable with the though of quantizing someones mortality, especially my own. I kinda find peace now though and death is only a big YOU ARE HERE sign in the mall kiosk of life.)

The only things I regret are sins of ommision. Full speed ahead
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12/15/06 07:15 - 43ºF - ID#25157

fencing news

As you all know I'm really big into fences and fence related technologies.

The Mexico Border Fence is one of the most exciting fence events in decades.

I find it fucking delicious that the Border Fence Firm Snared for Hiring Illegal Workers

Roll that around in your mind like a fine wine
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12/02/06 07:12 - ID#25156

no work

Why talk about work on the weekend?

My boss moved me to a supervisor position. On nights, weekend nights.
6PM to 6AM

Holy fuck, could it get any better? My prediction: yes. My prediction is that I bank some US$ and stink outta there in a couple months. That will be much better.

I've been listening to a lot of at work for a while now. Sometimes its awesome and sometimes the picks are way off.

Most of the time theres a song in my head and it fits with my mood, etc, but lately the picks have been way off.

The other day I was tinkinering with something and someone dropped an incompetency bomb on me and really pissed me off.
But the wrong song got in my head!
You know that Hair song, "Age of Aquarius"

this is the daaawning of the aaaaage of UH-KWAAARIIUUUUUSSSS!!!

I probably should start listening to angrier music like I did as a teen-ager. I've been lounging it out for too long now.

SEGUE: the above paragraph reminded me of a tape I recently acquired of my band in high school. It is really sweet and I Might post a song on here, just to show that I had basement cred.

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