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11/27/07 10:49 - 30ºF - ID#42313

I'm slow tired

I'm not really tired but I spent hours on Sunday playing with tempos on Beatles Albums.
I went through Abbey Road and like half the White Album.


In other news, whats up dudes?
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11/17/07 11:59 - 32ºF - ID#42182

in (drunken?) memory of teeshirts fallen

rest in peace Pennsylvania Angler!

rest in peace Strip Mining Prevents Forest Fires!

rest in peache blue shirt that smelled like Florida mangroves even after I washed you 3 tiems!

Truly, you were all beefy-T;s in my heart
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11/11/07 10:03 - 45ºF - ID#42085

rocketry update

I think I got a lot of rocketry out of my system.
When I tell people about it their response is usually cool and reserved, like I'm some retarded boy-man who still eats Flintstones vitamins and has velcro shoes and launches model rockets to the detriment of his social standing.

Except for the dudes in my lab, they all think its awesome. We spent a long time looking/geeking-out at the Estes catalog.

We launched the camera rocket a bunch of times. I still haven't gotten the film developed, but I hope at least one picture comes out good.
It is super fun to launch, kind of like throwing rocks into a lake or river.
If you don't understand why its fun to throw(launch) rocks(rockets) in water(air) then maybe we shouldn't hang out.

I ending up buying another one to build, just so I could up my balsa wood & decal cred.

Three stages of raw Made In China power, this bastard goes half a mile - straight up your ASS

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