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07/31/11 11:35 - ID#54839

too late

I drove though Buffalo today on the way home from Erie PA. On the way down I had been planning on stopping into town and at least getting something to eat & drink.
But everything ended up being later that I expected (7PM) and I bailed on that plan.

I miss Summer Buffalo, I haven't been to a Thursday at the Square/Harbor yet this year.
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07/18/11 09:24 - ID#54735

got it

Well its done. The closing costs were about a grand less than i thought they would be plus they left a decent washer & dryer.
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07/11/11 08:57 - ID#54688

closing date

Monday the 18th

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07/10/11 10:42 - ID#54684



Its july but allready I notice cicadas starting to drone. It was feeling very dog days today before the sun got hazed out and a lot of peoples lawns are browning.

I spent some time this weekend and last on the Genesee Valley Greenway riding a bike. One trip was about 20 miles and yesterdays was about 10 miles.
The trail is along an old canal towpath-cum-railway line.

My mom had mentioned earlier in the spring about a washout on the trail but I just saw it myself last weekend.

There were TRAIL CLOSED signs north and south of it but you could walk around it with careful footwork. Slip and you might just break your neck.

Its hard to tell perspective: it was at least 25 or 30 feet to the bottom


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