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01/21/12 06:35 - ID#55956

lessons learned planning supertrip

My friends moved out to Denver a while back. They really wanted me to come out last year but I was freaking about money with the house.

I'm going to fly out but then I figured if I'm out there why not go all the way and visit friends in San Francisco and LA. A one-way ROC to DEN then DEN to SFO then LAX back to ROC is only slightly more than a roundtrip to DEN.

The dude I know in SF showed me a picture of somewhere south of the Golden Gate where he had ridden his bike, and I definitely want to rent a bike out there and hit that up.

I want to drive along the coast on highway 1 to my buddys place in Huntington Beach. I looked up how much it was for a one way stick shift rental and it was incredibly steep. I thought it was just a California thing to have high daily rates and like 100-200% tax/fees. Those quotes were actually a oneway rental thing so its cheaper to just return the car near SFO and fly back from there.

So basically its feasible, I have the time to take off and I'm ok with how much everything will cost. I just have to line up a time thats ok with everyone and get the supertrip ball rolling.
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01/02/12 08:29 - ID#55839

the new year

that was fun seeing everyone at the party.

My car got towed from the PriceRite lot. Long story short I they wouldn't let me pick it up until this morning. So thanks to (e:PMT) for putting me up a second night and thanks for the ride this morning paul.

Also it was fun hanging out with everyone at the 24 yesterday.
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12/04/11 05:59 - ID#55652

Popcorn: A Method

Tiny this is for you. I wanted to be a jerk and say you can only have it if you stick to one Linux distro for 30 days but I don't hold that much sway.

1 pot, ~6 quart or so
1 lid

popping-corn kernels
Canola Oil

-Put the pot on just shy of medium heat*.
Toss in not one, but two glugs of the oil. (A glug: tip the bottle into the pot and stop pouring as soon as it starts to pour)

-Throw in a pinch (a half dozen or so) of kernels. Leave the lid off. Wait for a few of them to pop. The oil is now up to temp.

-Throw in the rest of your kernels. Start with 1/3 cup. Enlid the pot.

-Give the pot a good shake after about a minute or so of vigorous popping. This encourages the lazy unpopped kernels to head down to the pan and get on with it.

-When the popping slows down, peek in and see if the pan is full of popcorn. If it is, turn the heat off.

You can shake some salt or stir in some butter but its pretty good just as it it.

I hope you enjoy it, I feel like Andy fucking Rooney writing this. I guess Andy Rooney would have disparaged other kinds of non-stovetop popcorn though.

  • My stove is electric, I forget what heat I used on gas ranges.
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11/20/11 03:21 - ID#55561 pmobl

phase II

phase II: rewire the house.

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11/13/11 02:00 - ID#55498 pmobl

nice november

November can be so damn nice. Fall can have the niceness of summer but its matured and chilled out.

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07/31/11 11:35 - ID#54839

too late

I drove though Buffalo today on the way home from Erie PA. On the way down I had been planning on stopping into town and at least getting something to eat & drink.
But everything ended up being later that I expected (7PM) and I bailed on that plan.

I miss Summer Buffalo, I haven't been to a Thursday at the Square/Harbor yet this year.
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07/18/11 09:24 - ID#54735

got it

Well its done. The closing costs were about a grand less than i thought they would be plus they left a decent washer & dryer.
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07/11/11 08:57 - ID#54688

closing date

Monday the 18th

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07/10/11 10:42 - ID#54684



Its july but allready I notice cicadas starting to drone. It was feeling very dog days today before the sun got hazed out and a lot of peoples lawns are browning.

I spent some time this weekend and last on the Genesee Valley Greenway riding a bike. One trip was about 20 miles and yesterdays was about 10 miles.
The trail is along an old canal towpath-cum-railway line.

My mom had mentioned earlier in the spring about a washout on the trail but I just saw it myself last weekend.

There were TRAIL CLOSED signs north and south of it but you could walk around it with careful footwork. Slip and you might just break your neck.

Its hard to tell perspective: it was at least 25 or 30 feet to the bottom


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06/20/11 10:16 - ID#54543

being patient

I am being patient with the house. It is weird to complain about how long things take when you don't actually know how long they should take.

Everything has been going smooth so far, the inspections were no super big deal. The mortgage is waiting at the underwriter, they are supposed to be done with it by next week.

The lease on my apartment was up in May and my landlord wanted to sign me up for another 12 month lease. I explained that I was looking for a house to purchase at the time, and no, I couldn't really do a 12 month lease but how about we continue our month to month and I can give a 2 or 3 month notice.
She didn't bite so for June I've been staying at my parents house in my sisters old room. Flower sheets and everything.

So I'm trying to be patient. I just want to get in the house and work on it. I want to put a hedgeline in the front and maybe an apple or pear tree.

Some pictures from the appraisal:


Very park-like and also, next to a park.


Not included in the floorplan is the ridiculous, non-code conforming 'finished' attic. No-one may sleep in that firetrap on my watch but we can definitely do some dual upstairs/downstairs shower-time

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