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01/30/07 07:00 - 15ºF - ID#37918


Goddamn doesn't this town love talking about the blizzard of 77?
When its mentioned, over and over, on TV and in the paper, I can't help feeling the same way when you watch a dog roll in shit. The newsheads and writers roll it all over their bodies, they can't get enough of it.
Maybe they are just salivating at the thought of another slam-dunk segment/column.

Everything is compared to that damn blizzard though. This past storm (The October 2006 Buffalo storm, also known as Lake Storm "Aphid", the October Surprise Storm and the Columbus Day Massacre, etc) was pretty quickly compared to 77. Everyone agreed: 77 was better (worse).

I think a keen young entrepreneur could major hay while the 30th anniversary sun is shining with 1-900-BLIZZRD or 1-900-30th77B or something to that effect. People could get off 24hrs a day at their convenience.

[caller] Just how big were the snow banks?

[operator] Well I swear they were a rod and a half if they were an inch. Damn things were just like mountains. Devastating.

[caller] Just how *gulp* devastating was it?

et cetera

In other news I am turning 300 months old later this week.
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01/23/07 09:12 - 31ºF - ID#37839


My favorite coworkers are the ones who come into my office to tell me how sick they are. Sneezes and noserubs only sweeten the deal

The best defense is to keep a a low level of germs in your system.
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01/17/07 11:00 - 17ºF - ID#37741

more internet video phenomena!

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01/15/07 06:56 - 31ºF - ID#37694

comes a time

My work week ends Sunday mornings, and Sunday nights have been strange on the night schedule.
While it would be nice to catch up with people Sunday afternoon and night, I'm not good for much and just fucking sleep, then get up late in the evening.

Then I read and read and eventually watch TV.

This is what was on at like 5:30AM Monday:


If you're slow on the uptake, its exercise for old people.
Low impact so they can do it from a chair without frying their frail frames.

In yesterday's batch of Postsecret, there was a postcard that said "I'm more worried about aging than I am dying."
I'm kind of feeling that right now.

Maybe in a few decades I can die out in the woods somewhere, before I get frail or really forgetful.
Maybe like this guy
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01/04/07 10:06 - 52ºF - ID#37541

oh yeah

yep I had a good time in DC.
I think I can interpolate that people had a good time at the Linwood house too.

I've been having really weird dreams. People have been speaking in geometric patterns and shit.

Its like dreams that are MENSA tests.

I had this one dream this morning that there was a breakthrough in technology that allowed cotton to be used in clothing & textiles.
It was the 1990's and people had access to non-synthetic and affordable clothing for the first time.

It was like a History Channel modern marvels.

That doesn't make any damn sense
You ever have fucked up dreams like that?
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