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08/26/07 10:49 - 69ºF - ID#40750

let it go

I saw a shootin star last night and it made me think about a firefly I hit with my truck in July.

At first it was a little streak of light in the dark but then it hit the windshield and the little dot got a little bigger.

Even though the firefly was at point a gummy mess, it was still glowing. As the glow faded away it occurred to me that it was probably a bad thing to hit a firefly with your truck, maybe like killing a mockingbird or something similar.

So I kind of felt bad and I"ll tell you what firefly, if we ever get reincarnated as the same species I"ll make it up to you. Like say we both are earthworms, one morning I can be the early earthworm (who would invariably get screwed by the early bird.)

I hope you got laid a lot and made lots of other fireflies.


I found this MP3 from our band. It was a rough cut I encoded wrong and forgot I still had it.
It sounds better fast but I wish it had vocals.

Being forgetful and then finding stuff is like winning the stupid lottery, whereas the actual lottery is like paying a stupid tax.

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08/10/07 01:13 - 69ºF - ID#40469


Wow I still like this place (estrip). I mean I don't post much anymore but coming around here and reading everybody else's stuff kindof makes me happy.

If nothing else you are all interesting and dare I say even Good People.

Rochester sure has a lot of festivals and crap.
Buffalo did too, but its like Crotch is making up for lost festival time.
There was a lot of music festivalage going on at the beginning of the summer, and it was pretty sweet.
We saw Toots & the Maytals, among others.
I wish the beer was as cheep as it was at Thursday in the Square.
Boy, those white people sure love their beer eh?

And now its in the August round of the Park Ave/ East End festival.
Its a festivity where people celebrate knick-knacks, brickabrack, and anything that has seashells glued on, and also beer - which is what the white people are all about.

I live in the Park ave/ east end area in a lousy apartment that was hastily carved out of a nice little house.
My apartment doesn't actually fit in the house and juts half into the attic. The lease doesn't actually include the attic, but they should've bolted that shit down if they didn't want me making a fort up there.

Anyways, I hope this note finds you all in good sprits, and I look fondly towards see everyone again at some point. Also Mighty Taco.
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