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09/27/06 08:13 - 69ºF - ID#25145

probably didn't drive all the way

today I saw a car downtown with a Guam liscense plate
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09/25/06 12:13 - 59ºF - ID#25144

how long, oh lord?

My folks were in town today and I met them down at Graycliff. Pretty interesting. Wright used a lot of straight lines but it was more about proportion than anything else.
That house it beat. Leaky roof and I don't think that it was ever really built to last. The buildings need a lot of work but what I think bothered me the most is the way someone had mowed the lawn.
Isn't that wierd? I mowed a lot of lawns as a younger lad, and I hate seeing someone butcher grass like that.
They had scalped all around the trees and their pattern was just way off on the open sections.

Yes, I am a douchebag philosopher about mowing lawns. That was probably the sweetest job I ever had.

Tonight's Fear & Loathing theme: I talked to one my cousins. We were decently close growing up, we did a lot of fun stuff growing up and got in trouble together, etc. He's my homey and I'd give him at least (1) kidney, maybe even (2).
But goddamn if he isn't an odd fellow. No need to elaborate on that, besides the fact that he's recently really religious.

OK so I would never question a man's chioce in a woman, dog, or religion/faith, so I'm not judging anyone here. But this whole thing is really wierd.
This stuff hit him hard, like a shot of whiskey to a toddler. I mean talk about a violent change.

He's into one of these churches (I think they call it a church) where God is responsible for everything. Lke your shoelaces come loose, its because you did something unGod-ful, or you get an extra bag of peanuts in the vending machine, its because you prayed correctly.

That shit turns my stomach.

He was in this conference this week in DC about important Christian whatever-the-fuck issues . Gay marriage, et al. ITs a good thing to see people spend so much time focusing on such important issues. Jesus totally spent so much time railing against gay marriage. This is a cool comic.

I don't know but it just strikes me as a bunch of humans trying to impress a bunch of other humans. Talk and talk and talk and shell out money and buy people's christian/religious shit. But its good though, its good that you go to religious darien lake day and that you have 50 crappy religious CDs and have a bookcase half full of phoney religious claptrap. Just as long as other people know where you stand.

God, the dude that got the universe going, set up the solar system, the motions of planets, the intricacies of atoms and the first professor of electro-chemistry. The guy that invented the orgasm, the light bulb, and saw fit to sprinkle some consiousness into the grey gloop in our domes.

Yeah I think he's great! Lets make the shittiest music we can think of! We can emasculate ourselves and play on tamborines!
Lets write newsletters and judge other people and project our self-hate onto the WORLD!!!

I don't know: this isn't the whole scoop on what I think about this stuff. Mostly its none of my business.
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09/22/06 09:34 - 62ºF - ID#25143

brick museum

In Orchard Park

I'm thinking about going
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09/18/06 08:47 - 75ºF - ID#25142

I did not learn my lesson

about a year ago I was at the high water mark of discontent at a job that was pretty fuckying awful.
It was my first job out of school and I was pretty damn dumb. I still am goddamn dumb, but maybe a little bit less young-dumb.

A lot of people can laugh at all the fucked up stories I tell about it, I do too, but I kind of hate telling them, because its such an ugly thing.

Just thinking about that pit and the waste it was actually makes me feel relieved. Relieved that I'm not there, that I survived, and that place went to Mexico. I lost my job, I lost a lot of money, a lot of sleep, and lot of friends (12,13 days in a row, 5AM start times, night shifts, 12 hr days etc) but I'm still ticking.
I feel like I could just lean foward and float. Thats how good it feels to be here.

Right now I work in a crappy factory, but I think I like it. The people I work with are ok, my bosses are ok, we laugh at each other and bust balls, and the place probably isn't going anywhere. I like what I'm doing right now, for the short term. But I wonder if I can ever get back to engineering the longer I stay away. Fuck it; I just want a job to pay for the cool/stupid things I do.

Whether its engineering or celery farming.

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09/14/06 08:56 - 63ºF - ID#25141

yo this is cider season

cider season for me means rum season
They go hand in hand.

(thsi is another boring one btw)

I got my raise at work. It was pretty much what I was looking for.
So no more being late to work in the morning.
$10K for 10 minutes, sounds like a deal to me. (well, actually less than 10k, and more than 10mintues, but whos counting)

So what now? I think, hm yes, I think a Miller High Life is in order.
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09/10/06 08:42 - 59ºF - ID#25140

old man

I was sittin at the light in front of Filmore hospital on Deleware. I looked over past the sidewalk, theres a bench, some grass, and some shade-trees. There was a dog chilling out in the grass. He was attached by a leash to his Man, who was just kinda standing there.

He was an old man, he had on old man shorts and old man sunglasses. Y'know, like old people wear: kinda visor like. He probably could have welded with those things, or at least viewed an eclipse.

The old man was holding a bag of crap. It was good to see that the dog was eating/shittng well, he was probably past the point in his life to chase sticks.
It looked like the old man was just standing there, not waiting but just standing there. I couldn't see what he was looking at because I couldn't see his eyes through his vault glasses. So maybe he was just standing there, staring into space, or time.

But on closer inspection, he wasn't just standing there. Servo valves in his ankles reacted to feedback from gyroscopes in his inner ears. The servos were old so they only moved a dozen or so times a second, and the gyroscopes had slowed down to 12,000RPM. Old but ticking, his head pendulated no more than a quarter inch from vertical, well within operating specifications. The wind picked up and his feedback loop compensated for the .014 psi juggernaut.

I never saw the dog or the man move much. Maybe they were just enjoying the shade.

The light changed and I drove home.

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