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05/26/11 10:09 - ID#54350


each time I decide to post again I'm so surprised by how long its been since my last post.
I think the last time I posted (25Apr2011) I was just moving positions at work. I am so much happier now, running around on my feet all the time, and working with a lot more people.

For four years I was in this control hallway with pretty much the same dozen people with no windows. It was almost like being in jail, July 4th looked the same as December 10th as the same as October 23rd in there: cinder block walls with a million computers and every other fluorescent bulb on [1].

Anyways, I"m pretty bad at saying what I've been doing or catching up or stuff like that.
I have a an offer accepted on a house in a potentially amazing scenario. (scenario is my word of the week. last week it was a phrase of the week. it was "respect the process")
I think you guys would collectively shit/jizz/cream if you could see this place.

I'm crossing my fingers till the inspections on Tuesday. If it inspects out, it will be so amazing.
I took today off, and as I was driving between all the appointments I had for the house stuff, I was at one point really close to crying thinking about how nice it would be to have a house. To be able to give back to my family and friends.

I feel like such a leacher now, what the hell can I do for people living in this tiny ass apartment. Now people can come over for dinner and stay over, etc and I am actually useful to people. Thats so awesome. UTILITY

Picture Corner

Can you recognize what historical event this graffiti is referencing? I got this one right away


[1] I spent my time in jail kind of being a dick: I usually twisted the extra flourescant tubes so it wasn't so dreary where I had to spend 8 hrs a day and I also took kind of a perverse delight in outlining and dating the stains from roof drips. The best part was when co-workers would get nervous "I don't know if you're supposed to do that" or "You're crazy man." I was really fascinated with the concept of getting yelled at for drawing on stained ceiling tiles.

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