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07/08/09 09:54 - 66ºF - ID#49239

I am Jim Amchower

Hola Amigos, its been a while since I rapped at ya!


comparing the price of various nuts at local dry goods shop:



blurry image of a Three-Wheeled Euro(?!)-Vehicle:


impromptu jam-off at Buffalo Thursday at/in The Square on 02June:



These guys were jamming/dancing/air-bassing at the north/house-right end of the stage.
They were pretty into it and would pose out to the part of the crowd that was yelling the loudest.

The hula girl had on uggs and/or some other brand of furry boot and it seemed to me that it was one of the nastiest displays possible.
To her tribute, a poem:
in the rainy drizzle, grimy with sweat, twirling some horrible hoop. Stank feet, thighs. Jam out with your clam out.
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07/01/09 11:21 - 66ºF - ID#49146 pmobl


holy toledo, I am way remiss in postings estrip.
I am drunk and sorry abot that and I miss the whole stinking lot of you.

I am in washington dc tonight but I am expecting to find myself in wonderful buffalo ny tomoeeow night for some TAT actiones.

I will be happier than a goat eating cans if I run into anyone tommorow. otherwise I will just post more often then every 4 months
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