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03/13/07 10:43 - 47ºF - ID#38439


- I read this article (wish I could find it to link to) about kids' attention spans. The article was mostly about entertainment, especially TV shows. It was saying that what with all the internets nowadays, with the youtubes and google videos people are and will be getting used to shorter and shorter entertainment.
The article also speculated that TV ratings will dip because people won't even have the attention span to watch a 30 minute show.
I sat back and tried to cluck my tongue at the fickle and fly-brained Youth of Today when it occurred to me that that shit applies to me too. I mean with firefox I have like 10 tabs open and to spend 2 minutes on a page is probably above average.
To disprove this theory, I tried to think of the longest time I had recently devoted my undivided attention to something. I thought for like 10 seconds then gave up, and reloaded

-Did anyone see those wind generators down on the lake in Lackawanna? Across from that Mittal place, by the CN warehouse.
This writer encourages those motherfuckers to fly their renewable freak flags high.

-The other day I looking through a calendar and trying to remember what I was doing a year ago this week.
I kept on going back until my memory finally got fuzzy around 1999. Then I can only remember seasons, like what I was doing in Spring 97 (the art of stealing from liquor cabinets) or Spring 95 (masturbation, masturbation, masturbation).
How far back can you remember before things start to blur?

[usersound is from a basement boombox tape I found. Its a me and some dudes playing 7 Seconds' 'young til I die' circa 98 or so. ]
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03/07/07 02:14 - 19ºF - ID#38390


You know how people, people who need people, are the luckiest people?

I think people, people who fart in crowded public spaces deserve an express escalator to hell.
Wherein for every honest soul they've befouled with their swamp gas, a thousand demons shall pass wind while they are entombed in a veal cage.

And those that may cry "I can't help it" shall be smoted from upon the heavens, and they become anethma, and they banished to desert island colonies of farters, and they spend the rest of their days wallowing in stink.

This is the Gospel of Kook

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