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05/31/07 01:14 - 71ºF - ID#39474


I think I can never live in a suburb again.
Once I lived in Amherst for 1 year andI think that will be it.

I like where I lived in Buffalo. Right there by Childrens Hospital. There was this music school two doors up the street and you could hear kids squeak out Freire Jaque on the clarinet at night when you had the windows open and were eating dinner.
I could have easily, and happily even, worked myself into a predictable little rut there.

I love this fucking area that I'm living/working in now. Country? do you call it? What is the opposite of city.

Rural. I've seen shitty rural places, but This is it. This is the real shit. I get such a boner thinking about buying a house out here. Not yet though.

I like the city and the country but not in between.

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05/05/07 03:09 - 63ºF - ID#39165

can I get a wootness

HA! who would have thought that f uelcel l R&D would be so sweet?

Thats all I have to say. That my job is really cool and I'm happy with it and everything else. I wish I didn't have to move out of this neighborhood/ctiy, but easycome, easygo.

Also, I have some stuff that I want to give away (what with moving, etc)

1) tuba case. Its a tuba case, tuba not included. Very large. Use it to store tubas, or other brickabrack. Smells funny, sprayed lysol to rectify. Picked up one night coming home drunk.
2) large engineering drawings. Really big, 3+ ft @ 100 pages. Detailing the sprinkler system in the Elicott dorm complex at UB. Picked up one night coming home drunk.
3) oldy school stereo. An oldy school, vintage even, stereo w/ tape deck. Nice condition. Ebay purchase, possibly while drunk.

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