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01/21/12 06:35 - ID#55956

lessons learned planning supertrip

My friends moved out to Denver a while back. They really wanted me to come out last year but I was freaking about money with the house.

I'm going to fly out but then I figured if I'm out there why not go all the way and visit friends in San Francisco and LA. A one-way ROC to DEN then DEN to SFO then LAX back to ROC is only slightly more than a roundtrip to DEN.

The dude I know in SF showed me a picture of somewhere south of the Golden Gate where he had ridden his bike, and I definitely want to rent a bike out there and hit that up.

I want to drive along the coast on highway 1 to my buddys place in Huntington Beach. I looked up how much it was for a one way stick shift rental and it was incredibly steep. I thought it was just a California thing to have high daily rates and like 100-200% tax/fees. Those quotes were actually a oneway rental thing so its cheaper to just return the car near SFO and fly back from there.

So basically its feasible, I have the time to take off and I'm ok with how much everything will cost. I just have to line up a time thats ok with everyone and get the supertrip ball rolling.
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01/02/12 08:29 - ID#55839

the new year

that was fun seeing everyone at the party.

My car got towed from the PriceRite lot. Long story short I they wouldn't let me pick it up until this morning. So thanks to (e:PMT) for putting me up a second night and thanks for the ride this morning paul.

Also it was fun hanging out with everyone at the 24 yesterday.
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