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04/25/11 04:14 - ID#54152 pmobl

how does it work?


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03/22/11 10:22 - ID#53894

My Goodness My Gooch

I've been trying out a new bike I accidentally got on eBay.
Its pretty sweet.

since last thursday I've done two 25 milers. At the end of the first I was first-ride sore, but at the beginning of Sundays ride I thought my gooch needed to be x-rayed. Funny though, everything calmed down eventually.

I think they wrote a song about just that: "Comfortably Numb"
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03/08/11 08:41 - ID#53787

first robin

first robin of the season munchin berries


also: I hope the songs stuck in my head get stuck in your head

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01/01/11 02:22 - 52.ºF - ID#53369 pmobl


I love you big dummies.

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10/18/10 06:02 - 52.ºF - ID#52977

Autumn biking

this was from a few weeks ago. It was supposed to show how supra-gorgeous the Fall was.

I'll rotate them later or something so you can see.

I'm going to DC for a friends wedding. I hope its Wedding Style fun cause I'm going to miss being at a packed 24 house.




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09/04/10 06:31 - 61.ºF - ID#52658 pmobl

YEAH: a test post

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08/09/10 01:00 - 71.ºF - ID#52402


fast post to say it was super fun seeing everyone on thursday

everyone incuded:

(e:paul), (e:terry), (e:matthew), (e:mike), (e:libertad); (e:heidi), (e:keitht), (e:et) cetera

also the (piz)Za @ the 24 afterwards was super HeavenSent and I prob owe somebody big-time for it.

I miss you all & buffalo not like pining away from here but when I'm there I love it so much. It was good stuff
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07/11/10 09:15 - 76.ºF - ID#52151


My idea: [A] Curbside rib service. Feel free to take me up on that, Rochester area Rib Joints.

[A] can feature my Other Idea: [B] rib singles.

i just want one or two


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Category: thrs

07/01/10 08:55 - 67.ºF - ID#52077 pmobl


at the square: wanna go to that place that.had kareoke. jaysus they better have kareoke tonight

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06/30/10 12:46 - 56.ºF - ID#52061

chalk genius

cheers to the Rembrant that turned

Shop Locally


Poop Globally

your work is more poignant than you ever expected.
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