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02/13/07 08:53 - ID#38138

Estrip got the superkiss

My car was so grey with road salt that I took it for a bath last night. The Delta Sonic on Delaware didn't have much of a line, so I slid right in. Didn't pay much attention but the "Superkiss" took out a sticker I had on my rear window that looked like a hockey puck was about to break the glass. That wasn't a great loss, but the cleaning knocked my estrip sticker off the back of the car and into superkiss oblivion. Guess I know now the limitations of the magnet on the back of the sticker. Least, the car is its more normal red for the moment.

I'm taking a class this week to learn a new billing program that Time Warner will be using, It's a nice breather from the usual routine, different building and all. Twas a little weird to drive home in the midst of the storm hysteria. The Wegmans lot on Walden was jammed. I needed some stuff and held off until I got back to our Wegmans where it was flooded with shoppers who assume the sky is falling. My class teacher is from Atlanta so I can't help but wonder if he is in for a show or if all the weatherforecasters are just panicking for the sake of viewers. During one of his drier parts of his presentation, I spent my gift card online for a proper laptop -- should be cool.

Thanks again for the estrip birthday wishes, the hullabaloo came to end finally on Sunday when the kids and I trekked out to the parents house for much reverlry (okay, dinner and cake), but it felt good to be a little spoiled. Kids and their mom took me to breakfast at Betty's on Saturday. Nothing like a 5 day Mikestock to pick you up.

One little footnote, (e:dragonlady) rocked the rink saturday night. Tje rollerderby was a hoot, with (e:zobar) looking on like the proud dad. Next match whenever it is should be a (e:strip) field trip, chicks and skates and beer and crashes! That was truly entertainment.

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