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Category: dreams

02/26/15 02:14 - ID#59864

Sunny days and crazy dreams

Ever since I started living and working in a two block radius for most of the time I forgot that the sun comes up over buildings sometimes. Even in winter.

Conventus looks much nicer in the sun


This week I've been losing sleep getting up for an 8:30 MLM class (another story) at work. Since I get out at 4:30 instead of 7:30 this week, it seems crazy bright outside. Spring ( and daylight savings) is almost here.

Speaking of sleep, I've had some crazy dreams lately. Mostly programming related but my brain has been super weird.

Last night I dreamt I was struggling to stay awake and program Squeaky. So I decided to take meth to stay focused. (e:terry) tried to warn me but I didn't listen. instead I ended up with a >200bpm heart rate and I was so stressed I couldn't work at all.

To relax we went to Cleveland, which was so beautiful, warm, had great transit, people everywhere and fountains made of gold. Paul didn't want to go, but at the last second he rode his bike down (for the gold fountains maybe?) and met us on the Detroit-Superior bridge. The sky started turning black and I woke up.

The night before I had sleep paralysis but remember only laughing uncontrollably. I think it was real.

The week before I had a dream I was physically trapped in a surebert framework Index controller. I'm not sure what that means really but that's what I took from it when I woke up.

So close to warmer days and barer butts.



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Category: dreams

08/07/14 10:19 - ID#59278

I dream of Ladykracher

Since I started at Roswell I've been having so many jumbled dreams.

The other night I had a dream that we were in Provincetown on the beach with Emily and Catherine. When it was time to go I turned around and they both had turned into Ladykracher, the German comedian. We rode away on our bikes into Hamburg, when Ladykracher's robot Jambox (aka Jambot says (e:terry)) jumped out of her bag. She ran around trying to catch it while traffic was swerving around her. The jambot's voice was so cute.

Yesterday night I dreamt about programming an automated KitchenAid mixer. It had 3d printing capabilities, except instead of plastic it printed out Girl Scout cookies. So convenient! It was revolutionary. I can't remember the rest.

I dream a lot about speaking German and German things. I also dream a lot about programming. And I almost always always dream about (e:paul) and (e:terry).

I wonder if I've been dreaming more because I've been utilizing more of my brain in the past month.

Apparently it could from eating before bed. The British Cheese Board claims cheese makes you dream.

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Category: dreams

03/10/14 01:01 - ID#58776

Sleep Paralysis

While I was napping on Saturday I had the most Inception like dream I've ever had.

I dreamt that (e:paul) and (e:terry) and I went up to the old North Park library for a party. We got there, and Paul left to go pick someone up. Terry and I were talking sitting down talking to this couple, but I couldn't turn and look at them because Terry was holding on to me via meine schlange. I wanted to tell him to let go, but it just made me wake up (or at least I thought). I started to tell Emily (who was in our bedroom?) to tell Terry to let go again, since he was still holding on, but I couldn't form any words. While this was happening my eyes opened for real, and I could see Terry, who was holding on for reals. I tried to tell him to wake me up but I couldn't talk, move, or even breath. Apparently I really was just laughing in real life, which makes me think I was having sleep paralysis.

Basically scientists think it's the boundary between being awake and REM sleep. Lack of sleep is considered a cause, which definitely could have been after the rave. The brain gets out of control sometimes.

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